Milk (Wishes For The Theater) - Zeek Sheck - Zeek Shecks Zemag Daeh

Label: ToYo Records - I • Format: Vinyl LP CDr • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Avantgarde, Experimental, No Wave
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With a camera as his backstage pass, Herman Leonard photographed the giants of jazz in their golden age, movie stars on set and on their travels to exotic places, the fashion world of Paris in the s, and the inner sanctums of his beloved New Orleans. His friendships with the jazz greats allowed him to vividly capture the magical moments of the Harlem and Paris jazz clubs in the s and 50s, using his unique command of cinematic lighting to capture the essence of the time.

To Leonard, Dizzy Gillespie was a "monument to jazz. All look enchanted, but Lazycame - Yawn! Ellington, clasping his hands to his chin, is clearly the most enraptured.

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I was also in charge of the music. I stuck to jazz — down-tempo be-bop, mostly — as I find it blends well with my Yuletide tunery. I was careful not to have any unChristmasy items contain lyrics. That was a ridiculous digression. Of course I meant to say flight attendants. They were serving pumpkin pancakes to guests on an ambitious scale. For a brief moment, I worried as to how I would be able to dip the pancakes without making a mess, but then my brain reminded me of the time before my party, when utensils like forks and spoons reigned supreme, and I relaxed.

That night was the Amoeba Holiday party. But it was the 30th birthday of our dear friend Jenny. So, it was off to Manhattan Beach to celebrate. Suddenly, a fire-breathing dragon flew down from the skies, scorching cars and toppling skyscrapers, as an army of robots marched across the cityscape!!!

Not really, but I suddenly worried that my blog was getting Milk (Wishes For The Theater) - Zeek Sheck - Zeek Shecks Zemag Daeh. Is this how Mrs. Dalloway would have read if it 257ers - Mit Essen Spielt Man Nicht written in ? For those of us who, like me, were raised in the Swiss Alps by a bunch of portly dessert chefs, this skill comes as naturally as braiding our golden locks or yodeling.

The rest of you can learn by reading ahead… Procure yourself some heavy whipping cream. You can find this at any grocery store, ideally in this refrigerated section. Too much delicious, fresh, whipped cream! Next, pour the heavy whipping cream into a bowl. NOT a stainless steel bowl, however. Using an electric mixer, beat the heavy whipping cream until, well, it becomes whipped cream. Corey made that mistake once and, without realizing it, ate a bowlful of fresh, sweetened butter.

He spent the next two weeks digesting it. Mostly commonly, powdered sugar is used. For myself, I think the finest sweetener for whipped cream is grade-B maple syrup. I never measure the sweetener — just go by taste. Start with a little and keep adding until the flavor gives you a boner. Can I say that? I have a slight headache. Am I still writing?

The army of robots killed mercilessly, until they were conquered by my life-sized, life-like Annette Funicello robot. Hosanna in Excelsis Deo. Guests are usually delighted and impressed by homemade whipped cream. They tend to be overly critical. My robot will show them. Merry Christmas! Some laugh off the ad above which was unveiled in October as just a bit of fun and a way for the musician to make some needed funds. Posted by Charles ReeceDecember 6, pm Post a Comment I'm not much of a James Bond fanatic; I can take him or leave him, and have tended towards the latter for the past 20 years of installments.

I grew up on the Roger Milk (Wishes For The Theater) - Zeek Sheck - Zeek Shecks Zemag Daeh version, but the problem with the franchise started there, only getting worse with each new Bond film. Too many gadgets and too many one-liners were used to cover the fact that Sean Connery had been replaced with a bunch of pantywaists except George Lazenbybut his reign ended after one film.

Not that there's anything wrong with wit, it's just that in an action film it should be backed with the assurance of brawn. No matter how editing might be able to slice and dice the action sequences, there's always going to be an aesthetic flaw in any machismo-centered film where the physiognomy and somatotype of the lead don't meet the iconic demands of the hero.

Just consider two recent examples: fresh-faced fratboy Matt Damon Gamavor Zimvor - The John Berberian Ensemble - Music Of The Middle East a badass in the Bourne Trilogy and pipsqueak Freddy Rodriguez as a renegade secret ops soldier in Planet Terror.

After Connery, drollery and charm became Milk (Wishes For The Theater) - Zeek Sheck - Zeek Shecks Zemag Daeh to distract the audience from what the leads couldn't do rather than an assurance that Bond could be doing much worse. Ian Fleming initially doubted the fit of Sean Connery, thinking him too brutish, but changed his mind after seeing the first film, and even changed the character in the novels to line up with the actor.

Unfortunately, 60s technology and budgets could never deliver the promise of action that Connery's physicality promised. His films were all foreplay. By the time production values could finally deliver, Bond no longer could.

With too many years of distractions, Bond's body finally caught up to the technology and budget in the form of Daniel Craig. He's the cyborg that the screen Bond has always needed.

True, he's a tad too laconic, and could use a little more Cary Grantbut he conveys pain, both in receiving and delivering it, like no other Bond. The repressed emotions are there on the surface, in a much more detailed way than was the case even with Connery.

That is, if he acts like a human, he effectively is. If his charm isn't up to Connery's level, that's largely due to the faulty input of his programmers, the humorless Paul Haggis among them. Quantum of Solace 's plot is a broken Rubik's Cube, where the politically minded liberal writers begin by drawing analogies to the Iraq War and oil, but end up with an environmentalist message in a Third World Chinatown. Evil mastermind Dominic Greene and his secret organization Quantum are backing an eminent coup by the would-be Bolivian dictator, General Medrano, in exchange for the rights to a seemingly barren stretch of land.

Believing the property to be free of oil, the General is happy to sign it over. The CIA, represented by Agents Beam and Leiter the latter of whom befriended Bond in Casino Royalegets behind the coup, since a right-wing dictator is easier to deal with than the unspecified current regime but I bet they're lefties.

As Bond begins to gum up the works, he becomes a target of the CIA. Just like in real life politics wink, winkthe British represented by the MI6 don't want to offend their American counterpart, so Bond is ordered to desist. Not so much like in real life, Bond does whatever the hell he wants to do. As it turns out, Medrano is correct, the land has no oil, making the ideologically charged homage to Goldfinger -- where Bond girl Strawberry Fields gets shellacked with oil replacing gold -- something of a non sequitur.

Instead of oil, what the land rights give to Quantum is control over Bolivia's water supply. I suppose the allegory here is saying beware of shadowy organizations taking over our natural resources. Since not-so-shadowy organizations already own all of the world's natural resources, this m akes for a pretty weak moral lesson.

One can't really blame the screenwriters for trying to modernize the politics of this anachronistic symbol of fading British power during the Cold War. With all the satires that now exist the French OSS being the latest examplesetting the modern adaptations within the otiose ideological struggles of the 60s would have resulted in a parodic detachment of the audience.


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