The Secret Sience Of Plants - Perceptual Defence - Project Nature (The Drone Project Vol. 2)

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Photography by Forrest Mims. Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Get one today. Small unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs or simply drones have become an important addition to my science tool kit. Not only are they good for aerial imaging, they are ideal for measuring The Secret Sience Of Plants - Perceptual Defence - Project Nature (The Drone Project Vol.

2) in temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and other parameters at various altitudes. The platform can carry a variety of instruments Figure A. TIP: While a drone may be able to fly properly when its center of gravity is changed, a counterweight opposite the payload will reduce the extra load on the motors required to stabilize the drone. The field where I have measured sunlight since is surrounded by trees. A Phantom 3 drone has provided the answer. This was a risky decision for such a venerable instrument, but I needed to learn the exact difference between the UV-B measured 5 feet and 70 feet over the ground.

Figure B. An Onset bit data logger taped to a drone instrument platform. The instrument platform described above was used for the test. The attachment magnets were Magic Moments - Perry Como - All Time Greatest Hits from a bit Onset data logger, which was then duct-taped to the platform Figure B.

The radiometer was very carefully taped to the exact center of the top of the Phantom Figure C. The propeller tips were less than an inch The Secret Sience Of Plants - Perceptual Defence - Project Nature (The Drone Project Vol. 2) from the radiometer, so I made sure the radiometer and connection wires were firmly taped in place. Three flights answered the question: the trees were reducing the UV-B by 2.

After measuring the decline over the next 2—3 years, I can devise an algorithm to correct my past data back to Figure C. A UV-B radiometer taped atop a Phantom 3. Thermal infrared cameras provide images of heat that reveal features Velvet Morning (Mirco de Govia Remix) - Kyau vs. Albert* - Velvet Morning are completely invisible in standard visible light images.

For example, thermal imagery can reveal subtle differences in soil moisture and texture, underground features, and even archaeological sites. Thermal images also reveal the presence of people and warm-blooded animals in daylight and at night. Thermal cameras are available for drones, but they cost thousands of dollars. An inexpensive alternative is to use a thermal camera designed for a smartphone. The camera-equipped phone was attached to the front of the instrument platform described above.

Another drawback is that the imagery must be acquired in movie mode since there is not a simple method to trigger the camera to acquire still shots. Nevertheless, the method does work, and it provides a useful tool to explore applications for thermal imagery before investing thousands of dollars in a drone with a gimbal-stabilized thermal camera. Figure D. A thermal image of a swampy area. For example, my rural place borders a city that recently installed a sewer system in a nearby subdivision.

The main sewer pipe was placed in a deep, gravel-lined ditch that intercepted underground streams and created new springs, one of which emerged by my driveway and another in the woods below our house. A thermal image from a Phantom 3 flown over the woods Figure D revealed cool standing water black and dark bluewet soil and grasses light blue and the warm tree canopy red. Figure E. An aerial image of trees being killed by a new spring — more than a dozen had lost their leaves.

A Phantom 4 camera drone provided an ideal way to keep track of damage to trees caused by the new spring. Images from above the tree canopy clearly revealed that more than a dozen large trees had lost their leaves Figure E. Carefully flying the drone under the canopy provided much better images of the swamp beneath the trees Figure F than photos made from the ground.

Figure F. Figure G. A cotton field afflicted with the fungus known as cotton root rot dark areas. Farmers are using drones equipped with near-infrared cameras to detect diseases in their crops. Some DIYers have modified cameras to see near-IR by opening the camera and removing its IR blocking Hollywood - H-Blockx - No Excuses, but even a standard visible wavelength camera can clearly show the extent of crop damage much better than a ground survey.

While flying a Phantom 4 high over an acre field of cotton, I noticed large dark areas amidst the white background of cotton being harvested Figure G. The farmer told me that the dark areas were cotton that had been damaged by a fungus known as cotton root rot. Figure H. Drone viewing rooftop instruments.

Scientific instruments to monitor outdoor conditions are often placed in awkward locations. For example, the Department of Agriculture sunlight instruments I manage for Colorado State University are installed atop a two-story roof at Texas Lutheran University. The alignment of the rotating shadow bands of three of these instruments must be checked weekly, which requires climbing a foot steel ladder to a roof hatch.

Should circumstances make the roof visit impossible, a drone can be used to check the instruments Figure H. Figure I. These include flying no higher than feet, not flying over people, and flying only from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. Various rules apply when airports are near. Forrest M. Mims III forrestmims. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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