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To complete the full game, i. Complete all these missions till you are at 12th level and they'll be over and start again By doing this you earn fire proof jacket, maximum health, full Armourtaxis get nitro respectively. I forgot to tell about the snapshots, Oersted, horse shoes, spraying tags etc, even by finding all the 50 snapshots, 50 oerstead, 50 horse shoes, 50 tags you can complete the La Montaña Se Ha Ido 2 - Various - Physical, Absent, Tangible to some percentage but its least.

There is a special mission if you have progress with mille, the mission is about robbing casino On the other hand Vice city is similar to this in many aspects and there is the same job to do. And thats it, you're done by depending on your patience to complete the game. My best pick go to gamestop Sir Yes Sir - Captain Jack - The Mission some fresh cheat codes since the web ones are outdated your going Sir Yes Sir - Captain Jack - The Mission need full ammo and armor anyway plus make sure you got a safehouse nearby.

Just drive up to it and steal it then it isn't that far to the garage aand remember to keep driving cus the tank won't blow up. Stock up on winter home essentials. Get your last minute gifts!

More Various - Dedicated gift inspiration. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. I forget how I beat it, but here's what gamefaqs. Cortez is looking into it. Meanwhile, he wants Tommy to jack a tank, being given a military Easy To Love - Various - Hits Of 36 cort through town, and bring it to him.

The convoy makes a run S on the main road of the west island that starts some- where in or around Little Haiti, I think, and ends up in Viceport in a garage across the street to the S of the corner with two Port Authority signs where hidden package 83 was.

The easiest way to do this is given in the Brady guide--jack it when the con- voy stops for doughnuts. From Cortez, drive to the street and go N on a road that curves E to a T intersection, go left to a T intersection, go left and across the South Bridge, go right, and you'll see Callegg's Deli on the far corner of the 1st left.

It has one of the ads for an actual product I've identified so far in the game over the door: Squirt, the grapefruit soda pop see I. Rusk writes you can even park in front of the door to block the soldier that will try to enter. Have Tommy stand on the corner on the E side of Callegg's facing N, which is where the tank, two Barracks OLs of soldiers, Patriot, and foot soldiers will come from. Have Sir Yes Sir - Captain Jack - The Mission take on the army unarmed.

The procession will stop right in front of him and the tank driver will be ordered to get out to go into Cal- legg's for some doughnuts "Sir, yes, sir". Have Tommy go to the tank, press F, and gun it. The basic directions are: right around the corner you start from, right, left, right, Sir Yes Sir - Captain Jack - The Mission look for the open garage to the right to drive the tank into.

A timed detonator--security protocol Delta India Echo--is activated when he jacks the tank, so there isn't much time for an unofficial rampage. At the least, you'll probably blow up one or two Barracks OLs and police cars on the way. There should be plenty of time to get to the garage, but you might turn the tur- ret backwards to give the cannon a blast to propel Tommy through any obstacle that you might encounter.

Get Tommy out of the tank and garage when the screen tells you to and you pass the mission. If you're feeling adventurous, you might also try the advice of the Brady guide to have Tommy block the road, take cover from a distance, and snipe the guy on top of the tank and the rest before beating on the door of the tank with a melee weapon to scare the driver out.

I had Tommy use a Minigun, from the sidewalk a safe distance S of them, on all the vehicles and soldiers, and the tank driver ran away scared before Tommy could get close to the tank. The Brady guide also explains that the closed tank door is unlocked sometimes, so says to have Tommy try it before beating on it. This jibed with a message board post I read that said you could even send Tommy N and see if he could jack the tank like any vehicle before it gets to the Deli and he won't get shot.

It sounds to me like that could work. But when I've tried it, a soldier told Tommy to get away from the tank, the door was locked, the hammer just bent the door, and the screen prompted me to find a way to lure the occupants out of the tank.

So while a soldier told the "Civilian" to "move away from the tank" a couple more times, I sent Tommy back to the Deli. HandsomeRockus has the answer: park the Cheetah directly in front of the Rhino and get Tommy out of it. When a soldier goes to remove the Cheetah, the tank door is unlocked and Tommy can jack the tank. Thanks again, HandsomeRockus. You can learn some good stuff from this guy. You get another call from Cortez. There's no important strategic reason to wait.

I just like to save it up for after the "Rub Out" of Diaz as a nice capper to the Diaz episodes because Cortez was a lot of help in figuring out that Diaz caused the ambush at the start of the game. Just be sure to have a lot of ammo for your Minigun whenever you do it.

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