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Going female. As you may have seen in my other thread sI would like to go a little fem. From reading THE thread stickied in this forum, I could go off estrofem and my breasts would return to their manly selves. But I'm assuming that after a certain point my breast will be full enough that they won't go back even off of the estrofem. When do I hit that point of no return?

Is it a time thing like mos on ef? Re: Going female. Once breasts have budded they'd never go back to being "manly" although you could pass as simply overweight. The size of your sisters', aunts', and mother's breasts should be a good indication as to what size you'd grow to.

With as high a doseage you're taking you're kind of going for it all, whatever they've got. Eunuchoid habitus in situ. I thought it was minimal and that it was 4 mg or more that significant.

Once breast tissue forms, it has to be surgically removed. That being said, fat is also being deposited there as well as the breasts grow but that hard, tender mass growing under your nipples is not going to go away.

If you don't want breasts, don't play with hormones! Estrogen does other things to your body and mind Okinawa Sunset (Andy Duguid Remix) - Johan Gielen - Okinawa Sunset as well so you should really know what you want before continuing down this path.

For menopause the amount of estrogen premarin, estrin recomended is 0. Presumably the 0. This amount being slightly above what the body requires may nevertheless give you breast development over time if you have never had developed beforehand.

It's a little hard for me to explain off hand but at 2mg estrogen, that should be just about as efficient as 4mg for developing breasts since the body only needs a certain quantity of estrogen above the 0.

As eunuchs we are in essence post-menopausal, some say post-andropausal. The day I figured that out, I began to understand a whole host of things about myself -such as Point Of No Return - Transatlantic Rats Atom / Bird Eye - Split 2012 my speaking voice was so much like an elderly woman's among other things. Just a thought: One could split the 0. Of course phytoE and estradiolE are not exactly of the same category. Many health food people are confused on this issue.

But however those two forms of estrogen combined could serve the same purpose for non-feminization. More costly but breast imPlants the way to Wear The Rag - Atlanter - Jewels Of Crime if you want a good look I had size d implants done love them. I tried the hormone to I only got to a larger A cup which helped me being able to do D implants.

From what I've seen most women have A or B cups. Many make what they have to look one cup more than they actually have when they get dressed so that what you most often see is B and C sizes. However there always will be a certain few women with a D size or more. Most of the ones with that large of a size kind of wish they didn't have that size. But as to your actual size would depend on your dna. I'd say if you know you'll be big then hold off on the E.

I got to an A cup after castration without hormones. No they were not saggy pecs as my nipples enlarged and became very tender with noticeable masses under them. They were easily concealed by wearing loose clothing. They were noticeable of course when I wore a bra. On low dose estrogen for bone protection they relly took Sex Action - Various - Rock n Roll Meltdown (Laserdisc) and I discovered I liked the mental efects of estrogen and the physical Belled - Eklin - Onwa were a bonus.

I upped my HRt to full transexual amounts under the supervision of a my Doctor and am now a C cup and they are still growing but more slowly now. My breasts are Var.

2: Poco Allegro - Brendel* - Beethoven* - Brendel In Concert - Diabelli Variations and ounded like my sisters althouhg she is a little bigger. I have no doubt that if I stopped all hormones now I have these breasts for life but thankfully I love my new curvy body. E is addictive and I have no intention of stopping. It has feminised my body and my mind, something I never thought about until it began to hapen. My most recent bone scan showed that my bones are in perfect condition.

If you dont want a girley bust stay away from E. And what of your penis? Has it gotten smaller? Do you plan to keep it or go through srs surgery? I will point out that for many of us the point of no return was the first time we tried on our mothers' bras or lipstick. The rest was anti climax. When you embark on blockers and hormones, one of two things will likely happen. As they take effect, and the libido drops, you may lose all desire for feminization.

Hopefully you would stop the hormones before permanent changes set in. Or as your body begins Point Of No Return - Transatlantic Rats Atom / Bird Eye - Split 2012 change, you will find you like it very much and really don't want to stop. And remember, the carefully controlled, gradual development of boobage. The "your mileage may vary" really means your mileage may vary. I ran trans support groups for years. On breasts it was always too little or too much.

Like you I didn't expect to fully transition, It was just on my bucket list before I killed myself. And my close female family were not hugely endowed, and I was no longer a sweet young thing, plus I was severely anorexic eventually going to at 5'11" so I expected no great growth.

Boy was I wrong. They popped out like dandelions after a summer rain, and almost as quickly. So, finding myself too great a coward to off myself, I rather had transition thrust upon me. If you really are trans, you may find hormones addictive. Hash, my penis is now one and a half inches soft and since I can never get hard again I have no idea of what I would attain if I could get erect.

Before I was Cry Yourself To Sleep - The Charlatans - Up At The Lake (Vinyl, Album) I was reasonably well endowed. Most shrinkage happened while taking no hormone and with estrogen maybe a little more. I have no intention of keping it as it no longer corresponds with the rest of my body. In fact it looks a little oddd dangling between my smooth hairless thighs.

I may just have labiaplasty rather than full srs. As I am not attracted to men I would, I think, have little use for a complete vagina. In my mind I am just a eunuch and that, despite appearances may be how I still Point Of No Return - Transatlantic Rats Atom / Bird Eye - Split 2012 after surgery.

I am on a journey I never expected to be on but I am enjoying the ride. There is no return once you have gender reassignment surgery. Originally Posted by smoothie I would say the point of no return is a none issue, your either a woman or your not, if you happen to be born with the wrong parts your still a woman, if your a man and want to grow breast just to have them is a little off IMHO.

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