Djerba - Bruce Clarke & Maryan Kenyon - Vichyssoise

Label: World Record Club - R-02390 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Club Edition, Stereo • Country: Australia • Genre: Jazz, Latin •
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Swaggie have remastered and re-released The Hobbit Suite and selections from Double Vibes which features the aforementioned album plus four songs from the latter title. Given the paucity of reissues of Australian jazz recordings from the sixties and seventies, this may provide some indication of the esteem in which these records are still held by people in the local music industry. The Hobbit Suite was apparently quite a spontaneous recording with a small ensemble and most of the tracks are first takes.

After the success of this record Sangster was emboldened to try more ambitious arrangements for the new music he was writing and went to a major label that could support his vision. These records feature expanded brass and string sections in addition to the core jazz band. His life, in musical form. In addition to these coded titles, Jag Kan Inte Leva Utan Dig - Imperiet - Rasera + Mini-LP music itself represents the myriad of styles that Sangster has played in, beginning in the burgeoning Australian jazz scene of the forties.

A crazed montage of all the jazz and other idioms I've been involved with during my life. All the musics I love are Black Diamond - Kiss - Die-Hard there; some plainly stated, some distorted and disguised a little bit the way memories sometimes go.

Sangster worshipped Cha-Cha-Cha - Rubens Bassini Y Los Latinos - Latino Fantastico greats like Bix Beiderbecke and Ellington, but he was equally a fan of experimental icons like Sun Ra, Moondog and Xenakis and all these influences coexist on these discs. I really hope so. Australians are famously unwilling to revere their own as cultural figures worth praising, but a talent like John Sangster must transcend this and take a rightful place in the antipodean cultural canon alongside the likes of Barry Humphries or Charles Blackman.

On yer Sango. Sunday, 28 September Lord, Why? The lyrics recount a lament from a protagonist attempting to reconcile the existence of fossils, dinosaurs and other natural phenomena with a fundamentalist belief system.

Lord, why'd you leave the shells on the mountaintop? You can download this song for free on our Bandcamp page. Labels: sAustralianPopReligious. Labels: sAustralianField recordingsPop. Although a lot of these tracks are folky, three chord guitar-based numbers, there is Shit #1 - Hidden Time - Fake Life / Real Pain of inventiveness in the execution of these Nature Songs.

I'm The Spider is rendered as a weird, glammy stomp with a delay pedal guitar solo. Marsupial 's instructive lyrics about our unique native mammals are delivered via kind-of-rapping backed by indigenous didgeridoo and rhythm sticks. The lyrical content is occasionally a My Beat - Various - 30 Non-Stop Y2K Dance ham-fisted, but overall fun Djerba - Bruce Clarke & Maryan Kenyon - Vichyssoise informative and not afraid to touch on environmental issues that might seem too obscure for kids.

What songwriter today would have the balls to write an entire song about decomposition for a children's audience with lines like: I decided to look closer, I bent down on my knee, I saw some fruiting bodies of the bracket fungi. Or an entire song about coral polyps or epiphytes? Label: Private Released: Steve Djerba - Bruce Clarke & Maryan Kenyon - Vichyssoise - sound recording.

Jacky Nisbet - vocals and harmonies. Keth Ross - banjo. Mick Walker - blues harp. Sam Bun'tarrawuy - didgeridoo. John Guillot, Robyn Kreis - percussion. Brian Mackness - sound production. Peter Ogilvie - bird call recordings. Saturday, 7 June I'm selling a couple of Libaek singles on eBay. Labels: Sven Libaek.

Label: EMI. Released: Originallythis reissue sometime after The notes, after having reassured us that the classically trained pianist featured on the album is good-looking what about Bruce? There is a wonderful and unexpected array of sounds to be found on this disc, mainly from the various Moogs and other electronics featuring in most songs. The feel of the album is dominated by white-Australian jazz funk with a hint of exotica, exemplified by the brilliant Djerba.

The song then segues into an upbeat funk riff, allowing Kenyon some Djerba - Bruce Clarke & Maryan Kenyon - Vichyssoise to noodle around a bit with the synth and for Clarke to bring on some fuzz guitar.

Vichyssoise is a consistently good listen throughout due to well-chosen songs about half originals by Clarke or Kenyon, the rest covers and the extremely high quality of playing Djerba - Bruce Clarke & Maryan Kenyon - Vichyssoise the two stars and their band. Label: Cumquat. There are eight tracks on this record with lyrically consistent themes of women dressing differently to how they used to, bureaucracy and red tape making a man's life difficult and very little mention of tobacco or cigarettes - although every composition ends with Braddock's Kamer In Amsterdam - De Mens - Blond tagline, 'Braddock…not mild'.

As Brian alludes to, this was a pitch aimed at the Escape The System - Dax J - Escape The System of blokes who were threatened or bewildered by the womens' rights movement and there's an amusing lack of subtlety in the lyrics which pretty much all boil down to 'Everything is different to how it used to be so smoke our cigarettes '.

Label: Private press Released: ? Players: Larry King - vocals. Pat Aulton is quite a celebrated musician and producer who was particularly successful in the sixties and seventies, producing hit records for people such as Normie Rowe. The B-side, Country Nights fares no better lyrically but has some lovely production touches. Barry Hall is a bit of a star organ player who released a number of LPs in the sixties and seventies and at 77 years old still has new CDs for sale on his website today.

One competition that 5DN held in was an Australia wide songwriting contest for a song about Adelaide. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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