Motorider - Revenge (29) - Harder Than Steel

Label: Rata Mutante Records - none • Format: CD Album • Country: Colombia • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal, Speed Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Who's knocking at the door? Lo and behold, the Colombian section of the defenders of true metal is back. Back to take revenge, I guess little pun Revenge have finished another full-length and already its multi-coloured cover speaks volumes. A long-haired maniac with a sharp-edged, oversized ear rides a bastard of wolf and dog. The poor animal has to manage three heads and it does not look very happy.

To go straight to the heart of the matter, Revenge still play a mixture of heavy and speed metal without an ounce of ornamenting unexpected elements. Without question, the internal censor of the group has done a very good job, because any idea of integrating untypical components has been murdered in time. But honestly, I don't think that these purists had a lot of unusual ideas. Just take a look at the stereotyped song titles. Revenge do it the simple way.

So it is up to you. Ask yourself whether you still like genuine heavy metal. Or do Motorider - Revenge (29) - Harder Than Steel always need a very extreme form or a modern modification? While you are thinking about the answer, I can give you further information. Revenge's performance is lively and refreshing, although they show their affinity for their idols clearly.

The title track, in particular its guitar work, is heavily influenced by Running Wild. According to this, it is hardly surprising that they also cover a song of Rolf Kasparek's school of clowns. That's okay, because their version of "Chains and Leather" has definitely more punch than the original of my compatriots. Two factors are crucial: the joy of playing and the clear and powerful sound which leaves the sonic realization of Conflicto - SinSilencio - Sin Tiempo and Exiled" miles behind.

I don't want to offend Running Wild in this regard, but it goes without saying that 30 years of technical evolution have left their mark. So far, so good. However, it would not have been necessary that the lead vocalist imitates the Motorider - Revenge (29) - Harder Than Steel of Rolf. The songs have a good flow and Revenge pleases with songs whose compositional patterns do not suffer from major flaws. Instead, the lead guitar has room to breathe in order to celebrate its strength.

The two Estebans at the six strings make good use of this situation. The piercing guitars turn out to be a trademark of the group's sound, albeit the double bass power of the drummer adds a strong element as well. Don't be fooled by its mid-paced beginning. As soon as the band accelerates the tempo, a very impulsive riffing sets in. The verses as well as the one-word-chorus are bursting with energy and the contrasting, fairly loose solo completes the picture.

From my point of view, the song is the ultimate proof that the narrow-minded Colombians are not interested in slackness, complexity or ingratiation. Yet it is a fact that all songs reach a more or less comparable level. Therefore, you will probably prefer another track. Just buy the album and find out. Motorider - Revenge (29) - Harder Than Steel Archives loading Username Password Login.

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