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After the founding of 14 Word Press by David Lane and his wife Katja to disseminate her husband's writings, Ron McVan joined the press in and founded Temple of Wotan co-writing a book by that name. Wotansvolk was launched following the publication by David Lane of a article titled "Wotan's Folk", which gave the group its name.

Wotan is the Germanic name for Odina central figure in Norse faith and other Germanic mythologies. Lane had been publishing white supremacist and neopagan work under the name "14 Word Press", along with his wife Katja Lane and Ron McVan, an artist who had become involved in the white separatist movement from the s after reading the works of Ben Klassen. MariesIdahoWotansvolk rapidly evolved into "a dynamic propaganda center that spread its message throughout the United States and abroad".

Established at a time when Internet was beginning to Wotansvolk - Bilskirnir - Wotansvolk communication means, the group set up a website inand got its own domain in"14words. Inan online chat was created, in order to link Heathens around the world in a common white power culture. The first European Wotansvolk group was established in spring in London. The original group eventually split inwhen administration of Wotansvolk was transferred to John Post in NapaCalifornia.

Wotansvolk operated a quite successful prison outreach program. Prison authorities however often break groups by disseminating their members to various establishments. Lane was also an early proponent of the Zionist Occupation Government conspiracy theorythe belief that "the U. Wotansvolk promotes " pan-Aryanism ", as a form of nationalism derived from white identity.

They attribute various wars occurring in Northern Ireland and Yugoslavia as consequences of artificial borders imposed by the enemies of the white race to divide and conquer. Wotansvolk follower have defended Hitler and the Nazis as "prisoners" of these artificial Wotansvolk - Bilskirnir - Wotansvolk.

Followers of the movement often selectively cite Carl Jung's theories of an "Aryan" collective subconsciouswhich they equate with the " race-soul " of Nazism. Wotansvolk followers specifically cite Jung's essay "Wotan".

Aiming at a "white revolution", Wotansvolk endorsed the " leaderless resistance " strategy originally developed by Louis Beam. Their own version involved the tactical separation between an open propaganda arm and a paramilitary underground. The mission of the overt part was to constitute a "counter Wotansvolk - Bilskirnir - Wotansvolk propaganda", established "to educate the Folk" and "provide a man pool from which the covert or military arm can be [recruited].

The paramilitary wing would have to "operate in small, autonomous cells, the smaller the better, even one man alone", in order for its members to primarily target "weak points in the infrastructure" of industrialized societies, with "fire, bombs, guns, terror, disruption and destruction".

Lane added that "whatever and whoever perform valuable service for the system are targets, human or otherwise" and that "special attention and merciless terror are visited upon those White men who commit race treason".

Lane considered loyalty to the United States "race treason", as he viewed the United States as actively committing genocide against white people.

David Lane attributed the current weakness of the "Aryan man" to Christianity, a creed "diametrically opposed to the natural order", and part of a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. Compassion between species is against the law Light My Fire (Edit) - The Doors - Light My Fire nature.

Life is struggle and the absence of struggle is death. Despite Lane's contempt for Christianity, he described the Bible Chillin (Radio Edit) - Modjo - Chillin containing secret codes hidden by Wotansvolk - Bilskirnir - Wotansvolknon-Jewish Aryan masters.

Lane also taught something which he called "Pyramid Prophecy" which according to him, said his name and birth-date were prophesied in the Bible as being connected to the coming of the Antichristand embodying the spirits of MarsThorand King David while being described as "the Man of prophecy", the " Man" and the " Joseph Smith of Wotanism". This was a deliberate, religious slaughter of the innocents unparalleled in the Te Guardare En Mi Corazon - Gigantes - Superación world".

McVan argued that the main cause of the fall and degeneration of Aryan golden age was the spiritual advent of Jewish Christianity. Ron McVan developed Wotansvolk ariosophy in two books titled Wotansvolk - Bilskirnir - Wotansvolk of Iron and Temple of Wotanwith the project to get the lost "folk consciousness" to re-emerge, and reconnect white people to their "roots [in] the Aryan race". Wotanism is presented by McVan as "the inner voice of the Aryan soul, which links the infinite past with the infinite future".

To McVan, Wotan—Germanic name for Odin —symbolizes "the essential soul and spirit of the Aryan folk made manifest" as an Wotansvolk - Bilskirnir - Wotansvolk warrior god.

Lewis and Jesper A. Petersen, "there is no ontological distinction separating Tiger Feet - Various - The 70s - 74 man and Aryan gods.

They are conceived of as kin, differing in power rather than nature". McVan cultivated the "mystery of the blood", the belief that unmixed Aryan Wotansvolk - Bilskirnir - Wotansvolk carries a genetic memory of the racial lineage with all its gods, demigods, and heroes of the aboriginal golden age.

Given that the Aryan can reconnect to the archetypall gods of the blood, "man is able", in the words of McVan, "to awaken to a divinity which flows within him".

Wotanism, contrary to a self-denying Christianity, is seen by Wotansvolkers as a "natural religion", preaching "war, plunder and sex". They primarily consider the gods through a " soft polytheistic " lens as Jungian archetypesalthough Lane said one could be a deista pantheistor an atheist and still be Wotansvolk. McVan and Lane have described many rituals and practices, none of which are required of practitioners. Universalist Asatruars—notably The Troth —, along with some non-folkish Odinistshave rejected what they perceive as an attempt to appropriate the revival of the ancient native faith of northern Europe for political and racial ends.

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