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Le mur des messages Nous suivre sur: twitter facebook. Le programme. Le titre en cours. Partager ce morceau. Se procurer ce disque via CDandLP. Hej everybody, get up off your seat Howdy howdy people, groove into the beat It's a funky situation, gonna make your body move Up there on the dancefloor, I wanna see you grove Get on up get on up Ev'rybody get up ev'rybody get up Oooh oooh oooh x 3 Ev'rybody get up Up there freak you're dancing My body's soaken wet I didn't come here for your driving And you ain't seen nothing yet Hej ev'rybody, can you feel the body heat It's a tingle when you mingle When you're groovin' to the beat refrain bis It was Saturday night ev'ryone was on the beat I wanna see you groovin' Gonna move your feet bis refrain Wall to wall and three talk tall, hej!

Gonna freak you here gonna freak you there gonna I wanna get ou out of this athmosphere. Well I'm Jazzy dee I play lead guitar but let me tell you while I'm a superstar, when I lead guitar isn't my main thing see I rock the mike I can even sing. For all other the MC's in the other states, to meet me come in my way to participate, for when it comes the way you can't believe I am cooling around down out of my sleeves and all the other MC's Jazzy Dee - Get On Up disappear.

With a stroke of my hand and a word in the mike I rap to the rythm all through A Place In My Heart - Various - Only Love night, and when the night is gone that's o.

I rap to the Jazzy Dee - Get On Up all through the day. Well I'm through for now Aisa Kyun Hota Hai - R. D. Burman, Nida Fazli - Ameer Aadmi Ghareeb Aadmi I'll be back well this was Jazzy Dee and you know that and you know that and you know that.

Everybody Jazzy Dee - Get On Up on up. Get on up! Paroles en attente d'une autorisation des ayants droit. Commentaires Voir tous les commentaires.


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