Lost You Somewhere - Various - Schwingungen Auf CD Nr. 132 / 05 - 2006

Label: Cue Records (Germany) - Schwingungen 2006-05 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Electro, Downtempo, Ambient
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Hello, here are some graphic informations, some scans and a few personal comments Lost You Somewhere - Various - Schwingungen Auf CD Nr. 132 / 05 - 2006 collectors who appreciate or love the TdM from Paul Marteau edited by Grimaud.

All the decks described are from my collection. In no way does this description pretend to be complete. I just found interesting to see how various the different printing of this deck seem to be and thought that these informations could possibly be usefull for people who are searching for this deck. I Lost You Somewhere - Various - Schwingungen Auf CD Nr. 132 / 05 - 2006 posted some of these informations in several posts before. I would also like to know more about the earlier printing.

In particular I would be glad to have more informations about the deck number 01 and the deck number I got 01 without box or LWB, and though I have a box for 02 there is no date on it. So if someone knows something, please share your information. I am aware that there are some threads on deck I also did not find anything on deck On different threads on ATF, I read about a version of Marteaus deck with a Lys instead of a tulip on the 4 de Denier I would really like to know how do the original decks look and feel like.

I am aware of the Dusserre reproduction, but I really mean the original. I am mostly interested to know what kind of cardstock this deck has compared to the deck As it is technically not possible to attach more than 5 scans in one post I had to split and post several answer to this thread.

One for each deck. I hope you enjoy it. Best regards Added on the 25 Juni Thanks to Kenji, informations and scans of the deck are now available on page 8 of this thread : And not only this: also scans from the Grimaud-Arnoult :. Comments: The pictures of the cards in this book are thin card plates with a very thin paper that are glued on the pages of the book.

The fact that the pictures has been separately printed and glued in the book makes this copy very special. So the background color of the pictures is the color of the paper used in this book: broken white. As a matter of course there is no finish, so the color Lost You Somewhere - Various - Schwingungen Auf CD Nr. 132 / 05 - 2006 not glossy but quite deep and rich probably because of the thick paper It is also a very beautiful copy of this book.

I love it first because of the colors. The beige background gives the pictures a very smooth atmosphere and it does not have the "in your face" contrast of the pictures with the white background.

Also the flesh color looks to me more flesh and not pale-yellow-creamy like the newer versions. I appreciate a lot the finish that is not glossy and does not feel like plastic, it is mat and feels a little bit like wax. The thickness of the cards gave them substance. The cards are smaller than usual.

First it also seems as if the pictures Dont Stop (Sidewalk Technicians Land Of Oxford Remix) - Bleep & Booster - Dont Stop smaller too, Lost You Somewhere - Various - Schwingungen Auf CD Nr. 132 / 05 - 2006 there are not. The frame is a little bit smaller and so you see a little bit less from the picture than on the other decks.

Finally I prefer the pattern cardback. G Cards: 64,5 mm x mm Deck thickness: 40 mm!!! Comments: I like this deck very much too. The pictures and color do not differ from newer decks except Lost You Somewhere - Various - Schwingungen Auf CD Nr. 132 / 05 - 2006 for the blue color which is not too dark but they are clearer and deeper than on all other decks. I find the particular cardback with the frame also very nice. I also appreciate that many cards of this deck do not have a copyright : As I said before I am intrigued to know when this deck has been printed.

Later added: In the meantime I got a second copy of this deck. This time it came with a thick orange booklet with L'Amoureux on the front. The copyright on the booklet says J.

Simon G Cards: 64,5 mm Bluebird - Paul McCartney - One Hand Clapping (VHS, Album) mm Deck thickness: 40 mm without the 2 advertising cards Comments: This deck came with two advertising cards with english text.

A blue stamped text is added on one card telling the deck is distributed by U. This deck has quite exactly the same cardstock as deck To me is a positive fact that the titles are english only and this way the pictures have not been changed see remarks on deck G Cards: 64,5 mm x mm Deck thickness: 26 mm Comments: In order to get enough place on the cards for the bilingual titles, the pictures have saddly been changed!

The cardback is used for advertising The deck comes with two advertising cards, one from Grimaud and one from Reader's Digest. Except for these two details, this is the same deck as But the blue color used on every card is very dark.

Best regards PS and later added On page 5 and 6 of this thread you can find informations on later added decks: 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13 :. Deck 02 My hunch is that Deck 02 Grimaud B. Presumably, they would have begun putting on the copyright starting a some point in time in either or possibly a subsequent year; so they probably wouldn't have printed cards after that point in time without the copyright indication.

Compare U. Games, which didn't start putting on the copyright indication on the Rider-Waite cards until around Deck 04 An interesting thing about Deck 04 English-French bilingual titles is that I've seen at least tarot books published by francophones that use cards from this deck; one book even blanks out the English titles. This may suggest that, for a time, Grimaud didn't put out Marteau decks with French-only card titles.

Coredil, Which particular distribution of Deck 02 do you have? Grimaud on first page, John Waddingdon Ltd. I'm sure there's a version with French-only instructions, as the box with LWB still has extra room in it, but such a version must be much more rare.

What a wonderful summary, coredil!! I didn't even realize there were so many I checked mine out I have deck I put the deck into a photo album and had a hard time finding it today I thought it was still in the original packaging, but not so. Now that I see the others, I do see what is cut off because of the dual-language titling. Rusty Neon, unfortunately deck 02 came without LWB. Also it says on both sides: 78 cartes avec livret explicatif.

But according to what I have seen elsewhere for example with some RWS copy cards and box must not always match together. I also agree with you when you say this deck is possibly pre But it is a long time between and Has your deck the cardback with the frames? About the pictures, I already said this in another thread: when you consider how precise the interpretation of Paul Marteau is in his book where he gives to almost every little detail in the picture a meaning it is quite strange that one could take so much freedom to change the pictures.

Best regards. As you averted to before, the biggest difference is Dancing Queen - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000 4 of Coins. The Grimaud deck and the Marteau book both refer to the fleur de lys in the centre of the 4 of Coins card. The Conver pattern has the fleur de lys in the 4 of Coins. But somewhere along the way, in the Grimaud deck, the fleur de lys got changed to a tulip. It makes one wonder whether such a change just for copyrighting purposes; otherwise, it doesn't make much sense to change it.

No, my cardback has no frames. By the way, the cardback is in blue and white colours but is of a different geometric pattern, with ovals as a design element in the repeating pattern. Coredil - This is an awesome resource! Is this your Deck 01? Very interesting Son Tus Ojos - Violeta Parra - Cantos Chilenos the site looks strange to me I would first say that it really look like my deck Same pictures with the frame narrowing the pictures.

Same background color. It is for me also nice to finally see how could a box for this deck look like. BTW this box with this symbol remind me of the "green box" Rusty Neon mentioned. But Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum - Fausto Papetti - 12a Raccolta would have to know if it is maybe a edition of this deck.

Unfortunately there are not much informations on the site. On all TdM from Marteau I have, the 2 of cups have this quite large red space in the bottom with no writing.

As you probably know, the Marteau deck is a re-drawing of the Conver. I have attached a scan of the 2 of cups from the edition of the Conver by Camoin this edition has been printed from original woodblocks. On the bottom is a kind of blazon and as you can see it does not really match with the style of the drawings.

It could be the reason why Marteau let this place empty but Sorry for my bad englishMarteaus text is quite heavy in french. Well, I am interested in Marteau more from the collection point of view and as I said before this red and empty place is to me a graphic solution but this is my very humble and personal point of view : Best regards.

The blazon is the shield of the French monarchy, which would have been appropriate in Conver's day since cardmakers were licensed by the monarchy. Books from 16thth century have a similar thing, usually a page at the beginning or end with a formulaic license from the King. Marteau's first edition has the fleur-de-lys shield on the Four of Deniers, but he has removed the whole heraldry from the Two of Cups.


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