Τ Όνειρο Καπνός - Μίκης Θεοδωράκης* - Θαλασσινά Φεγγάρια

Label: Columbia - SCXG 219,Columbia - 2J-062-70219 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Greece • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Laïkó, Éntekhno
Download Τ Όνειρο Καπνός - Μίκης Θεοδωράκης* - Θαλασσινά Φεγγάρια

Most popular scores. Sto parathyri stekosoun. Song of Songs hebrew. When the War is Over english. Pedagogue - Orestes - Pylades. Chorus:"If I be not a mad seer Chrysothemis:"Oh joy! Oh joy! Electra: "Limpid light Electra:"That I would consuel you Electra: "Persephone's Clytemnestra:"Protector Phoebus.

Chrysothemis:"On what might you have supported yourself Electra: "Oh, aged men and women Pedagogue:"Hail queen Electra:"Yous said nothing unexpected Electra: "Of all the days past Pedagogue:"After the first evil Chorus:"Since the prudent birds Chrysothemis: "My sister! Τ Όνειρο Καπνός - Μίκης Θεοδωράκης* - Θαλασσινά Φεγγάρια have you come again to shout about Chorus:"Many people mourned him then Orestes:"Good woman Electra: "So this what is going on in your mind".

Clytemnestra:"My God, how can I say it? Electra:"Oh, reminder of the most beloved Chrysothemis: "They say she saw our parent in a dream Electra:"Orestes, for you suffering Electra: "My dear, what you hold in your hands Electra:"Woe is me, the wretched Orestes - electra The recognition.

Chrysothemis: "Yes I will do it Chorus:"Act of god! Thwe raving madmen! Electra:"You were here and hid Altogether:"Apollo, king Electra:"My dears, anytime now thw men are finished Clytemnestra:"Woe, woe! A house deserted by friends Aegisthus:"Oh Zeus! Aegisthus:"You speak rightly Electra:"For God's sake don't leave him First Act: Nurse: "Medea lies here fasting Jason: "Your wearisome tongue caused a storm Coryphaea-Chorus:"I have pursued graver Medea: "From the house I have come forth Coryphaea: "Jason, you have arranged Creon: "I order you to take those sullen looks Shit From Arse - Antigama - Discomfort "All hail, Medea!

Medea:"They must die, I will slay them. Chorus Of Women: "Ah! Medea: "Swear by the Earth, Chorus:"O earha, O Suna whose beam lightness all! Chorus: "I smell death! Second Act:Chorus: "May Τ Όνειρο Καπνός - Μίκης Θεοδωράκης* - Θαλασσινά Φεγγάρια go Τ Όνειρο Καπνός - Μίκης Θεοδωράκης* - Θαλασσινά Φεγγάρια you safely Coryphaea:"O wretzched woman!

Medea: "I will beginn at the very beginning Jason: "I have come at your bidding Jason:"Women, is Medea inside, Chorus Of Women: "Nothing will save the poor bride Medea:"Whay shake those doors, in search of the dead Paedagogus: " My lady, your children have been reprieved Medea:"Your grief relieves mine Medea-Jason:"O great Zeus".

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Two Epitaphios: One Day in May. Epitaphs: VII. Epitaphs: IV. You Have Set, My Star. Sheet music for Sto perigiali to Union Blood - Working Class Pride EP with voice.

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