Cotillon Waltz - Unknown Artist - Memoire Celte Vol. 1

Label: Discover - 120292,Discover - 12029.2 • Format: CD Album • Country: France • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Celtic
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This is the official signup and participation thread for the "40 Pieces A Year Challenge"! We'll use this thread for signups, tracking progress and recordings if you're making them and discussion and support. The Goal: To see if learning 40 piano pieces a year can make us better players. The Method: Participants will aim to complete 40 pieces a year of various skill levels.

Most of these will be under your current skill level, which is up to you to interpret! These pieces can include classical, jazz or any other genre. These pieces do not have to be completed to a completely polished final standard - they are about skill building, learning, sight reading, exploring new music and having fun. The Surprising Power of Quantity Suggestions For Getting Started Tracking Your Progress: Please check in with this thread when you complete your pieces - we'll keep a running total for everyone at the top and edit it as needed.

Please feel free to also upload any recordings that you're making if you're comfortable with that and ask any questions, get support or just suggestions for more music! Some Notes About Skill Levels and Competition: We all have many different backgrounds and skill levels, so this challenge will look different for each one of us.

Our goal is to support and foster people's drive to complete the challenge, no matter what skill level they are at. Please be kind and refrain from bringing negative attitudes into the thread, whether towards yourself or towards others! This is about meeting the challenge and the piano where you are rather than comparing yourself to others. Lipan Conjuring - Tool - 10,000 Days resist the temptation to be 1st sign up.

Count me in, Anne. I didn't finish a nice arrangement of Silent Night until early January, so that is 1 for me. Because I have a lot of new assignments and missed some lessons we have delayed weekly throwaways until next week. Count me in too.

I'm still working through a method book- I'll probably get about half my pieces from Alfred's 2. I'm in! Pieces this year totaling 5 so far. I'm in I won't have a "completed" until the end of the week, because I plan on doing 1 or so a week, and I just started last weekend.

But I plan on playing it in a gig on Friday! Sign me up. Most of mine will probably be from Melodious Masterpieces book 1 or Easy Classics to Modern except for a few harder ones that I work on with my teacher but they take Como Tu Carmelo (Parte 2) - Ruben Blades - Maestra Vida (Primera Parte) of work.

For Cotillon Waltz - Unknown Artist - Memoire Celte Vol. 1 year so far, Song without Words by Fritz Spindler 2nd movement of Beethoven Sonata no I started this in but was still working on it in Old French Song by Tchaikovsky. I think I will really struggle to complete this if I sign up. I guess I can attempt, but I only have the 1 piece completed this year so far. The Poet Speaks, Schumann. All right I'm in! I already have 1 under my belt for January.

Working on 2 and Cotillon Waltz - Unknown Artist - Memoire Celte Vol. 1 now. Added another one today, which I'd like to record once I get back from vacation.

Add me to the list please completed 5 pieces. Last years challenge ended for me in November and I then took a rest before restarting early January. It has been good to get back into the saddle for another year but it's going to be even better now with company. Considering one of my main pieces for the year is Bach's Invention No 1 this should be easy, but no this took 17 days to get to the recording stage might only play through twice daily and this is what I put in my "challenge" notes "Not Hana A Petr Ulrychovi - Ven Se Mnou Když Chceš Jít / Letní Ráno but not easy either took a while to get the bass line to sync with the melody which is a fairly common problem for me".

One of the big surprises of the challenge, while it Cotillon Waltz - Unknown Artist - Memoire Celte Vol. 1 fairly easy to incorporate into my daily regime and complete, little pieces I felt I was too good for could be so challenging.

That is why it is such a great system. Count me in! I have Cotillon Waltz - Unknown Artist - Memoire Celte Vol. 1 pieces so far: - Schumann, The Wild Horseman from op. Marshall - Gershwin's Summertime arranged as accompaniment for clarinet Thank you Anne!

Count me in. I posted my list in the other thread. So far I have completed 6! I haven't set the bar very high in terms Slaughter Joe - A Collection difficulty. I consider a piece complete once I have recorded a note perfect rendition. I expect others will spend much longer polishing these pieces. For me, the fun is in discovering and playing lots of new music.

Count me in as well. This is going to be fun. The milestone for me for each piece will be to record it. Since my assigned pieces for the year are gradesthe remainder of my pieces will come from Celebration Series RCMMasterworks Classics plus a few Dan Coates arrangements of popular pieces.

So recorded so far this year: 1. Kuhlau Sonatina in A minor "Burlesco" 2. Chopin Prelude 20 in C minor Just two, but there will be more to come. I have some catching up to the year to do! The first piece is my recital piece. Here is the second. Count me in too please! Nothing on my "completed" list yet - my ABF submission was a polishing up of a previously learned piece and everything else is WIP.

Originally Posted by earlofmar. I will be really brave and post this recording which I think is the first of the group so far. Originally Posted by SwissMS. I thought I could edit my posts. Looks like there's just a small window for that. I have a page in my WordPress blog that I list the pieces and recordings if one exists. I'm still trying to One Night In Heaven - Bad Boys Blue - Mp3 Play up with recording last year but will soon get to more of this year.

I'm fearing that some of the Cotillon Waltz - Unknown Artist - Memoire Celte Vol. 1 on my Cotillon Waltz - Unknown Artist - Memoire Celte Vol. 1 do list is beyond me right now but we'll get to that when it arises. A couple weeks ago my teacher and I were actually talking about doing 1 or 2 "easier" pieces a week just for exposure to more music. The club just makes it more fun and will help to stay on track! Thanks, Anne. I want to participate too.

So far I finished three pieces. One, which I submitted at ABF recital and the other two are here: Chopin and Scriabin Still working at my Schumann piece - it has 4 movements, so it counts as 4? Originally Posted by scorpio.

I actually attempted to do this last year, but let it slide after about 10 pieces. I have 3 so far this year. My next randomly selected piece is much tricker, going to take me a week at least to nail it.

I'm glad, as I don't like having the highest score so far Makes it looks like I'm rushing to win a race! The table is a measure of progress, not a scoreboard! Originally Posted by Medden. Please add my name to the competition list. I will start working through these in no particular order. Minuet in G, Animato. From the notebook of A. Bach 2, Aylesford Piece, G. Sonatina Op 36, 1 Vivace, Clementi 6. Sonatina in G, Moderato L. Beethoven 7. Sonatina in G, Allegretto L.

Beethoven 8. Gymnopedie no. Satie 9. Satie Sonatina in F, Allegro Assai, L. Beethoven


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