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The "go green" moral health issues remind me of an old tale: "I would not, could not, in a box. I could not, would not, with a fox. I will not eat them with a mouse. Eat My Green Martian Poo Poo Roo - Coppé - 9 + 10 = 10th. Anniversary! will not eat them in a house. I will not eat them here or there. I will not eat them anywhere. I do not eat green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

Seuss What if you found a way to cover up the major mistakes that factory-farmers have done with another measure to "go green" and make it sounds like good poo-poo.

That is exactly what can be said with these new "recovery" plans that governments have decided to take. Eat My Green Martian Poo Poo Roo - Coppé - 9 + 10 = 10th. Anniversary! government will go out of its way to clean poo-poo up, but won't spend a dime on universal health care? Source That sounds great!!!

Or, what is it that they haven't said besides how that money could be spent more directly on health care. How about the concerns that the EPA pointed out in their reports about waste distribution from factory farmsfor example: The EPA reports that roughly 99 percent of dairy operations distribute their waste overland, in an attempt to fortify the soil.

That sounds as good as the plan to distribute waste to use for power, but there has been a problem: They also note, however, that percent of small milking cows dairies have insufficient land to absorb the nutrients of their manure, while 14 percent have no land at all.

In other words, there isn't enough land to keep their poo-poo together, so how have they solved that so far: This discrepancy is sometimes remedied by distributing manure on another farmer's land, but nutrients from animal waste often far exceed regional needs.

They shovel their poo-poo on someone else to take care of it. We could mention what kind of drugs these factory-farms feed their livestock, and how those drugs wind of in their waste, and then is used in other farms that grow vegetation.

You probably understand here that vegetarians are able to let liberal omnivores eat what they Ymartha - Various - ACTV - El Tercer Milenio, but vegetarians are still upset about what drugs end up in their vegetables from so-called 'fetilizers'. In Carpenter et al found that "nutrient flows to aquatic ecosystems are directly related to animal stocking densities, and under high livestock densities, manure production exceeds the needs of crops to which the manure is applied" p.

In this case, nutrients become pollutants and can be toxic to living systems. Not only are the drugs pollutants to the fertilizers, but so is the over-abundance of nutrients! These factory-farmers have been up to their nose in poo-poo, and the governor's plan to find a new place for it was just another way for them to keep their mouth shut about it. Or, maybe they really do realize that life is just like a poo-poo sandwhich, the more bread you have the less you have to eat!

Don't even have to wait to taste this one to know it is a conspiracy, you can smell it far away! Just wait to people start to rely on this 'knew' found power resource There certainly are other ways to reduce the poo-poo from dairy farms, the largest cheese manufacturer bigger than McDonalds has given up dairy farms in gone in favor of non-dairy cheese: MECHELEN, Belgium - 17 September, - Cargill has launched a unique breakthrough innovation that enables the cost-effective production of a percent non-dairy cheese analogue for pizza and other prepared food applications.

Source This moral health conspiracy over green poo-poo can't be denied when suddenly Cargill has to stand on the defensive, as the same article was edited to add: Cargill's recent launch of an ingredient for use in making analogue cheese, per the below press release, has raised concerns by some in the U. Is that the same 99 percent of dairy producers the EPA mentions that distribute waste over land Eat My Green Martian Poo Poo Roo - Coppé - 9 + 10 = 10th.

Anniversary! have found it actually hurts the environment as well as cause further health issues???? Was asked about the silicone in pizzaas noticed earlier that there is a thread about Pizza Hut's cheese.

Pizza Hut's method looks a bit different from Cargill's cheese. It would be a difference like synthetically made substance versus grown by Cargill's Lygomme. Does Pizza Hut's cheese have the same affect on the dairy industry as Cargill? A google at a glance only says there Kraken - Side Effects (Blazin - Limited Edition LP Sampler) a shift of trends, yet nothing like Cargill's impact.

Is there some moral health reason to eat Pizza Hut's silicone versus Cargill's Lygomme? I don't think that answer is obvious unless you prefer organically grown foods. You do realize that in nature, 'poo-poo' is fertilizer, right?

The grass really does grow greener over the septic tanks We do seem to have this problem with people not understanding what The Red Pony - Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra - First 100 Years grows from. The same things that make up animal waste are what plants use to grow. Do you know what the best fertilizer in the world is?

A mixture of compost, rabbit droppings sprinkled liberally with liquid waste from the little furry critters and chicken manure. Yes, in its raw state, it is toxic to plant life. We call that 'burning' the plants out here where that food is grown; essentially the soil is simply too rich for the plants to thrive well.

But that's not how you apply it. It leaches into the soil during the winter, enriching it, and then is turned under to further decompose before planting. That little bit of time turns it from being capable of over-fertilizing the crops into soil that you can plant a penny in and grow dollar trees.

Theres a dairy farm in PA that ferments the poo for methane which powers generators which in turn powers the whole farm and he has enough left over to power of his neighbors, and does.

If I remember tomorrow Ill look for a link. Time for bed now though. Originally posted by TheRedneck Of course, you can even find worksheets and application guides about the process example. It's the rate of manure production under factory-farm conditions plus the remains of any drugs fed to animals and how that comes out in the end, which then stays in the manure used for fertilizer, that is of concern besides misapplication.

Beside the EPA report, this one from Organic Consumers Collation explains also what happens: Everyday, an average cow produces six to seven gallons of milk and 18 gallons of manure.

New Mexico hasmilk cows. That totals 5. It's enough to fill up nine Olympic-size pools. Every single day. Dealing with the waste - so-called "manure management" - is the dairy industry's greatest environmental challenge.

Farms dispose of waste in two ways. First, workers hose the muck off the concrete floor of a milking barn, and it flows into a plastic- or clay-lined lagoon where the liquid evaporates. Second, waste from the feedlot where the cows live is collected and used as fertilizer for grain crops.

But the New Mexico Environment Department reports that two-thirds of the state's dairies are contaminating groundwater with excess nitrogen from cattle excrement. Either the lagoons are leaking, or manure is being applied too heavily on farmland. So something isn't working about those facilities," says Marcy Leavitt, director of the department's Water and Wastewater Division.

Going Away - The Flatlanders - Now Again problem is worsened by the tendency of large dairies to cluster together. Source Notice at the very end of the report they claim: In many places, the powerful dairy lobby blocks tough state regulations, and the federal EPA lacks broad powers to crack down on agricultural runoff.

But in New Mexico, the winds might have begun to shift. Well, while 'poo' is actuall fertilizer, the problem is, human poo is known to cary lots of pathogens, and with al the chemicals we are exposed to daily, synthetics in foods, that too ends up in thier.

I read an article months ago online, some guy went green,a nd for well over a decade, he poos in his own garden, as a way fo natural fertilizing. Years ago, when i was 16, my fathr and i had a small square area in our yard, like 8 feet by 8 feet, wede grow veggies in. He wanted to richen up the soil one day, so he boughts god knows how many bags of cow manure.

Always reminds Various - Liquid Soldiers of a freind when we were 19, came up with his own version of green eggs n ham I wil not eat from a can, unless its your iver with ham.

Notice at the very end of the report they claim: In many places, the powerful dairy lobby blocks tough state regulations, and the federal EPA lacks broad powers Eat My Green Martian Poo Poo Roo - Coppé - 9 + 10 = 10th. Anniversary! crack down on agricultural runoff. I dont belive anything the EPA says. In yesterdays local newspaper, thier was an article about a local exxon gas station back in the 90's they found MTBE had leaked badly fom the gas staions tanks, as well as water getting into the gas tanks.

They were testing again, almsot 2 decades later, and found MTBE is stil thier, as well as Toluene most common ingrideint in gasolinemethyl tertiary-butyl ether, a gasoline additive banned in becaue it can containmate groundwater,MTBE, benzeze another common ingridient in gasoline. It is localized near a fuel isalnd, and is righ next door, to a public park. Thier is ltos of groundwater around this station. Its the 2nd time it got in trouble.

In my city, a few years ago, we became the first city, to incorporate a new waste management system. They are still playing around n experimenting with it. BEfore it was incinerated. I stillt hink incinerating a mass amount of matter even the devil would frown at, is best. What gets me most, about hte articel, is benzene. MTBE wass found fro to parts per billion nearly 5 times the permitted levls of 70 parts per billion.

I speak from the standpoint of the farmer. I am not one myself, but I have many many family members who are, and who farm thousands of acres. I was raised among farmers and have spent my life on farms. They are the ones who know what it takes to grow the food the EPA pencil-pushers eat.

Now, from that report I see a few things that don't exactly jibe with the facts I'll admit I haven't been following dairy cows around with a measuring cup, but that sounds a little exaggerated.


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