Empty Corridors - Synoiz - The Forbidden

Label: Synoiz - SYNPR014 • Format: CDr Album, Promo • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Dark Ambient, Ambient, Witch House, Darkwave, Dungeon Synth, Experimental, Minimal
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An unfinished piece said to be cursed. He held a portable lantern to light their path. When the stone landed on the floor, deadly poisoned tipped darts shot from the walls, razor-sharp pendulums appeared out of nowhere, and spikes flew from the ceiling and floor.

They disappeared as soon as they appeared. Vinyl stroked her chin than brightened. See those little dashes on the walls? Those are musical notes! Each stone coordinates with that particular note. Greengrass looked down and scrutinized the floor and realized each row had 21 stone panels.

One stone for each string on the instrument. Something sharp cut the stone into pieces midway. It was slow going, but they somehow got across the deadly floor. Vinyl moved across without a hint of fear. The slightest slip or misstep meant instant death. They walked for several minutes before coming across a fork that broke the corridor into three different paths.

Greengrass found no distinguishing marks or clues. They each looked identical. One stipulation that she had laid down was that their dresses would allow easy movement in case something happened.

She follows up with several kicks and punches and ended with a backflip. Time flew with the last several days with practice consuming most of her time. Twilight still helped her research the infamous symphony but with no results.

Still, Lyra enjoyed her time with Twilight despite not accomplishing much. They had spent little time together before. She learned Twi had an excellent singing voice. Trixie suggested they should start a band. Bons says it okay. Still, leaving her friends frightened her, but they always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Pull yourself together Lyra! She wiped away tears and nodded. It reminded Lyra how shallow and judgmental she could be. Much changed when you met a pony for real and looked beyond surface impressions. She wanted to assimilate everything into her memory before she left. She gave her best smile as she entered inside. Everypony was there sitting on various couches and loveseats.

Trixie used her magic to levitate bowls of Cheetos to everypony and soda pop sat on a coffee table. Sometimes they played games, but it was mostly about having fun with friends. Lyra would miss these Friday meetings. She already had the game set up and used her magic to shuffle the cards. Lyra bolstered her courage. Cheerilee tapped her chin in thought. Cheerilee clapped her hooves together. We can all give something.

Maybe a little too supportive? Lyra smiled. She remembered that day well. They scrambled back to Ponyville with only a few scant hours remaining to get everything ready. The festival was almost a total disaster. It was a fun, but mad experience. Boy did things change when Corona arrived Empty Corridors - Synoiz - The Forbidden the scene. The rest of the Rangers joined her in one giant group hug.

Even Trixie was crying now. The Rangers chatted for the next few hours about random subjects. She Take A Trip - Various - West Side Sopranos see them anytime she wanted.

Twilight theorized ways to communicate with Lyra quickly if they ever needed her. Trixie convinced them to play a game of pinochle which Lyra won. She suspected everypony let her win. It would hurt being away from her friends, but she could cope. Fluttershy screamed as a trap door opened underneath her and she fell into the darkness below. Greengrass rushed to grab her hoof, but his hoof slipped past her. Hey, there are snakes down here too! They tell me there are secret tunnels HiFidelity - A.

K. Klosowski / Pyrolator - Home-Taping Is Killing Music the temple. Greengrass smiled to himself. As usual, his instincts about ponies were correct. Fluttershy was a huge asset to their quest. No matter. Empty Corridors - Synoiz - The Forbidden goal was close in hoof. We almost got crushed by a giant boulder ten minutes ago. Sides, Fluttershy will tell her new friends not to bite or sting us! He tied it to a nearby statue, tested its stability, and lowered it into the scorpion pit.

With some effort and help from Fluttershy, they stood inside the scorpion pit. It was damp and dark as expected and scorpions and snakes filled the room. Greengrass saw at least fifteen different species of snake including the infamous black mamba. Daring examined her hat finding it intact but seared black. It had been a close one. This temple was one giant death trap. So far, she had seen no sign of Duke Greengrass or his cronies. She smirked when she spotted the Key of Bimini sitting neatly on a pedestal.

It contained traps, no doubt, but this situation was her bread and butter. Voices made her jump and she hid behind a pillar instinctively out of sight. Greengrass and his other two lackeys followed behind her.

They must have found a secret tunnel. How the heck did they survive? It had intricate carvings with tribal ponies worshiping a heavenly figure. The creature shared similarities with a pony with a gold coat and flowing pink mane, Empty Corridors - Synoiz - The Forbidden they floated in midair shining with brilliant light with sparkling wings.

This shining figure appeared in every mural that sprawled across the walls. This opens something, right? Greengrass smiled and nodded. Daring cursed. How did Greengrass come across such information? You deserve a bonus. Daring smirked. She got that reaction from most ponies. The older mare only looked annoyed and Greengrass looked perplexed but calm.

It was almost bigger than she was. We are after the same thing. We should broker a deal instead. One that would be mutually beneficial for both parties. With a The Cranberries - Zombie motion, the treasure flew towards her.

It was a reckless move considering Empty Corridors - Synoiz - The Forbidden traps, but time was short.


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