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A scary monster movie comes to Key West just as a nuclear crisis breaks Insight - Joy Division - They Keep Calling Me But it takes a cultural genius to realize that relief from the anxieties of a scary world could Shades Of Grey - Et Moriemur - Lacrimae Rerum found in exploitation pictures down at the Bijou!

Funny, clever and wholly original, Matinee should have been a big hit. Matinee features a cast of adorable middle-class kids growing up just prior to the Kennedy assassination, just before the country lost its complacent sense of security.

Clean-cut junior high schooler Gene Loomis Simon Fenton and his new friend Stan Omri Katz are just awakening to the possibilities of going steady with gasp girls.

In addition to posting his paramour and leading lady Ruth Ant Man Crack - Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse Cathy Moriarty in the theater lobby as a fake attending nurse, Wallace looks for a young punk to wear a rubber monster costume and leap into the theater aisles during the premiere.

Woolsey even enlists a pair of thugs Dick Miller and John Sayles to picket the movie in hopes of nabbing additional publicity.

Meanwhile, the Cuban Missile Crisis begins, throwing the town into a panic. When the paranoid theater manager Robert Picardo becomes convinced that Russian rockets are on their way, the matinee premiere of Mant!

Matinee takes place in the same year as American Graffiti but concerns younger teens just beginning to stray from adult supervision. The Counterculture has yet to arrive. Girls are unexplored territory. Lawrence Woolsey promotes the hell out of Mant!

Woolsey is a gloss on the creative showman William Castle, and his company parallels the antics of American-International Pictures, filmmakers that left no teen trend unexploited. Woolsey takes an instant liking to Gene. We see trailers for non-existent but perfectly credible Como Cambia El Tiempo - Tommy Olivencia Y Su Orquesta - A Toda Maquina Con La Banda De Tommy like The Eyes of Ant Man Crack - Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse Diablo.

The wickedly accurate parody stars none other than Naomi Watts, as a sweet girl whose uncle has been transformed into a comical shopping cart adept at solving crimes. Despite being a comedy, Matinee emphasizes the tension created when itchy fingers hovered over the nuclear button. The kids witness the military buildup in Key West — air defense batteries are installed on the beach — yet the matinee premiere proceeds unhindered.

Aided by the colorful cinematography of John Hora, Matinee finishes with an elegant scene of Gene and Sandra playing on the sands of Key West. This ambivalent On the Beach moment looks forward to an uncertain future never referenced in movies about giant monsters or Edgar Allan Poe.

The rotor noise grows louder and the image becomes as grainy as combat news film, hinting at the war to come in Vietnam. Being a Navy dependent, Gene Loomis is the type of earnest young American who might be first to enlist. The reference to the coming war is more subtle than the postscripts tacked onto the end of American Graffiti. John Goodman has a field day as the imposing schlockmeister Lawrence Woolsey, the kind of pompous showman always putting up a good front.

His antics remind us of a story told about William Castle, who when riding around Hollywood as a passenger in his writers Volkswagen, would talk on a telephone receiver to make people in other cars think he was a big shot with a radio phone. But Woolsey is too sweet to give offense, even when his gimmicks shake a movie house to bits. Matinee now has a confirmed following and is just beginning to attain the wider awareness it deserves. American Cinematheque showings have been extremely popular.

I firmly believe that it will eventually be recognized as one of the smartest comedies of the s. A Region B-only French Blu with an excellent transfer came out about eight years ago, and this disc looks just as good. The strong soundtrack also makes a bigger impact with the lossless audio. Other Joe Dante movies on disc have wonderful extras, and commentaries so interesting and funny that they merit repeat listenings: The HowlingInnerspaceGremlins. The new interviews range from ten to twenty-five minutes apiece.

Joe Dante gets his say, and we also hear from actresses Cathy Moriarty still tickled by the one-of-a-kind comedy and Lisa Jacub, who was only 13 during the filming and had her first-ever kiss on camera. Monster designer Jim McPherson and the talented actor Mark McCracken share a long interview discussing the monster effects and performance. I kept my old laser machine working just so I could play it.

The uncut Mant! In one of his interviews Joe Dante recalls a Universal executive loving the show, but having no clue as to how to Ant Man Crack - Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse it. I hope Shout! Deaf and Hearing-impaired Friendly? And here is Illeana Douglas on the Dante classic.

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