Sixteen Days (live) - Dawn Fades - Dawn Fades

Label: Not On Label - none • Format: Cassette • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Post-Punk
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Pack and Promo Giveaway by Joel-and-Ellie in ptcgo. Why isn't assisted suicide legal for everyone? Daily gift sender from Europe,add me. Thats because kids arent stupid. They see that the system is not only rigged,but will happily drown them in debt with the biggest corporate smile.

The system isnt failing,its working just as designed,it will Sixteen Days (live) - Dawn Fades - Dawn Fades every last drop of profit out of you before throwing you away like the cog you are. The future isnt bleak or hopeless,its dead. People are slowly waking up to it. Humanity is not only heading towards global collapse but is hitting the gas at full throttle just to see how far it will leap before diving into the abyss.

Remember these are just people who are certain suicides,who knows how many deaths are put under "accidental death" or "accidental overdose" or lied about out of family denial over their loved ones death and social stigma regarding suicide. All these suicides are not only out of despair and hopelessness but also rebellion. You cant fire me i quit mentality. Blackpink Lisa by OdiseoX2 in kpopfap. Why suffer? I can't wake up at 8am and work until 6pm every day until I'm I just can't.

Life is pointless. Everything we achieve or gain will be taken away from us in the end. Thanks for the gift of life mom and dad but you can have it back now. It's irritating being thought of as an 'edgy nihilist' because you actually try to find a philosophy that addresses the world's suffering. BUT that dosent mean we should give up,for every person that we convince the truth about life,is one less person who suffered our faith,our suffering and our place in the grave.

I refuse to work. I don't understand how people do it,id rather die. I wish i could disappear to a place where no one would Sixteen Days (live) - Dawn Fades - Dawn Fades find me with a Sixteen Days (live) - Dawn Fades - Dawn Fades lake and do nothing but eat,sleep,swim and decay until death claims me.

But thats not an option so im only left with suicide. I refuse to play this stupid game,let alone bring another person into it. If that many people want to voluntarily die there is clearly something wrong with this world by lajap in SuicideWatch. And those are only the people who break their survival instinct after their pain becomes unbearable.

For every successful suicide there are 25 attempts. Just try to imagine how many people do not have the strength to commit suicide and are stuck in absolute Hull Damage - Ian Nyquist - Variations (File, Album) and misery until death takes them or how many are slowly killing themselves with substance abuse such as alcohol or drugs.

I don't care about reality by memoryserum in SuicideWatch. Work is the main reason why i wanna put a bullet between my eyes. I honestly don't wanna die but living dosen't seem better either. If i told my Sixteen Days (live) - Dawn Fades - Dawn Fades i am suicidal they Outback Night Sky - Phocasm - Long Time Off World EP call me crazy but if i successfully killed myself they would say why didn't he just reach out?

Crippling Loneliness by sadweegoldfish in SuicideWatch. Have zero friends, a "family" that couldn't care less about how i feel,also haven't had a girlfriend since i was 14 22 now. Just bought a new unpatched switch,whats the first thing i do? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. EatYourVeggies1 post karma comment karma send a private message redditor for 12 months. Verified Email. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Both depend on dumbed down masses to hoard their wealth,its that simple.

Until they find a way to exploit dead people it wont be legal. The vatican alone is worth over 10 billion dollars,does that sound like the Jesus way? Buckle up folks its going to get much,much worse. Life is a snake eating its own tail,forever. I mean up to 1million people take their lifes each year. Thats one person each 40seconds,thats over people each day. The more you look around the more misery you will see. Its called maladaptive daydreaming.

How could i be happy in this reality? Its so dull and boring. I feel like il never be good enough for anyone. I wish i had a gun. What's the point?


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