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Ahhh, English. No other language in the world has been as bastardised as this one! Actually, every single saying are probably Jokes in English!

I mean, there are tonnes of French, German and Spanish words which have been adopted into the English language. Some obvious examples include the Australian Slang which I use all the time and New Zealand expressions. Of course, there is North American slang, South African slang and any other language that merges Jennifer - DSound - Signs English.

Sometimes we forget that the English Slang words are quite funny, humourous and downright hilarious. Travelling soon? Then check out some Travel Insurance for Backpackers in Australia!

Of a cheque, to be refused by the bank due to lack of funds. A person paid to collect for charity by signing up people. The term is a cross between charity and mugger.

A sexually desirable person e. To go away e. Common Thang (Street) - Jeray - Cheque be extremely annoyed e. Stereotypically describing a female from the county of Essex.

Characteristics may include being working class, sexually promiscuous, fashion confident and of low morals.

To like, to desire e. A dose of narcotics to which one is addicted However it is now also used habit e. An action of contempt, an insulting gesture Involves raising the Cheque / Common Thang and forefinger, with the back of the hand facing away from the giver. To excite, to interest e. To continue talking about a long forgotten topic 2. To attempt to find a solution to a problem which is unsolveable.

To masturbate 2. To Blue Like Mars - Lloyd Cole - Standards desperate for something e. The ability, intuitive or otherwise, of a person to know when another person is gay — blend of the words gay and radar. To perform coitus interruptus — A catholic Liverpudlian expression derived railway Cheque / Common Thang before the Mersey tunnel and the last stop.

To get approval or permission e. To terminate a relationship. A P45 is the official form given to someone from employment and explains tax details that are needed by a future employer. A severe reprimand e. To attempt or try something e. Like, favour. Usually heard in a negative sense e. To be very successful and popular e.

To go wrong, to fail 2. To fall over e. An act of urinating on another for sexual pleasure. To defeat or be defeated comprehensively e. Trouble, hassle e. Dirt, rubbish e. A contemptible person. To manage, cope e. An alcoholic chaser which will help relieve the symptoms of a hangover, after a drinking binge. A mess, a shambles e. To take or do something to excess e.

Items, usually clothes, Back 2 Good - Matchbox 20* - Yourself Or Someone Like You on to younger members of a family when their siblings grow out of them.

To have sexual intercourse with e. To get the better of e. Have an urgent need to defecate e. To attempt e. To fight e. Something or someone that is mentally disturbing e. A person who adopts the characteristic style of s look with long hair, of conventional values is often embellished with drug taking. Loosely used to describe anything illegal. A young male of the upper classes. Often abbreviated to Hooray e. A pass in the game of football soccerto a team mate whose close proximity is likely to lead to that player receiving an imediate hard tackle and subsequent injury.

Sexual intercourse e. To smell unpleasant e. Mentally confused e. An attractive female or male who, viewed sexually, is younger than the bait e. To move quickly or depart hurriedly e. Bad luck, an unfortunate setback e. To beat Cheque / Common Thang severely e. To stop doing something e. Stop it e. To hit, to clout e. Very inebriated. Implies great numbers and enthusiasm, e. An English person. Derived from the habit, on long journeys, of supplying citrus to prevent against scurvy.

The time Cheque / Common Thang a public house has closed when a chosen few are offered illegal activity, hence the locking of doors. To lose control in a fit of fury, to be very angry e. To burden e. Hurry up, do it quickly e. To begin a journey e. Miserly, stingy e. Abbreviation of moment e. Suspicious, not genuine e. A dirty person, affectionate use and often applied to a child e. A foolish activity e. Stylish e. Quick and agile. To not care one little bit e.

To not care at all, Common Thang (Street) - Jeray - Cheque expression of indifference e. Common-sense e. Euphemism for the menstrual cycle e. Dismissal e. Of a person or their behaviour, unfair, unacceptable, or wrong e. Thrown out, discarded without further consideration e. The male genitals 2. A large sum of money earn a packet 3. A nasty surprise catch a packet. A thing that is very easy e. To thoroughly defeat someone e. To do something futile e.

An upset e. To be very angry e.


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