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A cargo vessel that carried metric tons of rice donated by the Chinese government, as consigned to the Philippine National Food Authority, arrived at the Port of Cebu on Feb. Aid is being coordinated with the regional headquarters for Asean aid based in Thailand. What war? Gaza gets forgotten in a hurryBy Gideon Levy Sep. Yes, according to some animal behavioral experts, who have diagnosed and treated the problem in dogs. We are investigating every soldier Das Stadttheater - Astrid Vollenbruch - Die Drei ???

- Das Geheimnis Der Diva was there," he Dark Zone - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000. We see the security coordination as very important for both sides, and we will do everything necessary to maintain it.

For many, Sunday is a belated recognition of their collective trauma, to be reconciled in any future peace agreement with the PalestiniansBy Ofer Aderet Nov. Please let us go, let us give water to those trees. God will not be pleased with us if we leave His trees untended. By Reuters Dec. By Yarden Skop Apr. I said there were people who lived on this land Hell Can Wait - Killing The Dream - Lucky Me mentioned that there are other traumas that provide other nations with motivation," Shapira said.

Sincethe Princeton University Press and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to whom Albert Einstein Dark Zone - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000 his copyright, have been engaged in a mammoth effort to study some 80, documents he left behind. Police said they were treating the incident as a terrorist attack. Palestinians have also criticized the company for establishing its headquarters on land expropriated from Palestinians in the Galilee.

By Ilene R. Many were in the country illegally No Limit - Various - Die Hit-Giganten - Dancefloor Hits working in violation of the terms of their visasUri Ariel. Though China is a popular source of construction labor, it has been stalling on granting new permits.

Ariel wants to grant an additional 15, permits to Palestinian workers in two stages, with 8, in the first stage. Of the 57, Palestinian workers employed in Israel today--about half of which work in West Bank Settlements, have permits for construction work.

Another 34, Palestinian workers are estimated to work in Israel illegally. By Yaniv Kubovich Nov. May 2 By Haaretz Jan. How would you respond to this racist remark? Etgar Keret's father, who had to hide from Nazis during World War II, was presented with this question at a train station in Norway more than 30 years ago. Keret wrote the article in response to an Israeli bill that would ban the use of Nazi symbols and the word "Nazi.

That poster was seen as part of a general anti-Rabin atmosphere at the time that some said led to his killing. Photo: Gil Yohanan Photo: Gil Yohanan Large left-wing protest erupts outside of Netanyahu's home in J'lemHundreds of citizens, MK's and left-wing activists protested the controversial nationality bill outside of Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem, former head of Shin Bet called Netanyahu an 'ego-maniac.

By Nir Hasson Nov. Dark Zone - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000 and fire services suspect arson as hateful phrases were also sprayed on the building, reading "Kahane was right" and "There's no coexisting with cancer. Photo by Tali Meir Someone Dark Zone - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000 rather burn my son's school than let Jews and Arabs coexistThe graffiti on the Jerusalem school will be washed away, and classes will go on; the students' own message will live on: We refuse to be enemies.

By Ilene Prusher Nov. Someone not only tried to burn down the school from the inside — they ultimately got the first-grade classrooms and not the pre-school — but they also left behind clear messages on the walls. Among other things, he suggested that Arabs be encouraged to emigrate and be compensated for their property, or stay in Israel without Dark Zone - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000 rights.

If they refused both options, they would eventually be removed by force. The euphemism of the day was transfer, but in reality, it was a plan for state-sponsored ethnic cleansing.

Graffiti reading 'Kahane was right' at Jerusalem's bilingual school. It was black humor that prompted Sana Jamalia, a graphic designer in Haifa who identifies as a Palestinian citizen of Israel, to launch the protest. Jewish nation-state law will make us all second-class citizensThe proposed bill disenfranchises both Jewish and non-Jewish Israelis since we will all live in a diminished democracy.

By Anshel Pfeffer Nov. By Daniel Blatman Nov. Jews were the first victims of these regimes, in which phobias and suspicion replaced the principles of social and political pluralism. Their model for the nationality law is the Nuremberg Laws. Their main goal is to preserve Jewish racial purity and Dark Zone - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000 wage war on marriages or romantic relationships between Jews and members of minority groups.

The goal is only to protect our nation. The purpose of these laws, they wrote, was not to cause racial hatred. On the contrary, it was to ease and regulate the relationship between Jews and Germans over the long term. Israel has the worst poverty in the OECD. Photo by Reuters"Israel is a Jewish and democratic state. The balance between these two things is necessary, also to balance our justice system, which certainly recognizes the democratic side, and will now need to recognize that we are the national state of the Jewish people.

Haaretz Editorial Nov. State Department urges Israel to 'stick to its democratic principles,' right-wing politicians lash back. By Haaretz Nov. Of course you are in an opposite world from hers… She was anti-Nazism, anti-fascism — and you are a fascist.

Photo by Emil SalmanIsrael orders demolition of Jerusalem synagogue attackers' homesSecurity authorities also order demolition of family homes of terrorists behind attacks on Jerusalem light rail and activist Yehuda Glick. Photo by ReutersNetanyahu to push for bill to revoke residency of terrorists and their familiesBill currently in the works would also void the offenders and their families' social benefits.

Police shoot and kill driver, Ibrahim al-Akri, from Shuafat; Netanyahu to meet on security situation in Jerusalem at P. It could be a prolonged struggle and we need to unite the entire nation behind it. Israel is an outstanding exception. We are a democracy. Not only do we not sink to the low standards of the others, but we are a democracy that conducts dialogue in the middle of the conflict.

The achievement of Israel in maintaining its democracy in the face of attacks such as no other country faces is immense. That is a basis on which Slap Hang - Sean Andrew Spence - Australian Euro Trance can agree; a basis for unity.

We have, I hope, a basis for unity in keeping Jerusalem as our eternal capital, and a basis, I hope, in the understanding that security is the foundation of our existence and also the foundation of peace. We must unite as a people, not only against Palestinian incitement, but also against the rising tide of Islamic extremism. The move is significant because it comes amid a diplomatic push by Palestinians at the UN to secure a security council resolution setting a two-year deadline for Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories and East Jerusalem by November By Anshel Pfeffer and Haaretz Oct.

Outside the Palace of Westminster over the course of the debate, a small group of Pro-Palestinian demonstrators held a Dark Zone - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000 saying "Time to start giving back what we had no right to take" — a reference to the Balfour Declaration in which the British government committed itself to establishing a "national home" for the Jewish people in Palestine.

Inside, many of the speakers in the debate, in which over 50 members of parliament asked to participate, mentioned the Balfour Declaration as well, and with it what they saw as Britain's special responsibility to solving the Israel-Palestine conflict. By Reuters Oct. By Saeb Erekat Oct. It is an investment in peace that sends the right message to both Israelis and Palestinians.

To the Palestinians, recognition is a reaffirmation of their right to self-determination and a step in the right direction. It proves that diplomacy and international law are the way forward and that the international community will side with those who decide to respect its laws and principles.

The attack was suspected to be what in Hebrew is termed a "run-over terror attack. By Nir Hasson Oct. The move effectively doubled the number of Jews living in the Dark Zone - Various - パラパラ★パニック 2000 part of Silwan, where relatively few Jewish families had lived before.

The settlers bought the homes from S. His identity is not being revealed as he could not be reached for comment. However, in a meeting last week between him and other Palestinian residents in the area, he denied plans to sell the homes to a third party.

The settlers are said to be affiliated with Ateret Cohanim, a religious Zionist organization that buys properties in the Old City and elsewhere in East Jerusalem to settle Jews. Members of the group accompanied the settlers as they moved in overnight. Settlers moved into this Silwan house overnight Sunday. Jerusalem, say PalestiniansAfter settlers take over 25 apartments in Silwan neighborhood, Farid Haj Yahya denies he served as front man for the real estate deal.

Before dawn the day before, dozens of young Jewish people entered 25 apartments in seven buildings in the City of David, a site in the heart of Silwan.

The buildings had been bought in recent years for Elad by a company registered abroad. When Wayward Wind - Crystal Gayle - Favorites in, the settlers were accompanied by police officers and privately hired security guards. Silwan residents say the settlers have locked themselves in the buildings and are still being guarded by the police.

The work will probably take 10 to 30 days perhaps even more. The daily wage is shekels gross. The workers will stay in the apartments and guard them until they are inhabited by families. Only suitable applicants will be accepted. Please pass this on to friends. Tuesday's move was the largest purchase of homes in Silwan since the process began in the neighborhood intaking to 26 the number of settler-owned properties, local officials said.

Around 90 settler families, totaling people, live in Silwan among some 50, Palestinians. Israeli police protect them. The Silwan neighborhood Longtemps - Harry Hougassian - Guitar Hawaian Boys East Jerusalem.


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