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Is something that all the musicians in Equestria come to every year! Besides… all those long nights of partying Scratch-D - Come With Me going to run you ragged. I just thought you could try and do something a The Embryo - Pink Floyd - Zirkus Krone 70 more down leveled.

Being a night DJ is my talent Vinyl winced recalling the night where her boss had chewed her out for spilling cider on the expensive equipment, causing bits of damage. Living with Octavia as she did, she came to an understanding that no matter the argument, just admit defeat and everything will be fine.

She knew all of them would give her crude stares for her style of mane and her coat colors. Vinyl recalled hearing something about this. While Celestia herself was going to those high up meetings with politics, Luna was asked to attend a few of the lesser meetings so she could slowly Scratch-D - Come With Me back into proper society. Knowing that the princess herself would be in attendance worried the white unicorn greatly.

With a heavy heart, Vinyl grudgingly continued to trot to the castle. The meeting hall was something to remember. Ponies of varying colored and races littered the grand hall of the castle. While Octavia herself was loving being in the company of ponies of similar talents, Vinyl found herself listening to ponies mindlessly chattering about minor political things and high class gossip and hating it.

She felt out of the loop completely as several ponies eyes her appearance and she even heard a few mocking her hair Neon-salt - Sods - Sods (Box Set). Vinyl could even see a few younger aged ponies about and hoped they were at least talking about something different, but as she passed them she overheard them talking about different ideas for classical music and frowned.

Vinyl turned her attention to the same group and noticed a few suave looking stallions eying her like a gem in front of a hungry dragon.

One of them even had the nerve to wiggle his tongue Scratch-D - Come With Me her while Octavia was looking the other way. About 10 paces from them, Princess Luna was resting her haunches on the floor, while she was talking to a younger, yet well-mannered minty green mare. Seeing the minty mare, Octavia stopped in her tracks and tried to blend in with a small group of mares.

Looking back at the mare, Vinyl actually noticed something peculiar about Lyra. Floating at her side, coated in green magic was Scratch-D - Come With Me simple glass of red punch. The claws looked more like slightly pudgy appendages and didn't have long nails. Though she had the magic in the form of a hand, Luna herself was playing no mind to it as she continued to talk to her.

Both looking to the left, Vinyl and Octavia noticed the familiar sight of Rarity, the owner of the carousel boutique down in Ponyville.

A few fine stallions wanted to arrange a deal for a few new performance vests thanks to the publicity I got from Fancypants! As both mares started to talk to each in great depth, Vinyl found herself completely ignored and looking around for something to do.

Deciding to sample the punch, she approached a nearby table filled with a large punch bowl and a few plates of odd looking food, and grabbed a small glass of punch for herself.

After filling the glass, she brought it to her nose and gave it a small sniff. So far it looked fine and smelled fine, but Vinyl had her doubts it was Scratch-D - Come With Me good. As she brought the glass to her lips, the second the liquid touched her lips, she almost bent over and coughed Worried Mind - John Mayall - Moving On back up.

Though it smelled good, the very taste of it was rancid beyond belief! Standing above her was the night princess herself in all her glory. Her celestial blue mane shimmered in the lighting of the room and she had a soft smile on her face. We only wish thee to treat us like a guest. Uh hardly, to call this party would be a crime. We were starting to wonder why our sister would allow these boring meetings to take place. We are sure these uptight ponies are more stuffy then the ones from our age!

Not to mention the wine is awful as well. Thou swear they had cows making the batch. Hearing and seeing that really caught Vinyl off-guard and could have sword she heard a bit of malice in her voice at the mention of her sister. Of course if she was stuck on a floating rock by herself for one thousand years, she would almost hold a bit of resentment towards Celestia as well.

Feeling a bit more comfortable around her, Vinyl calmed down and tried to stay calm. Your mane suggests you partake in the more current themes of music. What brings you here to this place? Pray tell, what is this night club you speak off? Again Scratch-D - Come With Me stared dumbstruck at Luna. How did the princess of the night not know about night clubs?! Imagine a hall Scratch-D - Come With Me little smaller than this, loud music, great drinks, ponies having fun, laughing, dancing We remember these from our age!

It would be entertaining to partake in such an event again! Vinyl let her words ring in her ears and started to think what partying with Scratch-D - Come With Me Princess would be like. Scratch-D - Come With Me it would be a bit odd, the thought of it was rather exciting to think about. We never asked you what your name was. Tis a pleasure to see you out of the castle. Looking to their left, both Vinyl and Luna noticed a well dress stallion approach them.

Though It took Vinyl a second to remember his appearance, Luna quickly noticed it was her cousin, prince Blueblood. Blueblood didn't answer her and locked his eyes on the pale mare in front of him and quickly scanned her body. For a brief few seconds Vnyla almost felt violated by the way he was looking at her. Hardly looks able enough to hold a violin. What instrument do you play commoner?

At the corner of her eye, Vinyl saw Luna sigh with disappoint at the way he was acting. Rumors even got Scratch-D - Come With Me that he had several male lovers who also despised mares. It was odd how he could get away with the way he acted, even in front of the princesses.

Vinyl actually shuddered at the thought of Blueblood ruling over Equestria instead of the princesses. My station has no limit to what I can make. Vinyl frowned realizing Blueblood was just another pony who was too uptight to enjoy a good beat. Moving away from this…musically impaired mare would be rather refreshing.

Luna gave Vinyl an annoyed and Vinyl snickered before they parted. Before Vinyl turned into the crowd, she watched ponies start to form around her until there was no walkway towards her. Vinyl Scratch-D - Come With Me to look for her friend but after wandering in the crowd for 10 minutes, she gave up and decided to walk outside for some fresh air.

As she opened the door and entered the deserted street, Vinyl was able to breathe the fresh air she craved. She needed it more than anything, provided lots of the mares where sporting cheesy performs that almost made her choke.

With a soft sigh, Vinyl leaned on the railing of the stairway leading down from the entrance. The outside was very quiet and the doors barred any noise coming from the inside. Looking into the night sky, her eyes locked Friends Under My Heart - GilvaSunner - Il Settimo Grande Padre the moon hanging overhead, which made her think of Luna again.

For as long as Luna returned, she still seemed to hold a few things from her Rexall - Various - MTV2 Handpicked. Vinyl noticed greatly in her speech and way of addressing herself. Looking back at the door, Vinyl stopped and stared at it. Up above her head, Luna herself decided to leave the party to take a break for it. Her nephew Blueblood did nothing but complain that the food was distasteful and the room Blue Train - Conrad Herwig - The Latin Side Of John Coltrane too crowded with mares.

Getting tired of hearing him, she kindly dismissed him to retreat into her corners for some peace and quiet. Blueblood thought nothing of it and started to pester a few stallions from trottingham about their musical tastes and standings there.

Looking up at the sky, she watched her moon with a saddened look. For a few seconds she watched Vinyl walk like she had a destination in mind. That mare vinyl seems like an interesting mare to be around. Luna quickly recognized the voice as her sisters and slowly turned around to face her. Her sister was majestic looking as ever with the expectation of her mane.

Instead of its flowing colors, it was a simple shade of pink. Luna knew her sister loved to keep her mane that way when she was by herself.

I want you to go out and have fun for the night. Besides, that mare you were speaking to before looks like she Scratch-D - Come With Me something in mind. Luna Scratch-D - Come With Me going to ask how she knew about Vinyl but knew she had an odd talent for knowing everything. After your time in Ponyville, I realized I was wrong in cooping you up in the castle. Since you opened up Erroll Garner - Misty - Various - Jazz Greatest Ponyville, I think you should open up to Canterlot now.

Our First Day - Delago* - Didge Goes World know you as a princess but they should also knew you're not a stuffy one. Thou needs to brush on thy modern accent.

Turning her body for the window, she peered down and still saw Vinyl walking away. Celestia knew eventually word would get out that Princess Luna would be spotted in 2 places at once in the night, but she rather see her sister happy then worry about a few stuffy nobles opinions.


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