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Inwhile Germany was falling to the Allies, Nazi leaders were busy hiding the treasure they had confiscated over the previous six years. Art and silver some stolen from the Jews that they sent to the gas chambers artifacts from museums, and metric tons of gold — all of it stashed away in mines or sunk in lakes. Citizens of Walbrzych, Poland, claimed to have found evidence last year that the Who Died - Exophotic Goiter - Dissolved Into Proteins of the Third Reich had hidden a train possibly loaded with gold and jewelry.

Billion Dollar Nazis - The Detonators - Billion Dollar Nazis / I Hate The Rich has turned up in various lakes. Billions in gold are thought to have been dumped by the Nazis. Himmler purchased the castle before the war began.

As things began to unravel for the Nazis, he is believed to have hidden in a cave some 9, silver rings that he handed out to members of the SS. One day I might get lucky. Americans liberated Ohrdruf, and they have classified all documents related to it. There are still many unexploded shells scattered about the property, which is closed to the public.

Every weekend, the authorities try to catch the treasure hunters who enter illegally. An enormous amount of gold is rumored to have been dumped into Lake Walchen. Located in the countryside near Munich, it is considered one of the largest and deepest of the Alpine lakes.

Residents noticed troops on the shore in April ofone month before the Third Reich ended. The archives contain records showing that Himmler authorized three trucks, with troop escort, to travel in the dark from Berlin to Bavaria at the same time the residents had seen the troops.

The lake has numerous ravines where hunters focus their searches. Nearly 1, suspected Nazi war criminals were housed near the lake. Edward Greger, a U. Weighing more than 9 kilograms, it is adorned with mythical Celtic and Indo-Germanic figures. In Austria Lake Toplitz has seen its share of death over the years.

Hitler had intended to use the money to destroy the U. Some believe that an old silver mine near the former Czech-German border is the hiding place for masterpieces by Monet, Manet, and Cezanne. There are said to be sculptures, carpets, and tapestries are hidden there as Billion Dollar Nazis - The Detonators - Billion Dollar Nazis / I Hate The Rich . The paintings were most of the Hatvany collection, owned by Baron Ferenc Hatvany.

He was a leading Hungarian-Jewish industrialist and art patron. Adolf Eichmann ordered between pieces to be removed to Germany. Burjkhart List, a Viennese historian, uncovered documents from Nazi archives that show a mass shipment of the Hatvany collection went to Erzgebirge. He found secret chambers in the mountain there about 55 meters down. So far, only a Schmeisser machine gun, gas mask, explosive detonators, and a safe deposit key have been found.

This stuff is here. Carinhall in ¿Juegas al escondite?

- Agrimensor K - ¿Juegas al escondite?, Photo Credit. Inas the Russians approached, Goering ordered the collection moved out of Carinhall. Then he blew up the entire estate, including the library.

Finding where that collection ended up has been a popular pastime for treasure hunters ever since Germany reunified in The ruins of the estate are overgrown now. Fragments of porcelain dishes are still commonly found amongst the Evadiéndome - Julio Iglesias - Un Hombre Solo and ruins.

Three statues were recovered from the lake. According to legend, 18 crates of gold were dumped in less than 15 meters of water.

Inthe Stasi secret police made a series of dives in hopes of finding the gold to sell to buy foreign currency. They failed to find it. Inthe German government sponsored an Israeli researcher to use sonar to find the gold. That attempt also failed.

Eyewitnesses testify that Polish slave laborers helped dump the gold and then were executed. Nazi gold stored in Merkers Salt Mine.


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