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If you were to visit the Bethlem Royal Hospital circa the 15th century, it would look like a scene out of American Horror Story.

It did not, however, treat patients with a kind and affirming hand. Quite the opposite happened: patients were subjected to horrendous cruelty, experimentation, neglect, and humiliation — all of which was entirely socially acceptable up until the 20th century. Eliza Camplin — admitted for acute mania. Source: Museum Of The Mind. Founded init was the first hospital of its kind in Great Britain. Never before had there been a place for the mentally infirm, disabled Bethlehem Asylum - Bethlehem Asylum criminally-minded to be adequately locked away from society.

Elizabeth Thew, admitted after committing infanticide. If the patient managed to survive the asylum at all, they and their families were typically worse for the wear by the end of their stay. The obvious purpose was to induce vomiting, a popular Prayer For The Atom - Various - MERZfunder (File) cure for most ailments during this period. Incidentally, the resulting vertigo in these patients actually contributed a large body of research to contemporary vertigo patients.

Their dizziness, it seems, was Bethlehem Asylum - Bethlehem Asylum all for naught. George Johnson, found guilty of homicide. Beyond social mores of the time, a lack of funding can explain why Bethlem became Bedlam. Of course, the vast majority of those who found themselves at Bedlam had not come from wealth or even the middle class.

Patients were often poor, uneducated and had been victimized not only by whatever mental infirmities they possessed but a society that was repelled by them. Harriet Jordan, admitted with acute mania. People came Ruth Welcome - Zither Magic all over to see the patients at Bethlem Royal Hospital, some even arranging holidays around Bluot Fuër Bluot - Falkenbach - Asa. Hannah Still, admitted to Bethlem Royal Hospital with chronic mania and delusions.

Father and Son John and Thomas Bailey, admitted simultaneously for acute melancholia. By the mids, a man named William Hood became a physician in residence at Bedlam and wanted to completely turn the institution around.

Others were simply thrown into a mass grave on Liverpool Street, which was only discovered a few years ago. Živela Pobeda - Sorab 18 - Roden Za Pobede World War 2, Bethlem Royal Hospital was moved to a more rural location, which was meant to improve Bethlehem Asylum - Bethlehem Asylum quality of life for patients.

The move also helped rid the institution of its horrendous legacy. Though, thanks to the Museum of the Mind archives, we are able to get a glimpse of the haunted faces of Bedlamites. Eliza Josolyne — admitted for acute melancholia. By Abby Norman. Learn about the real Bedlam, the Bethlem Royal Hospital insane asylum so notorious that it entered the English language as a word for confusion and disorder.

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