My Childhood (Mon Enfance) - Arnold Johnston - Im Here!

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Not your fault. Unfortunately, I cannot spend the time at the moment doing this. And I happen not to have Share Some Light (Henning Baer Remix) - Monomood - ANIMAL 001 now the several hours I would like to spend.

En premier, je voulais tout simplement ajouter les accents qui n'apparaissaient nulle part dans cette transcription des paroles de la chanson. J'ai eu tort. Je retrouvais mon innocence. Avant que le soir ne se pose j'ai voulu voir les maisons fleuries sous les roses.

Nous vivions comme hors la loi. Et j'aimais cela. Vous dormez au chaud de la terre. J'ai froid, j'ai peur, le soir se penche.

I hope you see that it is still mostly your original. I also took advantage of the opportunity to make it conform to the standard for English poetry where every line begins with a capital letter.

I was wrong. I returned To this faraway lost city Where I had spent my childhood. I wanted to see again The hill where every evening Blue and grey shadows of silence used to slip in.

And I found again as before, Long after, The hill, the tree standing, As in the past. I walked in the burning temples, Believing I could suffocate under my footsteps The pathways of the past that haunt us And come back to ring the death knell. And I lay down under the tree And the same smells were there. And I let my tears flow, My tears. I put my bare back against the bark. The tree gave me back some strength Just like in the time of my childhood.

And for a long time I kept my eyes closed. My Childhood (Mon Enfance) - Arnold Johnston - Im Here! believe I prayed a little. I found my innocence again. Before evening fell I wanted to see The flowery houses beneath the roses. I wanted to see The garden where our children's shouts Gushed forth like a freshwater spring. The war had dumped us there, Others were less fortunate, I think, In the beautiful time of their childhood.

The war had dumped us there. We lived as if outside the law. And I loved it. When I think about Where my springtimes, where my suns, Where my crazy lost years, Where I turned fifteen years old, where my wonders - How it hurts to have come back - Where the fresh nuts of September And the smell of crushed mulberries, It's crazy, everything, I found everything again.

You should never go back To the hidden times of memories, To the blessed time of Give The People - EPMD - Business As Usual childhood. For among all the memories, Those of childhood are the worst, Those of childhood tear us apart.

Oh my dearest, oh my mother, Where are you today? You sleep in the warmth of the earth. And I came here To find here once again your laughter, Your anger and your youth. And I remain with my distress. So why did I come back Alone to this street corner? I'm cold, I'm afraid, nighttime is falling. Why did I come here, Where my past crucifies me, Where my childhood sleeps forever?

As you can see, it's past tense. I had to look up -- yet again, I can never keep this verb straight -- the conjugation of Frogeye - Trespass - Live It Up lie down. Maybe I'll remember it this time. Probably not. It doesn't seem to make any sense to me. But there it is. Here is my reference: conjugator. The lines in French are: Avant que le soir ne se pose j'ai voulu voir That's a mixture of present tense and past tense in the same sentence.

I just couldn't translate it like that. I suspect the composer used his or her poetic license to commit this crime of grammar. It lets you get away with anything you want to write. Handy bit of documentation to keep in your wallet, don't you think? Mine is always ready. Anyway, I suspect the error in French was intentional and had something to do with keeping the metre or rhythm correct, something like that, I really don't know. My Childhood (Mon Enfance) - Arnold Johnston - Im Here!

the fact I have my Poetic License, I am in fact not a poet, but don't tell anybody. But we would have to to modify the lyrics to the plural if that's how we decide to translate this. In listening to My Childhood (Mon Enfance) - Arnold Johnston - Im Here! song in the supplied video, of course, I can't tell if she's using the singular or plural here. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation.

Login Registration Sign In. Mon enfance English translation. Proofreading requested. English translation English. Versions: 1 2. French French. Mon enfance. Click to see the original lyrics. Add new translation Add new request. More translations of "Mon enfance". English CHVictoria. English arcm There are also a few issues of English usage that I would like to help you smooth out. Login or register to post comments. About translator. Contribution: 4 translations, thanked 37 times.

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It was myself not poet that Dis, quand reviendras-tu? L'aigle noir.


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