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Log in or Sign up. Arsenal Mania Forum. Is Highbury's small pitch the root of our problems? I found this article on arsenal-world and even though it was written by scum it makes a valid point. What it pretty Stunk Of Punk - Dont You Forget says in the article is that a theory behind Arsenal's poor away form is due to our pitch at Highbury being so small, and everyone elses pitches being considerably bigger.

At Highbury we can make a few quick passes and we're already on our way in their half for a counter, whereas elsewhere we are spread apart so much further because of the bigger pitch size that we have a hard time getting our game to work.

Now I think it makes a bit of sense because even though I've never actually been to Highbury, on TV you notice it is quite a small pitch.

But the pitch sizes have always been like that and how come it didn't affect us during our unbeaten season? Or any other season for that matter. What do you guys think? Stunk Of Punk - Dont You Forget valid theory or just rubbish? It also goes on to say that we could be screwed by moving to Ashburton Grove because our pitch size there won't be the same as Highbury's Oh and heres the link incase anyone wants to read the article.

Canadian GoonerJan 26, Do you forget our unbeaten run? We're just not up for it away from home this season. That's all. I'd expect our attacking would be sharper since we moved in AG.

That's the most stupid Somethings Gotta Give - Veronica Martell - Lucky I've ever heard. Especially when it's obvious that our strength's are the home pitch and the quality of the playing surface. The problem is simple, we don't have enough good players.

Even Canadian's can understand that. AnonymousJan 26, Fair enough I just wanted to see peoples opinions. IMO I agree with you, I do believe that we need to strengthen the side becaues obviously it is down to the players and how they play and not the pitch. And clearly during the unbeaten season we did fine away from What Is A Youth (Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet) - Nino Rota - Romeo & Juliet: Music From The Soun, and didn't we do quite well away last season?

The difference between last season and this season is two fold. Arsenal no longer have the center of the pitch. Senior Arsenal players are declining. Bergkamp, Pires, Gilberto, Campbell, Llungberg. That's the problem.

We It Never Rains In Souther Califoria - Albert Hammond - In Symphony lost our Captain of Defence. We have lost our left and right midfield presence and the goals, assists and build up play.

We have lost our Midfield, and have no one powering the Arsenal engine. Essentially, we've lost our team from last season. It's rebuilding time.

Simple as that. RocktheCasbahJan 26, AV GoonerJan 26, That is completely rediculous. You cannot blame our away form on bad pitches. Footballers are expected to play on [any] surfaces which have obviously passed guidelines and whatnot. There's no excuse. YOu can't say "we're used to a good pitch" We're just blatantly not up for a fight away from home But we have had a decent home pitch for years, and this is the first season that we have stunk so badly away, maybe its tactics, players effort, lack of threat from bench to moltivate said Stunk Of Punk - Dont You Forgetnot studying opposition enough to combat their strengths, if I knew I would be employed my Mr Wenger!

What a stupid question of a thread but it has to be answered. We lost at Bolton they have a smaller pitch than us they even have to make it bigger when they play in Europe as it is not up to UEFA pitch dimensions. G0DJan 26, The Highbury pitch dimensions are Stunk Of Punk - Dont You Forget 67 meters. The pitch size of the Emirates stadium is x 76 metres Whats the FA's standard?

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