Arti & Mestieri - Giro Di Valzer Per Domani

Label: Cramps Records - 5205 502 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue • Country: Italy • Genre: Jazz, Rock • Style: Jazz-Rock, Prog Rock
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Valzer Per Domani 2. Mirafiori 3. Saper Sentire 4. Nove Lune Prima 5. Mescal 6. Mescalero 7. Nove Lune Dopo 8. Dimensione Terra 9.

Aria Pesante Consapevolezza Parte 1a Sagra Consapevolezza Parte 2a Rinuncia Marilyn Terminal Total time Bonus track on CD release: 5. Da Nord A Sud In terms of musical contents, Giro is a bit of a confusing affair, sporting 17 tracks, mostly under or around three minutes, except for three of them topping 5-mins early on the album's opening side.

Despite and unlike Tilt better track separations, one gets quickly lost in the evolution and whereabouts in the track progression, partly or mostly because most of those numbers are a bit samey.

This remark is to taken with Too Young - Nat King Cole - 20 Golden Greats grain of salt, because repeated listenings will indeed unveil some differences if you have the patience to keep up.

Generally, the Gaza's vocals are less gentle than in Tilt less PFM and more BMSbut I'm not sure this is an improvement, because Golden Beach - Slobodná Európa / Davová Psychóza - Pakáreň – Antropofóbia (CD, Album, Album) music's mostly instrumental nature despite a specific singer makes that whatever few vocal interventions seem a bit intrusive and needless.

One of the aspects Arti & Mestieri - Giro Di Valzer Per Domani Giro does top Tilt is concerning Furio Chirico's drumming, which is simply excellent and unavoidable.

For the other musicians, they are sensibly in the same excellent shape Stonetrooper - Jupiter (35) - Interstellar Chronodive mood than in their debut effort, but Crovella's ttrons are not nearly as present.

After Giro, the group would observe a few years of vinyl silence, coming back in 79 with the same line-up with a yet-jazzier effort before continuing in the next decade under various forms, releasing a few music slices of decreasing interest as time went on. Not nearly as essential as Tilt which was not eitherGdVpD still has many qualities, but it will never find a spot in my shelves, because so much more works are more important to these ears.

While I don't own "Tilt" and thus can't compare the two, from what I remember this album is every bit as formidable, perhaps less acclaimed simply because it followed an album much beloved.

The album may actually be a bit richer in terms of production and band interplay. The highlight here as noted by many is the simply jaw-dropping percussion performance by the legendary Furio Chirico and I can only add that anyone Arti & Mestieri - Giro Di Valzer Per Domani is a drummer or appreciates spectacular percussion needs to hear Furio in action. This virtuoso is able to fill the space with such an incredible sound, layer upon layer of polyphonic rhythms, it's quite spectacular.

For me this album is good but not essential although I have the utmost respect for their ability. For jazz fans really into intense, technically savvy jamming I can see why others would give this 4 or even 5 stars.

To tell the truth, in not only this work but also all ARTI s defined as artists or skilled members are always fighting against each other. Exactly, also in this album, you might think Furio's drumming and percussion session are City - Esperanto - Esperanto Rock Orchestra central heart. I wanna say his drumming is really murdering drumming.

Everyone hearing his powerful play is knocked out and murdered. And, surprisingly but naturally, other Artis can support his play, and his play also can support other's plays. Anyway, 'bout this album There is full of free-jazzy-tasty taste. Sometimes soft and slow tunes can go and can let us relaxed. Otherwise, their aggressive play should slaughter us and themselves. Furio's percussion can run actively here and there, and the brass section and the strings should surge upon us listeners.

Immediately the wonderful tunetime will be gone Please take care. Not be slaughtered. This is not that we can laugh! A calm a minute later and sax joins in. This is great! Love his vocals. Some fuzz in this one too. The guitar before Дэнс-Микс - Красная Плесень - Бульбец Титанику (Золотая Коллекция Том 8) minutes sounds really good as the drums pound.

That's my favourite track. Amazing tune. Here we go! The drumming is killer and I like the deep bass and organ too. Vocals are back with piano after a minute. Contrasts continue. Guitar joins in. Piano joins in followed by sax and bass. The guitar late rips it up. Vocals and some chunky bass late.

Just a great sounding track especially the guitar and drums. A solid 4 stars without a doubt. Yes, I agree they listened much for Mahavishnu Orchestra, but their version of MO sound is too polished and toothless. Vocals are really on a good side though - strong, with specific timbres and non-operatic, as on many other Italian prog recordings. Compositions are average, but not memorable enough. In fact their best moments are rawest jazzy compositions, when all the band just plays support to great drummer.

The opener Arti & Mestieri - Giro Di Valzer Per Domani per domani" Waltz for tomorrow is light and joyful instrumental. Furio Chirico's drumming is brilliant while the melodic lines played by the violin seem to bring some gusts of optimism. It begins softly with delicate melodic lines, then rhythm takes off backing a following frenzy violin solo. Changes of rhythm and frenetic solos seem to depict a very busy place Mirafiori is the name of the Turin district where lies the most important car factory in Italy, Fiat Mirafiori, a symbol of the industrialization of the whole country.

On "Saper sentire" Knowing how to feel you can listen for the first time on this album to Gianfranco Gaza's voice. It's a nervous and introspective track inviting you to avoid the venomous spells of consumerism and to trust your feelings The titles could suggest a spaghetti western setting, featuring Indians and cow boys and the cavalry charging Well the music here is very different from an Ennio Morricone's soundtrack but the band showcase great personality and musicianship, so you can Arti & Mestieri - Giro Di Valzer Per Domani what you prefer while listening to this wonderful flow of notes!

The heavy air of the years of lead! Three short instrumentals follow, forming an evocative and dreamy suite, the ethereal and nocturnal "Consapevolezza parte 1" Awareness part 1the joyful and wild "Sagra" Feast and "Consapevolezza parte 2" Awareness part 2a short reprise of part one. The bitter-sweet "Rinuncia" Renouncementis piece about the generation gap that is structured as a dialog between parents and son. Next comes "Marilyn" an instrumental that begins with a delicate piano pattern, then sax and drums contribute to stir the flow of music.

The last tack "Terminal" is another excellent short instrumental where violin and vibraphone perfectly interact with the other instruments. On the whole an excellent album Music is impressive and the skills of the musician unquestionable but that peculiar sypmhonic attidute has incomprehensibly gone.

Where are the majestic mellotron's atmospheres? Drumming is astonishing as always. Sadly enough, this album never really grabbed my full attention. Excellent, but a bit too soft and a bit too unchallanging without those memorable Dream - Stevie Wonder - With A Song In My Heart effects of the famous precedessor.

The sound has not changed much in comparison to the previous album but it is slightly less raw and vocals prevent from getting much focus on instrumental prowess. Arguably there is less space for brass instrument and more vocalized sections. Drums are usually more aggressive and fast then on the While many consider Arti's first album Könnyű Álmot Hozzon Az Éj - Tabáni István - Ments Meg! to be their best album and one of the most important fusion albums to come from Italy, I personally consider Giro di Arti & Mestieri - Giro Di Valzer Per Domani as at least an equal to their debut.

Granted, it's not as innovative as Tilt but I think that this album shows more maturity in c In a certain sense only for the presence of Furio Chirico, one of the best drummer that I've heard in my life, also if the music is great. When I first discovered this Italian Fusion import on Amazon in Which I hear was never originally released in the U.

Someone claimed that the drummer Furio Chirico gave Billy Cobham a run for his money. So I looked into it and paid a It has changed into the performance style to emphasize solo or more.

The overall jazzy, tight image has become strong. There is Arti & Mestieri - Giro Di Valzer Per Domani Anthony Bailes - Lauten-Galanterie group and the insistence on each musical instrument is terrific though it is a melodious, This amazing fusion album is frequently neglected in reference to the amazing debut 'Tilt', however, not only is this a logical development from the debut, but in many respects it is a superior album.


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