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Want to help create and maintain the wiki pages? Message the mods! Want to organize a meetup? Go on ahead, just remember to include the date in title per rule 3. Is this SLC apartment deal too good to be true? Hey everyone! I've traded e-mails and calls Too Good To Be True - Calle & The Undervalleys - Valley Rally them about it and it looks like a really good deal, but my Spidey sense is going off that maybe it's just a bit too good to be true.

Here are the details:. Lease term is anywhere from months, my choice I think ; the rent is the same no matter what lease term I sign. That's it--no last month's rent, no security deposit. So being downtown while I'm in SLC has a lot of appeal because even though I'll have a car, I also like walking around and having good lunch options during the day. Also, the apartment has a south-facing balcony with a nice view of the valley they sent me Too Good To Be True - Calle & The Undervalleys - Valley Rally they took shortly before I called--this unit has just been vacated.

Why my Spidey sense is going off: It just feels a bit too cheap for what it is. The pictures look good yes, I know they were taken by the apartment managementthe amenities look good, the location looks great, and the rather limited number of reviews are almost all positive.

What I'm wondering: what do you all think? Too good to be true, a good deal that I should jump on, or is this actually a bad deal by SLC standards?

Before anyone tells me I'm an idiot: Yes, I know I should go visit the apartment before giving any money, but again, I live in Prague, 5, miles away, so I can't do that, and I've read on here and elsewhere that good apartments in SLC tend to be taken very quickly. I'd really like to hit the ground running once I get to SLC which is why I'm starting to look at this now instead of later. But that's downtown SLC for you.

What about common area fees? Yeah man that's not too good to be true. For a 1 bedroom, bucks from my eyes, college kiddo is a shit ton, but seems about right for the nicer parts of SLC. Management has been very good with free food events every month or so. Internet is provided on my own.

The location is great, there is the Harmon Grocery store one block away, the Trax light rail is Too Good To Be True - Calle & The Undervalleys - Valley Rally short 3 block walk.

You will be right downtown with easy access to clubs and restaurants. Feel free to DM me for any "pro-tips". I walk by there literally everyday. Sometimes late at night never had a problem. I have lived a block and a Too Good To Be True - Calle & The Undervalleys - Valley Rally from these apartments for 5-years as a late 20s aged person. That sounds about right for the newer apartments in the area. Make sure you check out reviews online to see about the management quality.

I work around the corner, and there can be a lot of homeless folks who hang out right outside the apartments, so I'd suggest you try to get an apartment on one of the upper levels. The apartment building just south of it does have the police visit at least times per week, so try to get an apartment on the north side.

Edit: also, you can see other similar apartments in the area like The Morton are about the same price. Hehe, yeah we have homeless, but since it got cold the homeless at 2e and 2s we called murders row have disappeared. I know someone who lives there. Sounds about like what they pay if I'm remembering right. Nice place. Well situated. Secure parking. I'd say in the mid to upper mid tier for downtown locations.

If I remember right they offer a 6 month lease option no extra cost. Oh, and his place has a washer and dryer included. Not sure if that was extra but it's a nice feature. Thank you all! Guess after living in Boston for 13 years, my idea of how much an apartment should cost is skewed.

I would say that you're spending too much. I don't think anything sounds too crazy. I think the utilities are a little low.

I'd figure Catch Me Pattan - Frankie Paul - Give Me That Feeling what internet and tv package yours includes and if that works for you. Can confirm that this building exists and seems relatively nice from the outside. It's in a decent part of downtown, although anywhere downtown will have some homelessness, property crime, etc.

The south side of the building is the louder side - you'll probably Trailers - Dusks Soundclash - Various - Brasilintime: Batucada Com Discos (DVD) noise from the bars on Friday and Saturday nights, especially if you're on a lower floor - but I don't imagine it would be too unmanageable.

The prices you're citing are a good deal, but don't strike me as out of the range of reasonableness, especially because there are a bunch of brand new complexes in the area and this one is a few years older, doesn't allow pets, and doesn't have a pool. It is hardly a few years older, it is almost brand new. Of course there is a similar apartment building being being built about a block away on 2e, it is not yet completed.

And all along 4s there similar apartments, either being constructed or open for occupancy. They don't allow pets I called and asked them in [a few years ago] when I was apartment hunting downtown, and their website continues to say no pets allowed but under the FHA they are required to accept support animals like almost all The Ritualdance Of The Yezidis - Therion - Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas apartment complexes.

Probably average pricing for downtown. A lot of people I work with live here or at Brigham Apartmenra inside is remodeled. I'd say go for it. My fiancee and I are also looking to move downtown see my most recent post and everything we've seen falls around that price point.

Liberty Crest was on our shortlist of apartments to check out, but we ultimately ended up applying to Skyhouse as of today.

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