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Label: Massacre Records - MAS CD0352 • Format: CD Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Goth Rock, Heavy Metal
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Translate Email Print. This Heart 2. The More She Knows 3. Her Last Summer 5. SilverGod 6. X-Istence I'm Free 7. December Wounds 8. Along Comes A Fool 9. One More Day Eat-Grow-Decay This Heart No-one seems to care about.

No-one seems to ask. Behind this face there's wasted memory. Caught beneath a mask. This heart will beat another day. This heart will lead us both astray. Believe me Now swallows your night and put me back on track again. And share this heart with me forever free.

This heart. You punish me for self-respect. Still reasoning your life. But everywhere is walking distance. If you have time. It is mind-it is cold.

It is soul-it is cold. It is heart-it is cold. It is love-it is cold. It is you-it is cold. The More She Knows You saw me dancing on top of the world.

You saw me down below. I try to fly but i might not come back again. Do you wonder why? Don't count on me don't you ever. Souls entwine for the very last time. Tainted pictures occur.

I can't deny it. I can't deny what i've done. I Day 5 - The Church - Uninvited, Like The Clouds deny it Don't count on me. The more she knows. The more she hates me, the more she condemns me. Now she's fed up what have i done? She's fed up with all my shit. She's really giving in. My Falling - Uncle Jesus - Inside This Motion finally had enough, She's finally had enough of it.

Porque has pecado co ese cuchillo en tus manos? Porque deberia yo perdonarte la crueldad de tus acciones? Ahora, cierra tus ojos Que sientes? Que respiras? Abandonas todas las restricciones? Que est lo que ves? A donde vas? Abrazas la luz. Noche tras noche. Me Soportabas it was you Cada vez que tropezaba. Compadecia incluso la vida Esta vida es nada.

Lo abrazas can you feel the light? Lo puedes sentir? Now close your eyes, can you feel it? What do you feel? What do you breathe? Do you abandon all restraint? What do you see? Where do you go? You embrace the light. Night after night. You took me The More She Knows - EverEve - .Enetics . Every time i stumbled i did even pity life itself This life is nothing but a dream.

This life is nothing. Can you feel the light? Can you feel it? Her Last Summer Light is fading. And she is anticipating. The dawn of the age. When she laughs, when she cries, When she looks up in sorrow. When serenity dies. She longs for the sundown. Remember when she laughs, when she cries. Remember her time, She looks up in sorrow, Remember her time.

Serenity The More She Knows - EverEve - .Enetics . Come back again. Remember her time. Remember, white is her freedom.

God seems to hide away. And i miss you, I love you. When she laughs, when she cries, She longs for the sundown. It's her last summer and the The More She Knows - EverEve - .Enetics bleed. Life is fading Remember her eyes. I still remember her eyes. SilverGod Suburbia being turned upside down.

Our hopes being buried in hallowed ground. Don't you ever blame me for the fact i was born. I hear you calling from the other side. My limbs are bound, i'm filled with fright.


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