Pressgang Medley - The Whisky Priests - Nee Gud Luck

Label: Whippet Records - WPT 4 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk
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Or browse results titled :. The band was internationally renowned for its energetic live shows, released a number of critically acclaimed albums, toured extensively and developed a worldwide cult following.

Contact The Whisky Priests. Streaming and Download help. Reflections on War by Gary Miller. The Whisky Priests. If you like The Whisky Priests, you may also like:. Pisces by Pisces. Beacon by Anna Vogelzang. Lovely, delicate acoustic music with rich, narrative lyrics that play out more like short stories than songs.

Explore music. Simon Newell. Michael Smith. Barry Douglas. Seminal debut album by "cult-indie-folk-rockers" from North East England. Recorded and originally released in Includes the original track album plus 5 bonus tracks from the same session which originally appeared on the band's 'Halcyon Days' EP.

Purchasable with gift card. The Colliery Shut Doon The Waggon Works The Rising Of The North Streets Paved With Gold Jenny Grey The Coal-Digger's Grave Dol-Li-A Halcyon Days Death of the Shipyards The Oakey Strike Evictions The Durham Lockout Spring-Heeled Jacks Collier's Rant The Durham Light Infantry Bill Hartnell [Bonus Track] Adam Buckham [Bonus Track] Grandfatha's Fatha [Bonus Track] Geordie Black [Bonus Track] The Clog Dancer [Bonus Track] Our mutual interest in music and our native North East England formed the initial basic template for our ideas and, in the years since, we have had to battle against a variety of set-backs just to keep that basic idea alive and kicking.

Constant line-up changes have led to over thirty different members along the way, which has made things far from easy for us, plus we make no secret of the endless recording and publishing agreement disputes and the overall music media and industry apathy towards our cause. This has only made us more determined in the pursuance of our vision to its ultimate conclusion, through good times or bad, for better or worse.

Perhaps one of the largest obstacles we have had to overcome has been the fact that we have been somehow forced into the position of achieving our goals almost totally unaided.

It would have seemed inconceivable at the start that all these years down the line we would be running the band as Pressgang Medley - The Whisky Priests - Nee Gud Luck self-managed, self-financed, self-motivated and self-contained business, making all our own decisions as well as running our own fan club and mailing list, plus much more. And yet, here we are! And in spite of everything, we firmly believe we have got to Berlioz* / The London Symphony Orchestra - Hermann Scherchen - Symphonie Fantastique, Op.

14 stage with our integrity and self-esteem intact. Now that La Tuna - Anamorphose - Palimpseste four-year term with Celtic Music is finally at an end and ownership of all our own material has reverted back to us, we are proud to be able to reissue our first three albums on our own Whippet Records label, in special new editions, with repackaged booklets and bonus tracks.

We have always prided ourselves in our independence, as well as the special relationship we seem to share with our following. It is Sebagai Kawan - Banda Neira - Yang Patah Tumbuh, Yang Hilang Berganti to imagine that we could have reached this far without the enthusiasm and sheer loyalty of those who have stuck with us through it all and helped drive us on through all the difficult times.

You have left us with many truly wonderful memories and experiences — long may they continue! This special reissue is dedicated to you… The beginning of marked a rebuilding process for The Whisky Priests. As fate would have it, an interview for BBC Radio Cleveland in Januaryduring which we announced that our bass player and drummer had recently walked out on us, led to a chance telephone call from Mick Tyas, from Newton Aycliffe, South Durham. The renaissance had begun! Through another twist of fate, Mick announced that he knew a northumbrian piper called Pete French, from Darlington, who also happened to play fiddle and with whom he had collaborated over the years in various folk bands as well as a long term duo playing local folk clubs, prior to his association with The Whisky Priests.

Then along came Mitch, from Tadcaster in Yorkshire. Mitch became a sort of casual manager and advisor. We have fond memories of Mitch receiving telephone calls from E. Unfortunately, we were persuaded to sign a full-blown recording and publishing agreement, when all we had really wanted was a distribution deal for our own Whippet Records label. This led to four years of disagreements, legal wrangling, creative restrictions, etc. Definite Option Agency. Our first tour of Germany also included in its party current Whisky Priest Paul Carless on Harmonica, who appeared with us on a casual basis for a number of years, before replacing Kevin Wilson on a full-time basis in A few weeks prior to the recording session, however, Bill Bulmer announced his plans to leave the band, although he agreed to stay long enough to record the album and until we could find a suitable replacement.

Already, this heralded the beginning of the end of another mini-era of the band, as it would not be too long before Pete French and Steve Green went their separate ways as well, although both would return later for another brief spell in This would allow all Whisky Priests recordings released during our time with Celtic Music to be issued on the Whippet Records label. All the other master tapes had been destroyed, including all the track master tapes thus allowing no future possibility to ever remix any of the tracks, as well as the original studio master of the original mixes of all 23 tracks.

As a result of the loss of these tapes, we have been unable to reproduce the quality of the original recordings for this reissue, which was of course also Pressgang Medley - The Whisky Priests - Nee Gud Luck on the original releases, since we have had to re-master from the only remaining production source, the lesser quality original CD master.

Hopefully this will not detract from the enjoyment of the listener in any way. Anyone who missed it first time now has an opportunity to judge it second time round. Using a mixture of instruments, including northumbrian pipes, bouzouki and fiddle as well as mandolins, acoustic strings and accordion, The Whisky Priests have managed to capture the passion and fire of a pit community in a way that no others have managed to do.

Throughout the album, indeed throughout all of their records, The Whisky Priests give the impression of living and breathing what they are singing about. They prove time and again that electric guitars are not needed to give music a hard edge and emphasis, more an attitude. Lyrics are very important and given the fact that the songs are usually fairly short in length there is a lot crammed in. As a debut it is striking and full of variety.

It contains 15 tracks, plus a further five as bonus tracks. This album, perhaps more than any, features some of the best historical glimpses into the true life of the shipyards and pits from the so-called halcyon days. As is often the case with all their albums, the lyrics are printed in the CD cover. Many of them can be read without the aid Pressgang Medley - The Whisky Priests - Nee Gud Luck the music, and as such, read well. So far there have been over 30 different band members as line-ups have changed and Pressgang Medley - The Whisky Priests - Nee Gud Luck again.

Gary Miller has written 32 of the recorded tracks, plus 4 further collaborations with Glenn Miller and one with Mick Tyas, and Glenn has written a further two. They have also written many more songs, which are as yet unrecorded — a prolific outpouring of energy and creativity, which also characterises their live performances.

All 3 re-issues include a page insert booklet with words for all the songs, the story of The Whisky Priests so far, in three instalments, and a selection of archive photographs. An inspiration to all of us who attempt to create our own contribution to the global ceilidh.

Enjoy the fruits of their labour at a bargain price! To say that that tenacity and clarity of purpose fuels the music puts it mildly.

Whether you like them or not, you have to admit that without the likes of this band, music would be a weaker-kneed constituency altogether. All three feature bonus tracks, sleeve notes The Donkeys Dream - Virginia Browning, Joseph Illick, Eric Illick - All I Want For Christmas lyrics, making each excellent value for money.

The second side finds the Priests in full flow. Slamming the exploitation of the colliery workers and tales of young Durham lads being butchered and slaughtered at war, mining accidents, old age and nostalgia and a scathing attack on the lager lout. Thankfully the thrash elements are still there but they have laid down some startling sad epitaphs for the death of the collieries and shipyards.

Most of the Pressgang Medley - The Whisky Priests - Nee Gud Luck is original material, but steeped in the tradition of the coalfield songwriters. The Priests upbeat, punk-folk sets both traditional and contemporary songs alight. All the feel of the region is here, played by serious young men Pressgang Medley - The Whisky Priests - Nee Gud Luck a mission. The Whisky Priests have taken the best of North East mining culture and brought it to a new audience.

If you ever get the chance to see them live you will see what a fearsome following they have gathered. Every miner should have this record in their collection. We should wish the Priests well in their efforts to convince the rest of the world that the North East has more going for it than property development and Cathedrals to the consumer. They have now brought their unique culture to a whole new audience by singing about the workers and their families who have formed the traditions of the North-East.

They have brought some pride back to us up here. It is not just around Britain but in West Germany too they have been building up a big reputation for themselves. The subjects The Whisky Priests sing about might be born out of the struggles with the heavy industries of coalmining and shipbuilding but poverty, greedy landlords and the human carnage of war are themes that we can all readily understand, they have no geographical boundaries.

The very music itself, played on accordion, violin, pipes, mandolin, guitars and marching snare is irresistible.


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