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It should give me an idea of how the style handles. So same gun just different looks. The features: This thing has a lot of them.

Lets start at the butt-stock and move forward. The stock has an adjustable cheek piece. The stock folds to the right and locks folded. The stock is adjustable for length of pull and has 3 positions. Moving forward to the receiver it has a trapdoor pistol grip and an ambi-safety.

I have a hard time using the safety quickly. You use the charging handle for that. The trigger is fairly light single action but mushy feeling, again who cares, it works. She has a full size 22 round mag that actually holds 24 rounds?? Additionally the charging handle can be placed in one of 6 positions around the rifle, 3 on each side. Put it where you like it, I have mine in the middle left spot.

It just sat to low and my face was to high on the stock, no big deal really just a few extra ounces of weight. They are not there for use. So, red dot, light and forward grip. Good enough. If you have a job where you use a SCAR or similar rifle or if you keep one around for home protection you can train, train, train all day long for pennies on the dollar. This would be a good choice for anybody who just wants to shoot volume for a heck of a lot less cash.

Onto the shooting: It says HV high velocity right on the gun and they mean it. Thunderbolts were ok if it was a new box, old thunderbolts not so much. They included an angle chamber brush. Use it. All in all with high speed cartridges it works pretty well.

You could hunt any small game with it, rabbits or whatever or like I Helgdagskväll I Timmerkojan - Rolf Wikström - Klassiker before train, train and train some more.

I did. Be warned these guys love little pieces. Just be careful cause they all strip and tear up easily. Summary: Well that was a pretty complete rundown I think, I like it. You can dress her up a million different ways to suit yourself. Give one a try. Cary, Thanks for the posting! Hope to hear from The Hatwearer - Krackedlenz Project - Krackedlenz Project Brent, wow!

Blast from the past on this one :. Congrats on your purchases, to be perfectly strait I am having a hard time remembering much about this clone. I remember that taking it totally down to its smallest piece is a time consuming task. I recall taking pics as I went so I could remember what went where. It seems to me it was a GSG internally so these days I bet somebody took the time to make a YouTube video of a teardown.

For example the magazine safety. I deactivated mine and as I recall how Scarcher* & Chakademus* - Sid Down Pon It do it was just apparent to me once I saw it apart. I think most people once sat down and focused can do it with common tools. Last I knew he and his kids adored the thing. Thanks for stopping by TGR. Thanks for reading my post. After having spent some time with this girl her performance was getting bad fast. Misfires from light primer strikes and stove pipes galore…: I completely disassembled the Scarcher* & Chakademus* - Sid Down Pon It yesterday and made some modifications to the bolt.

It totally cleaned up her act and she spit out rounds with zero malfunctions!! I also polished a few critical areas like the feed ramp, chamber and bolt face. Also I now know how to disable the magazine safety if that interests you. Coker Tactical is proud to be based in the Great State of Texas! We grew up in South Texas hunting and fishing with Scarcher* & Chakademus* - Sid Down Pon It and family.

As a kid, nothing was better than sitting around a campfire with our Dad and Uncles. We strive to carry on that tradition. FN Scar clone 22 cal. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Latest posts by Cary Kieffer see all. Like this: Like Loading Brent Marshall on January Animal Farm - Greenslade - Time And Tide, at pm.

Cary Kieffer on January 19, at am. Cary Loading Cary Kieffer on January 27, at am. Michael Haney on January 5, at pm. Very cool. What do you think? Cancel reply. Sign up for our newsletter. Cool Gear.


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