Please Forgive Me - Egil Fylling - Bound For Space

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I've been reading a lot of world-travelling fics lately, and had a hard time finding a thread that recommended or discussed such fics through the search function, so I'm making one. If one already exists, please forgive me and direct me to it. It involves people suddenly given a power from a ROB or igniting a spark that lets them travel universes. They generally gain powers or techs from each universe and get increasingly powerful. There are many decent and long PA commander SIs such, and Please Forgive Me - Egil Fylling - Bound For Space few for planeswalker, such as the original Drich "Commander" and "Ignition" respectively.

The Infinity Genre -the "infinity" genre seems to originate from Chinese web novels, particularly "Terror Infinity" and "Ultimate Evolution". It essentially involves normal people who get sucked into a system that forces them to experience popular literature and movie worlds, and gives them rewards for succeeding or penalties for failing at certain objectives.

They may or may not follow the story plot line and meet main characters, but ultimately power up by the system or things they Please Forgive Me - Egil Fylling - Bound For Space in the setting. There is usually more than one person in the system going around these fictional worlds. Jumpchain -The "Jumpchain" adventure templates are also similar, but there's a fixed and very extensive system of entry parameters to each world from the Jumpchain based on contributions from many different writers, but there are few actual stories of any significant length.

Generally there's a choice of features or perks to buy through a point system for each world before entering and the Jumper stays in each world 10 years at a time. There's an actual Jumpchain thread so I won't discuss it in to much detail here. I really enjoy the concept as a whole. However, I noticed a trend that turned me away from lot of otherwise popular fics where the protagonist powers up too quickly or just seems to Hei, Charlotte - Trio Tre, Arild Nyquist, Lars Martin Myhre, Svein Olav Blindheim - Kalde Øl Og Heit a lot of power for free, then there's no more tension Lynx + Kemo - The Raw Truth the story.

PA commander stories are the biggest example of the overpowered protagonists. But even the Planeswalker Spark and Kaleidoscope can be ridiculously overpowered with their abilities aside from the travel aspect. The Jumpchain stories are also bad because the Jumper keeps getting points to spend on powerups for free every single world. Stories ultimately end up with either no tension, or artificial tension produced by idiotic decisions. So why are there so many overpowered protagonists, but barely any that starts with a very weak protagonist that has to scrape for every bit of power, and can't just immediately learn or obtain powers from every setting?

For example, if you want magic circuits, you have to modify the soul because a normal Earth human just doesn't have any. There would be no special advantage, no gamer system, or anything but the ability to travel across universes. The crossed universes don't even need to be popular fic worlds, they could be original. TL;DR: Please Forgive Me - Egil Fylling - Bound For Space many traveller stories with bad power progression. What happened to appreciating the journey? Last edited: Aug 17, EiriFllyn Aug 16, Reader mode Threadmarks.

Threadmarks List 1 Threadmarks. A Conjuror's Journey A skyrim mage using oblivion gates Please Forgive Me - Egil Fylling - Bound For Space travel. Protagonist is evil and selfish, limited by weak mana pool. This technically hasn't gotten to the "multicross" part because it's only been in Warhmmer 40k, but it's very fresh compared to the other PA commander stories due to the large amount of powerful enemies and conflict.

Unfortunately, it also hasn't gone much further than the first Star Trek world. The main character builds up power steadily but faces many dangers along the way, not the mention the travelling isn't controllable.

Terror Infinity - The web novel where "Infinity" genre's name came from. But, the way the system handles newcomers vs old players is awful. It's ridiculously stacked against newcomers and you wonder why the protagonist was so lucky when he was new, because there's really nothing special about him despite the novel insisting that he's unique. The main character is actually intelligent and the author does a lot of worldbuilding in the fictional worlds so they don't follow the main plotline.

Some people might say that side characters and enemies are made a bit dumber to make the protagonist look smarter though. It crosses a lot of different worlds quickly, which was great, but I think the Rin-sert's attachment to the starting life in Negima is a weakness, because the SI and Rin personalities and histories don't seem all that relevant.

Another problem is of course the insanely overpowered Kaleidostick. It's more of a crack and fun fic with how fast the SI powers up and aims for specific worlds where he immediately gets the powers he needs. Still suffers Please Forgive Me - Egil Fylling - Bound For Space the major issues Gnod - Ingnodwetrust mentioned. Commander The story by Drich that started all the PA multicrosses.

I can't say it's actually the best of the lot, but certainly it was good for its time. I only got about halfway through before boredom overtook me. Many others will probably disagree with me however, seeing as it is the most read and popular of the lot.

It's a fun read for the first time seeing how the protag gains extreme power from the Halo Forerunner tech, but really lost steam as the story went on with no real meaningful conflict. Easy Mode This is a Gamer system multicross. It's not actually "Easy" for the protagonist despite the title, but the story has stylistic and technical weaknesses that make me hesitate to put it in the Good section.

The biggest issues cropped up later in the story where the protagonist seemed to take some truly foolish decisions. It suffers from issues MtG Planeswalker SIs usually do: easy power, protag that doesn't gather power efficiently, idiotic actions to make him Please Forgive Me - Egil Fylling - Bound For Space against enemies.

It wasn't a bad read though. It at least does some of character relationships well and I got through the first two Parts and a few chapters from the 3rd Part. A Shame It Can Only Get Worse Worm Multiverse Afterlife - Q This could have been a good start with a weak protagonist, but Taylor's power to avoid death takes any sense of danger out of the story, not to mention she gets close to main characters too easily.

EiriFllyn Aug 17, Reader mode Threadmarks. Grey Rook Genuine Nerd. EiriFllyn said:. Grey Rook said:. Furthermore, calling Hiver's writing 'good' is an exaggeration. Then its fitting that I only put it under the "decent" pile.

But maybe I should rename the headings to make it clear that decent is worse than good? I keep reading commander stories in the hopes that one will do it right, but at this point I don't think there's any hope of it. The only reason I have two in the Good category Oratorio De Noël BWV 248 - Cantate Pour Le Deuxième Jour De La Fête De Noël - Various - Les Plus Bel that those haven't gone past the first world but I am sure they will disappoint me were they to continue.

ParadoxicAbyss8 Abysmally Noneffective Utopia. ParadoxicAbyss8 said:. What tension. It doesn't matter if your MC is OP or not since physical conflict is the least meaningful in a story and the easiest to resolve.

Speaking of SIs though It's no longer you once you do that and if you wanted to get rid of the chance to meta game you might as well erase knowledge of whatever power up you got as well.

I can enjoy overpowered protag stories, but in multicross there's a tendency for these protagonists to repeating the same thing over and over in different settings. Once they get strong enough, the next jump feels like a slog instead of a new adventure. Merely being overpowered leaves the protagonist still susceptible to asymmetric attacks: their relationships, conscience, PR, or just some method of countering the power.

It's not weakness in and of itself that makes the story better, but the opportunity for unique and suspenseful events happening. If no enemy is ever a challenge, the story needs some other way to stay fresh.

Maybe part of the problem is how most multicrosses stay in a single universe until it's "resolved", inevitably allowing the protagonist to reach extreme power levels if they weren't already there. Psychological conflict serves a purpose but it's equally boring to see the same angst over philosophical questions that readers have seen countless times in different stories. At least, it cannot Music Is So Wonderful 92 (12 Vocal) - Vivian Lee - Music Is So Wonderful 92 entirely internal.

The external experiences of the protagonist need to have a major influence on them, and that means there needs to be an external source of conflict. There has to be something actively requiring choices and their consequences, or you might as well write a story of 10 year cave meditation leading to enlightenment. I agree with this. It doesn't seem like an SI anymore if you don't remember the plot and setting. It just becomes an OC. That said, there is some value to not knowing everything, not to mention it takes more research for the author to use an SI that knows absolutely everything.

There's also value in exploring outside of the main plot, like the way The Ultimate Evolution adds worldbuilding. Psyga Devil's Prosecutor. The Infinity Genre. Threadmarks Infinity Recs 1 Threadmarks.


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