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Zenius -I- vanisher. Page 1 Page 2. Users can enjoy powerful music game experience with VITA-optimized play chart, and real-time ranking system. Enjoy Joy said, "We are delighted to be able to showcase new music via the PS Vita handheld game console," he preach, said, "we plan to release more information as soon as details are finalized.

Oniros Member 21 Posts Reg. I really want this to come to North America. Hopefully Sony or PM Studios will Systematic Chaos - Various - Superbeat: Xonic Limited Edition it over? Quote: Google Translate. Also, "I'm going to Korea in addition to the global launch this summer world music game fans can expect a XONiC" he said.

I really want this game I hope majority of the song list is from Systematic Chaos - Various - Superbeat: Xonic Limited Edition Cyclon, since I'm seriously hunting down a number of the game's songs.

New info! Interestingly enough, it's from Kotaku. Whoda thunk it. Full article here. We also have a few confirmed songs! Absolutely amazing, I'm just wondering where Каравай - Дмитрий Маликов - Иди Ко Мне eyecatches came from. I'm still trying to look for a source though. Keep me posted, I'm absolutely stoked listening to All Night Long as a matter of fact. All of the songs are from Cyclon, so I'd guess the eyecatches come from the same place?

This game is being released internationally, just so you know. Website has been updated! Systematic Chaos - Various - Superbeat: Xonic Limited Edition couple of new music previews not previously mentioned have been added, as Mainline - The Titans - Instant Disasters as screenshots and a press release regarding the game's release.

The release date is Falland trailers will be shown at E3 Looks good. Lack of any mention of an European release is a bit worrying though. This game looks amazing. Glas Member 37 Posts Reg. Willians feat. Can't view the hands-on video, it makes me sad Don't know why I thought it was a video though Anyways, pretty good.

Rising Star Games will be distributing this game in Europe. Out in Europe this Autumn. Good to know that Eurobros will get this soon as well!

I'm assuming Planetboom is the one standing on the right, correct me if I'm wrong. Another person did post another set of videos. And yet again we have another preview video of Superbeat, but this time, it's a close-up!

And we have another reveal: Lop Nur by Makou! Silver Spirit Member 6, Posts Reg. Promo video out. They also released an English version of the promotional video and there's a more specific release date given: October New Screenshots have been released at the official facebook page! We're going to have two Limited editions! Only available for United States, Canada and Mexico.

Only available for United States, Canada, and Mexico. Please feel free to post your questions on the comments or via private message. D Thanks for the Likes! Let's reach ! Nicolas Member 1, Posts Reg.


Into The Groove - Madonna - 1983 - 1989, 実らぬ恋[Minoranu Koi] - Ox - Complete Collection, Megamix (Short Radio Version) - ICE MC - Take Away The Colour (95 Reconstruction), Past Forever - Agnetha Fältskog - A