The Pharisaic Heart - In The Midst Of Lions - The Heart Of Man

Label: Facedown Records - FCD096 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Death Metal
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Translate Email Print. The Heart Of Man 2. The Pharisaic Heart 3. The Machine 4. Abandonment 5. Opposition 6. At The Feet Of Creation 7. Released 8. Defiance 9. Home Fearless An Awakening The Heart Of Man The heart of man! The hearts of men are easily corrupted, and through these eyes you can see the deceiver's grip on them all--controlling every thought.

We are lost with no minds of our own. This world is where the heart lies. There is no love in those dead eyes. Here is the Savior. Here is the sacrifice. An undeserving love for an undeserving heart. An undeserving love. And from the overflow, the mouth is speaking lies and leading all who hear to their demise.

Fight the darkness. Wake up. Seek the Truth. The heart of man! The Pharisaic Heart Walk these streets and hear their cries. They scream of their righteousness. They reek of lies. They call on His name for the masses to see. Claiming their reward in this world. Forfeiting the eternal blessing of the One who gives us life. Hypocrisy reigns in the pharisaic heart.

Brood of vipers! Venom spills from their mouths, poisoning the minds of those who hear. Through murderous intent they plot to end the life of the One. Look at the monster blinding their eyes with pride. Walk these streets and you will find them. Mocking the One who gives us life.

Sending my Savior to the grave. Speak your lies. The Machine This is the root of all evil they say, but it is our master. It is a machine. The gears are turning, controlling every thought in our minds. The gears are turning. We are consumed from the inside out. Our bounty is our hope. Never fulfilling. Ever pursuing. More is never enough. The machine has masked our eyes with gold, blinding our eyes with desires of fortune. Moving forward with a craving for acquisition, this monster heeds nothing in its path.

Remove this veil; clearly see the course The Pharisaic Heart - In The Midst Of Lions - The Heart Of Man lies ahead. Remove this veil Como Cambia El Tiempo - Tommy Olivencia Y Su Orquesta - A Toda Maquina Con La Banda De Tommy your eyes. This is the root of a ll evil they say, but it is our master.

Defeat the machine. Be warned. Stop the machine. Abandonment "They know the truth because creation points to it; and its glory makes it obvious to them, singing, 'I'm shining through these invisible qualities, and I loved you, but you wouldn't worship me. That malice, greed, envy. Claiming to be wise, they betrayed truth for a lie. So give them over to that 'wisdom', their hate.

I will withdraw my hand and The Pharisaic Heart - In The Midst Of Lions - The Heart Of Man them everything they want: abandonment. Corruption and consequence. And you can drown yourself in that emptiness. I'll be patiently waiting for you to call on my name while you try to find your own way home. Opposition Reward and consequence will be the final The Pharisaic Heart - In The Midst Of Lions - The Heart Of Man of this world and all who inhabit it.

Loving but just is the King of Kings, bestowing upon His creation according to the choice we make. Be devoted to the Lamb or continue following this world.

Men shall reap what they sow, accepting life or embracing death. His wrath will fall on all who oppose. Lucid choices made all too difficult when truth is staring us in the face. The line is drawn. Where do you stand? The skies will be split in two and all will fall to the ground in reverence. His glory will overtake the land. Withdrawing now seems all too meaningless. Time is short and days are numbered. Reward and consequence will be the final outcome of this world and all who inhabit it.

While all are crying, "Peace and safety," Annihilation will transpire and none shall escape from His fury. The final judgment will be made. This race was not created to fall into darkness, but be warned, narcissistic disposition will find one staring death in the face.

His citizens are marching into the bowels of the serpent. Godless men are surrendering to the sin in their hearts. Lord please lift us up. Make us whole again. As the darkness swallows this world alive, restore May Your glory be revealed. May we seek You before the end. God save us all! For when that day has come and the sky has been split in two, His army will follow and then it's too late. Power and authority have been exposed to us. A blinding light from our beacon, our Christ. His name will ring out for eternity.

The battle is won. This is the end of the world. Mile Long Train - Jimmy Dean - Everybodys Favorite beast lies in ruin at the feet of creation Lift us up. Released Heed these words for what is next to be revealed to you, in preparation for His coming wrath.


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