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All of us are faced with the same reality. There will inevitably be times when we slip up and fail to meet our unreasonable expectations of ourselves.

And our worrying just leads to more senseless worrying. To an extent, we all have this lavish idea in our heads about how our lives are A Salty Dog - Procol Harum - Rock Roots to be. We fantasize that we should be living a different and better life…. The truth is, we are miraculously flawed human beings living miraculously flawed lives. Life is OK. I will let my present life situation be what it is, instead of what I think it should be, and I will make the best of Right Here Right Now - Mark Dwinell - Better Than This . You can be Right Here Right Now - Mark Dwinell - Better Than This in this moment and do nothing, or you can practice being satisfied with the opportunity to make the very best of it.

We just remind ourselves often, and when we forget we remind ourselves again, and we begin again with our practice. One day at a time. Oh, and this short article, by the way, is as much Right Here Right Now - Mark Dwinell - Better Than This reminder to Angel Bert Kaempfert - Strangers In The Night (Flexi-disc) me as it is a guide for you or anybody else who might find value in it.

This makes our self-respect and positive focus evermore important, right here, right now. It leaves no time to wallow in self-pity and self-doubt. The Right Here Right Now - Mark Dwinell - Better Than This thing any of us wants to do is die with regret, hence why respecting the reality of death puts life into perspective.

It humbles us and should also deeply motivate us to lead our lives and make the best of it…. Love where you are right now. Be thankful for the lessons. Take them and make the best of things right now. How has the pressure coming from peers, family, work, and society in general affected your perception of life?

How have you coped? I opened my email inbox Sally Cant Dance - Lou Reed - Milestones few minutes ago, saw this post, and knew I had to take a couple minutes to read it.

Truly, you just reminded me of some of the breakthroughs I made earlier this year after I attended your conference. I used the inquiry tools you walked us through to overcome feeling inadequate and behind in my field. She is 10 years younger than me! But the passion I have is strong. And Love Her Madly - The Doors - L.A. Woman wisdom has been pushing me forward. Thank you for a really good read here, and for continuing to motivate me each week with your emails and the excerpts of your book that I often revisit.

I may feel pressure from society to be a certain may by a certain time, but when my mind is set right, every rough situation in life has some kind of positive silver lining! My heart is breaking still — he tells me I should be over it after 31 years of mostly a very happy marriage. He is blissful with his now girlfriend. Hi Sally, I too have recently been through a very tough divorce and one that I did not want.

My husband of 27 years also decided to have an affair and when I found out about it my heart was broken. I truly believed that my husband was my sole mate and that I would be with him for the rest of my life. If you talked with anyone about my marriage they would all have said that we had the best marriage and they all wished they had a marriage like mine.

Until a year before my divorce I also felt this way and I was completely unaware that my husband felt otherwise. He truly kept his feelings hidden from me. So, I have had to learn to figure out who the new me is. The posts from Marc and Angel have really helped me. After over a year of being divorced this constant thought process has finally started working and I no longer think that I was at fault, I am not good enough, I am not beautiful enough, etc.

It has been tough but you will get through this and it will be difficult. There is just no getting around that. Yes, I still have a lot of longing and the thing that I miss most is the closeness I felt with my husband, to have someone love me, hold me, and want me. Everyone tells me that this will happen again and I pray that it does. I also know that if that does happen I am the only person that can make that happen. Thanks Sally and Sandy. The two are occupying my every thought, and to say my thoughts about my life are negative would be an understatement.

I definitely want and need to think about the positives in my life; it will surely make a big difference!! The pressure coming from others has gotten the best of me many times, but like others have said in the comments above mine, your teachings have helped me keep my cool. And being more present has been a real game-changer for me! Thank you for this incredible post, and thank you for everything you write and share online and off. I have just turned 60, and my career has been making marked developments the past 7 years after coping with my husbands breadwinning layoff 8 years ago from which he never uprighted.

I have been feeling the pressure to make a better breadwinning income myself and have strived and stressed with major fallout in my health and relationships. Our hardships have caused me to pray and search for new tools to find inner peace and transformation, and as I make major healing strides in my emotional and spiritual development, I am starting to realize that the goals I want to achieve in my career and lifestyle are like a fleeting mirage that pales in comparison to the substantive personal transformation I have experienced during this difficult but very rewarding journey.

Finding peace and sharing love is the bread and butter of life. Right Here Right Now - Mark Dwinell - Better Than This I read various articles and books about the habit of negative thinking, I question my own self talk.

I assumed it was some sort of learned mood I picked up from childhood. Or maybe I was just born a negative person. But after I read this article, I realized Tonights The Night - Herbie Hancock - Magic Windows is exactly how I put myself in a negative state. You have helped me define the internal dialog I do use and now I can recognize it and deal with it.

For example, I have always been very disciplined about getting up early and starting my day with inspirational reading and journaling. You would think I would recognize this and give myself a big self hug. Instead I find myself saying, I should have gone to church yesterday, or I should be get up and offer coffee to those who are just getting out of bed, or I should start going back to the gym this week. My mind is constantly in a should mode and constantly telling myself I am not what I should be.

One big light went on as I read this:. There was a consistent message I received when I was growing up. I remember when I would share my feelings with my mother when I was growing up and questioning life.

Thank you as always for bringing this to light. In deep gratitude. And it continues on…will forever be very thankful. Thank you both for sending me your newsletter to my inbox. Thanks, Hollyn. Our perfect life is often in front of us due to the imperfections. Living with perfection is exhausting and chasing after the wind. Our journey to becoming better is an adventure in thinking, emoting, being, and doing. Thank you for this lesson and the value we have by letting go of our expectations to be perfect and the standard we think others hold us too.

Life in general, is many times difficult; seems to me that most of my difficulties that I had direct control of were of my own making but they typically brought me to a place that was so much better than where I was. I always look to improve whatever I can improve. The control I have is the effective management of my free will. Thank you so much for this helpful article. Thank you again for being a voice of compassion and reason.

Thank you for another very valuable post. This absolutely hit on exactly where I am today. How free it makes me feel! Thank you Mark and Angel for the posts I receive from you in my in box. Im the worrying type so your posts really help me time and again. I like this thought I picked up in this post. Tomorrow is a new day…. Thanks again. This is a good reminder to live in the moment and make a best of it.

It actually compliments what I have been feeling today. I am in between jobs, and usually I let the stress of job hunting and fear of not finding work get the best of me. Today for the first time I allowed myself to just relax and trust that the right job will find me and in perfect time.

I also used this time to just rest and take cared of me emotionally. This is so new and it felt so good. And then I read your article, and it just confirmed that I am on the right track. Thank you for this synchronicity, it made me feel even better that I was able to arrive at the right mid set! Thank you for this post, and the bitter truth that I should accept. I need to make up for lost time with how I handled my health Right Here Right Now - Mark Dwinell - Better Than This worries.


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