Happiness For Ten Thousand Years - Li Zhu Ming - Deep, Dark Night

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A Gu Xiaoxue brow wrinkle, although sees Ouyang Lulu, she also is very happy, but has very important matter to with Tang Xiu discuss today after all. Moreover, she is very strange, why Ouyang Lulu can with Tang Xiu in the same place.

Immediately, she goes to Tang Xiu the vision of question. However, I and Tang Xiu have important matter conversation, can you avoid? If possible, I return to Jingmen Island to contact with you again.

Some Ouyang Lulu brain short circuits, she has not thought that Gu Xiaoxue such Moderato - Ван Клиберн* - Ван Клиберн obedient, Tang Xiu makes her do her to do!

Is this oneself that good sisters? The crowd that the nearby surrounds, saw that movement funds Land Rover SUV appears, reveals the curious look, after they see Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu, immediately was scared.

Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue lead the way shoulder to shoulder, two people has the Happiness For Ten Thousand Years - Li Zhu Ming - Deep understanding very much has not spoken.

Starlight Building four 14th Floor, have the Star City most famous viewing cafe. Sits on the seat by the window, can get a panoramic view most Star City. Appearance elegant service person Dark Nightto hang the professional smile inquiry to say leisurely. Service person surprise looks at two people, the guest Jolie - Petula Clark - Petula Au Canada understand two do not go to the cafe, why for selects plain water.

Is this saying is really false? He and you of the same name, is called Tang Xiu. Can under you explain to me, what relations among your two people has? I do not believe some Immortal World people arrived at Earth, has not thought that the fact actually stems from my anticipation. Let me reply before your issue, you must tell me, who your is Master? Earth and Immortal World have the space barrier, Modern Culture - DiE ROCKERS DiE - Live The Cocaine (live) Immortal World absolutely does not have the Earth Coordinate, how Happiness For Ten Thousand Years - Li Zhu Ming - Deep Master does she possibly arrive at Earth?

I replied your issue, this you answer my issue now. He determined finally, disciple that oneself that most likes is also living, she is not only also living, but also knew the oneself matter. What is more important, she hated these to betray oneself asshole, she has very strong murderous intention to them. The matter that Tang Xiu Beck & Panzah Zandahz - Breaks And Beats is worried about has not occurred eventually, this makes in his heart fill happily, even more thought of disciple that a oneself that foster grows up.

The Immortal World ten thousand years, snap fingers to flicker. Perhaps is I assigns should not certainly, when consciousness return, re-enters Earth. Person who my this lives, has the hatred, person who also there is missing.

This name is I obtains, she is also my foster grows up. Is only a pity Also master also father's he, finally obtained the disciple news, he wishes one could to grow Happiness For Ten Thousand Years - Li Zhu Ming - Deep wing immediately, flies Jingmen Island Hundred Feast Restaurant and disciple meets.

He wants to ask why she had not heard from the past, why did he look the millenniums unable to find her? We return to the seat first, I to your finished speaking, you decide again whether goes to Jingmen Island now. Isn't this Yin Demon Zhu Wushou another does not pass on secret skill? If Immortal World whose speed is fastest, whose secret skill is strangest, that without doubt is Yin Demon Zhu Wushou. But, when she last time uses this set of array, by Zhu Wushou causes heavy losses.

His Time Night Demon. His understand, why oneself that disciple can arrive at Earth finally, entire Immortal World's Supreme, if who has a hope to arrive at Earth, without doubt is Zhu Wushou, time and space mystery that he comprehends, if involves on cause and effect with oneself, could find Earth.

However, oneself in the Immortal World's time, has several contacts with him merely, has not stained cause and effect. To calculate the Earth space coordinate, but must have a skill, that then learns the Great Emperor Tian Ji pushing star divination arithmetic, otherwise Zhu Wushou cannot arrive at Earth as before. Tang Xiu can confirm, oneself that darling treasure disciple, not only has learned Space Demonic Array, but also learned from Great Emperor Tian Ji there has pushed the star divination arithmetic.

When two people rides in a carriage to arrive at Airport, what making Tang Xiu depressed was, Star City every day only then two flights flew to Jingmen Island, but the last class of flight, took off before 20 minutes. If wants Jingmen Island today, needs to seek to go to the way in addition. Enter your email address that you used to register. We'll send you an email with detailed steps to reset your password. Doubts completely solution four asked monthly ticket A Gu Xiaoxue brow wrinkle, although sees Ouyang Lulu, she also is very happy, but has very important matter to with Tang Xiu discuss today after all.

Gu Xiaoxue real being dead set on fell in love with Tang Xiu? That two were Goddess blind? How do they have the relations with that boy? Is Goddess accompanying him unexpectedly one after another? In my dream the sweetheart followed other man. For a long time. Great Emperor Danqing? Nine Luminaries Qin Mo? Tang Xiu feels Gu Xiaoxue murderous intention keenly, in the heart shakes immediately.

In a flash! Really my disciple? Goes to Jingmen Island. Other ways need to cost a lot of time, this to unbearably anxious Tang Xiu, is a suffering. Contents Settings. Last Chapter Next Chapter. Log In Forgot your password? Login Don't have an account?

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Important intelligence Airport crisis You is a Savior D.J. Delight - Indeep - Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life obedient Dragon Soul two asked recommendation ticket Significant questionable point Being assemble Threat Talked in the night brothers and sisters Mid-Autumn Festival joyful Magnificent Tang Group crisis Was despised The accident meets by chance Panic-stricken first asked monthly ticket Cried to smile the right and wrong two asked monthly ticket You Happiness For Ten Thousand Years - Li Zhu Ming - Deep my man hegemon in addition Rears in a pen the ominous beast What origin is he?

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Cracks a joke? Bearing a grudge Worshipping Happiness For Ten Thousand Years - Li Zhu Ming - Deep girl Trampling Person Dark Night money are many?

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Eating around curiosity killed the cat Plunders one erupts to ask monthly ticket Volume 14 Was robbed two erupt to ask monthly ticket A past dog three erupted to ask monthly ticket Not like rich man a eruption Venture spirit two erupt to ask monthly ticket Also has won three erupt to ask monthly ticket Has a reunion closely one erupts to ask recommendation ticket Successfully returns Being together We sprang from the selfsame root Minding others'business Heartless person Rescue one asked recommendation ticket master and disciple recognizes each other two asked recommendation ticket Her is Why bother!

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