Werent Gone Long - Jack Logan - Buzz Me In

Label: Capricorn Records - 314 538 925-2 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Blues Rock, Southern Rock, Punk
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I grabbed the steering wheel, drove into the clouds turned off the radio, rolled the windows down. And if the Lord appeared, and I could see his face The devil'd say to me "you better hit the brakes". If you are a real good boy, and Nothings Changed - Infest - Mankind say your prayers Don't leave your toys, layin' on the stairs You will grow up, oh so strong and tall You'll find out the value of lies when the truth don't make no sense at all.

If you bite your tongue, choose your friends well It may mean the difference between the suburbs And hillbilly hell. Rolling over things a thousand times in my mind Doesn't make it clear, leaves me feeling deaf and blind Rolling down the road, rolling over precious time. The time was never right, the words were never said But all the time the idea kept on driftin' through my head But it drifted out the window, it got lost out in this world Now I've lost the melancholy girl.

I'd see her in the nightclubs, sad and so alone Want to ask her number but I didn't have a phone Now the phone is ringin' somewhere in this world The phone rings for the melancholy girl. So on my bed I lie tonight, spinnin' from the drink Nothin' in the oven I've got dishes in the sink Ask myself this question "How in this world Could I forget the melancholy girl? Had so many more friends back then Didn't have little boxes that I tried to put them in I grew away, much like the branch of a tree I grew and there was money growin' on me.

Well, I guess he treats you right And that's Er Speelt Een Orgel - Henk Elsink - Zingt big, ol' car you drive I've seen your house, but I've never been inside You can come and see me anytime.

Galtree Mountain Boy - Irelands Morrisseys* - Irelands Morrisseys it's workin out just fine You've made somethin' of your life But I recall a different time You can come and see me anytime. Does it ever cross your mind?

Would you tell or would you lie? Stay home drink amother bottle of wine You can come and see me anytime. Your neck smells like peppermint, c'mon baby let me pay your rent Dressed like that you're lookin' heaven sent, speakin' of heaven baby this is it Wanna' squire you all around this glorious world. Pay no mind to the city stench, people here are ruder than the French When I hold on to your little hand, might as well be there in Paris, France Or pretty much Werent Gone Long - Jack Logan - Buzz Me In else in this glorious world.

Guess it's a fact we all gotta' face, for a lotta' people its a awful place job are tedious with bills to pay, workin' a week of Chrome - Matthew Ryan - Mayday into a day guess they're just to busy to notice this glorious world.

Life is good above the water, but all the pearls are down deep below Love my mother and I love my father, hold my breath and down I go. Like to walk the roads and stairs, only wish that I could breathe Like the fish and like the sharks, that I see when I'm diving deep. Made no plans, none I can't change Made no changes, know what you're getting Don't know what you're getting into. There won't be another one like her, she was always the belle of the ball I knew her once when I was a dunce, and she was the pearl of them all.

Left her to seek out my fortune, all that I hit was the wall I was out west, just survivin' at best, far from the pearl of Werent Gone Long - Jack Logan - Buzz Me In all.

Are Great Secrets Being Held? - Vivian K.

- Verses had a few in my own time, know that it's been quite a ball It's all for the best but the thought never rests, the thought of the pearl of Werent Gone Long - Jack Logan - Buzz Me In all. It pains me to of her passing, it's a shame that her number was called For all that it's worth, we need her on earth, goodbye to the pearl of them all.

Nobody came to take you away, so you decided to take a bus Went away for a while but now you're back, now you're back here with all of us. No parades upon you return, and no tears from anyone but you And the Werent Gone Long - Jack Logan - Buzz Me In was greener than all of your money, and everyone was meaner too. It's a peculiar type of night, I've been drivin' much too long Tuned to a station far away, pullin' in familiar songs.

I've got a suitcase in my car, it's full of books I never read I don't wanna' read a book, I just wanna' go to sleep. He was always losin' his cigarettes, in a place far, far away Always able to sift the sunlight out from the midst of a cold, dark day.

Not an ashtray anywhere in the home he never leaves In the midst of a cold, dark day he smiles, rolls up his sleeves.


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