Embryo - Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality

Label: Vertigo - 6360 050 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Embossed • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
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Translate Email Print. Sweet Leaf 2. After Forever 3. Embryo 4. Children Of The Grave 5. Orchid 6. Lord Of This World 7. Solitude 8. Into The Void. Sweet Leaf Alright now! Won't you listen? When I first met you didn't realize I can't forget you or your surprise You introduced me to my mind And left me wanting you and your kind I love you. Oh you know it My life was empty forever on a down Until you took me showed me around My life is free now, my life is clear I love you sweet leaf - though you can't hear Come on now - try it out Straight people don't know what you're about They put you down and shut you out You gave to me a new belief And soon the world will love you sweet leaf 2.

After Forever Have you ever thought about your soul - can it be saved Or perhaps you think that when you're dead You just stay in your grave Is God just a thought within your head Or is he a part of you Is Christ just a name that you read in a book When you were at school?

When you think about death do you lose your breathe Or do you keep your cool? Would you like to see the Pope, on the end of a rope Embryo - Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality Do you think he's a fool? Well I have seen the truth. Yes I have seen the light And I've changed my ways And I'll be prepared when you're lonely And scared at the end of Our days Could it be you're afraid of what you friends might say If Embryo - Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality knew you believe in God above They should realize before they criticise That God is the only way to love Is your mind so small that you have to fall In with the pack wherever they run Will you still sneer when death is near And say they may as well worship the sun I think it was true it was people like you That crucified Christ I think it sad the opinion you had was the only one voiced Embryo - Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality you be so sure when your day is near Say you don't believe?

You had the chance but you turned it down Now you can't retrieve. Children Of The Grave Revolution in their minds - the children start to march Against the world in which they have to live And all the hate that's in their hearts They're tired of being pushed around And told just what to do They'll fight the world until they've won And love comes flowing through Children of tomorrow live Act 1 (feat.

K-Raggz) - Dayne-Z - The Midweek Binge the tears that fall today Will the sunrise of tomorrow bring in peace Embryo - Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality any way Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear Can they win the fight for Saws & Foxes (Original Mix) - Dapple Apple - Cognac 1994 or will they disappear? So you children of the world listen to what I say If you want a better place to live in spread the word today Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave Or your children of today are children of the grave 5.

Lord Of This Funkstar De Luxe - Best Hits & Remixes You've searching for your mind don't know where to start Can't find the key to fit the lock on your heart You think you know but you are never quite sure Your soul is ill but you will not find cure Your world was made for you by someone above But you choose evil ways instead of love You made me master of the world where you exist The soul I took from you was not even missed Lord of this world Evil Possessor Lord of this world He's your confessor now!

You think you're innocent I Cant Forget - Various - Im Your Fan: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen By nothing to fear You don't know me, you say, but isn't it clear? You turn to me in all your worldly greed and pride But will you turn to me when it's your turn to die?

Solitude My name it means nothing My fortune is less My future is shrouded in dark wilderness Sunshine is far away, clouds linger on Everything I possessed - now they are gone O, where can I go to and what can I do? Nothing can please me only thoughts are of you You just laughed when I begged you to stay I've not stopped crying since you went away The world is a lonely place - you're on your own Guess I will go home - sit down and moan Crying and thinking is all that I do Memories I have remind me of you 8.

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