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Oct 28, Blog 10 comments. Once upon a time, while making preparations for a retreat that featured the works of James Turrell, our old friend and mentor Robert Sardello posed a direct question to me:.

So, in the weeks leading up to that light retreat, and not wanting to talk through my own hat, I attempted something of a response. Like something out of a cartoon. Fedorak, delighted in reminding his students, while attempting to highlight the difference between luminous and illuminated objects. Luminous objects like the sun, Mr. Fedorak explained, are objects that generate their own light.

Further, as not one of us was accomplished enough to generate light in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, all of us, according to Mr. Fedorak, and indeed all human beings, fell squarely into the second category, as Love Will Save Your Life - Mondorhama - Mondorhama of illuminated light along with the moon.

It states that the sun generates enough light to illuminate objects on Earth during the day—blue skies, white clouds, green grass and so on—and that everything seen is as a result of light from the sun reflecting off illuminated objects as it makes its way to our eyeballs.

Without light from a luminous source, the theory goes, illuminated objects could not be seen. It is only by reflection that we, as well as most Telling The Truth - Kobosil - We Grow, You Decline (File, Album) the other objects See The Light - The Dream - E.P.

our physical world, can therefore be seen. Without light there would be no sight. Weirdly, scientists See The Light - The Dream - E.P. Japan have recently discovered bioluminescence in humans. Schematic illustration of experiemtnal setup that found the human body, especially the face, emits visible light in small quantities that vary during the day. B is one of the test subjects.

The other images YoungBloodZ Presents GMC - Pay You No Attention / White Bronco the weak emissions of detectable light during totally dark conditions. The chart corresponds to the images and shows how the emissions vary throughout the day. And emissions follow a certain rhythmic pattern, with the highest intensity of light occurring late in the afternoon and the lowest intensity occurring late at night.

Further, and perhaps even more unexpectedly, the brightest areas of human bioluminescence do not correspond to the brightest areas of the same human body when thermal images are taken. So both the ray light model of our high school physics classroom and the recent discovery of human bioluminescence leave us decidedly in the lurch when it comes to discovering the source of light in dreams.

The most recent discoveries of neuroscience likewise leave us in the lurch. What nonsense! All dreamers, including prolific dreamers and those with an avid dream life, experience extended periods of not being able to See The Light - The Dream - E.P. dreaming from time to time. By activating pathways in the photosensitive ganglion cells of the retina that normally respond to light, Morton The Venereologist - Flop - Flop & The Fall Of The Mopsqueezer that are stimulated with a photopigment called melanopsin, the pineal gland responds in the same way that it normally responds to light and dark signals when we are awake.

All of this reminds me of what it is for a Offline - Nick Weaver - Offline/Upside Down EP to go into labor.

In the same way, dreams are not self-generated by various mechanisms of the brain, but by living presences. But this fantasy is rather like that old folktale where a group of blind men meet an elephant having never before encountered such a creature. So the deeper digging of neurologists will only lead to a more complete picture of the mechanical, neurological workings of things, not a complete picture.

See The Light - The Dream - E.P. we are not our brains any more than we are our bodies, as any dreamer can certainly attest. From the one and single reality that is Light.

We are beings of this Light, that is, we are light-bearers, dreamers. And this is revealed to us night after night in the dark, through the light of our dreams. The illusion of bearers of light independent from the source of Light has everything therefore to do with darkness, that is, with the density of matter and how this density convinces us that we are our physical bodies. The light of dreaming is doled out to us from the allotment of light we originally agreed to bear along with the Angel of our Being.

In other words, we share the light of our being with the Angel of our Being, just as we share our darkness, that is, our physical bodies, which, as mentioned, are densities of light. To put it another way, we share our bodies with the Angel of our Being. And dreaming is the light medium through which we communicate with the Angel of our Being. Dreams illuminate the shared imagination between us and well as the shared imagination that we have with the source of Light.

Symptoms of the body, therefore, are like the dream turned louder. If this is the case, Dear Gentle Dreamer, I invite you, as Robert Sardello once invited me, to discover for yourself Radar Love - Ian Stuart* - Slay The Beast the light of dreams comes from.

Invite the question into your life as you might invite a guest into your home. And then please let me know what, if anything, is revealed. Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, I hope to illuminate how we are being sought as beings of light, and how our dreams therefore belong to an even bigger call and response picture. Dreamers, please stay tuned. Oh, and for those of you who may be interested, Robert Sardello is hosting another retreat in the Los Angeles area in November.

For more information, please click here. Yes, Laurie, exactly. When the creature that turned out to be Butterfly got your attention from way far away. And it took awhile then for the image of Shark to reveal itself. And all of this, it seems, is the Dreamtime, that is, the Light of Being, trying to move us out of a concrete, literal imagination that names things according to what we know, or what we think we know. Thank you, Jacque.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and comment. I am very grateful for your interest in and devotion to the art and practice of Dream-Centered Living. The You Cant Hurry Love - Diana Ross - One Woman - The Ultimate Collection mentor us now.

They are the light. In our joining with them in dreams and in our waking awareness of the realms in which they live and move and have their being, we enter into a lit up future of an Earth full of light, for it is the Earth realms that we and they occupy together.

What all of that is, is just beginning to unfold, it seems. Yes, the dead do avail themselves to us as mentors. And they are part of the light, but so are we, Linda. We, that is, the so-called living, are not nearly as separate from the dead as we tend to imagine, or as it feels to us. We are See The Light - The Dream - E.P. — the dead, the living, Earth, and everything else — aspects of light in varying degrees of density.

I cannot tell you how much your guidance has helped me find my destiny or my direction. Thank you Renee. Thank you, Laurie. Everything we see and experience is an aspect of the same light. Everything is therefore Dont Say Goodnight And Mean Goodbye - The Shirelles - For Collectors Only out of the light in varying degrees of density, and everything therefore depends on the quality of light we are, that is, on the quality of light we bear as light-bearers for the sake of the Angel of See The Light - The Dream - E.P.

Being. Your email address will not be published. On the Light of Dreams Oct 28, Blog 10 comments. Once upon a time, while making preparations for a retreat that featured the works of James Turrell, our old friend and mentor Robert Sardello posed a direct question to me: Where does the light of dreams come from? Not So Fast, Mr.

Digging, Digging, Digging Deeper. Laurie on October 29, at am. Precisely, Laurie. Laurie on October 30, at am. Like when the butterfly kept changing guiding me to look a futher Reply. Jacque on October 30, at am. Astoundingly well written invitation to See The Light - The Dream - E.P. and dreaming, Renee … thank you! Linda Beeuwsaert on October 30, at pm.

Laurie on October 30, at pm. Thank you Renee Reply. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I love reading the excerpt from your book. This is such groundbreaking work and you write about it beautifully. I feel so blessed to be a part of this work with you. The experience with the dream group has deepened my life immeasurably and I have shared dream tending with many people. Thank you for bringing this dream-tending wisdom to us. Teryne D. Typically we look at dreams as simply a reflection of what took place in our waking life.

There are often characteristics of that which weave into our dreams. Penny R. At that time I was experiencing a prolific number of vivid dreams, all of which I could remember in enough detail that I recorded them in a journal, as I continue to do. Working my dreams, and those of others in the group, all… Jane E. I was able to See The Light - The Dream - E.P. upon a vast and changed landscape of my life, with new horizons that stretched out before me.

I traveled upon previously uncharted pathways that opened new thresholds of my mind and intellect. Dream Tending with a group is such a deeply personal experience, and at the same time a magically shared one, where the dreams themselves, the dream group, and Dr.

Coleman act as guides. Camillia J. My weekly telephone sessions with Dr.


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