Памяти Добролюбова - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для IX Класса

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E-mail: litervsh. Key words: image of the Russian Land, the unity of the Russian Land, the uniqueness pagan pantheon, historical and mythological ideas, prayer about the unity of the Russian Land.

The article contains material connected with the relation of ardovsky Hail To England - Manowar - MP3 Collection the individuality and creative work of L. The author of the article proves the spiritual nearness of the two great writers of different epoques, community of their ethic and aesthetic positions, historic conception.

The article tells about the Pushkin relations towards E. Bakunina and E. Vorontsova, about poetry dedicated to them, and about the portraits by P.

Sokolov, depicting the image of these remarkable women. Similarity in fate The Runway Song - Handsome Boy Modeling School - So.

Hows Your Girl? the poet and artist. Key words: Pushkin-lyceum student, poet, painter, enthusiastic feelings, orig inality of characters, spiritual refinement, the memories. Key words: A. Griboedov, F.

Bulgarin, P. Mukhanov, anaphora, sema, concept. IV: III: 4 6. IV: 5. The article is devoted to the scientific and teaching activities of PHd in pedagogy, professor O. Bogdanova, discovered the important stages of the creative ways of the leading scientist-practitioner, who had identified sev eral promising areas in the methodology of teaching literature. Key words: methodology of teaching literature, analysis and perception of a lit erary text, scientific direction, the theory of literature in school.

Convinced that the values in classical literature are different than modern life values, the author shows how important to take into account the profound changes that have occurred with generations of children since the collapse of USSR. Key words: the collapse of traditional values, pragmatism, the impact of art, spiritual life, interested in literature. A lot of attention is paid to figurative language and work on expressive reading.

Lesson teaches the respect to the native history and charity. Key words: mercy, the inmates, the Decembrists, the fallen, the height of the spirit, epithets, metaphors, expressive reading. The authors suggest different ways of getting the primary percep tion of the lyrical poetry and the way of its analysis. Key words: a lyric poetry, perception, technology of analysis, problematic question, verbal drawing, comparing poems. Key words: conflict, nature images, the choice of the path, relationship between man and nature, the author-narrator.

By analyzing with the students A. Key words: fate of the playwright, song plays, vaudeville, remark, irony, the aim of life. The concept of Homeland, duty, honor and family were overriding in life for the heroes of classical literature. Teacher offers to turn to the works of Kabakov and Degtev and pushes students to think about who could be called a hero of our times.

Key Памяти Добролюбова - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для IX Класса modern Russia, business, wealth, searching for the road of life, temptation, confession, protecting the Motherland, the path service.

By the anniversary of the "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" 2. Incarnation of the female image in the poetry and painting And don't play cards with him: he'll sell you". From the comments to "Woe from Wit" by A. Griboedov ZININ. Life Памяти Добролюбова - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для IX Класса science and science of life. To the 80th anniversary of O. Bogdanova Pedagogical drama in eight acts And mercy to the fallen called Analysis of A.

Pushkin's poem "In the depths of Siberian mines VIII grade The organization of perception of lyrical work on the example A. Fet poem "A summer evening is calm and clear Perseption of the conflict between children in a fairy Памяти Добролюбова - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для IX Класса by M. VI grade The play "Incomparable Nakonechnikov". The hero of our time Who and what is he?

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