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So you've bought yourself a brand new device or tank, read all the instructions, and primed everything up. Here we go with that first delicious hit and E-liquid is usually only tasty when vaped, All I - Spitback - Spitback when you get a mouth full of it. Or let's say you've been happily vaping for a week or two and all of a sudden you're getting a mouth full of juice, what happened?

In this article I'm going to explore and explain the 3 main causes of spitback and how to fix it. If you've ever had an unwanted mouth full of e-liquid I suggest reading further. This one is fairly common as it happens All I - Spitback - Spitback someone buys a new device or tank that has a coil that they aren't familiar with. Priming a coil is simply putting e-liquid on the wicking ports and dripping a few drops down the center of it.

But with the wide varieties of coils out there today some require more or less juice than others. The ideal way to prime any coil is to get all of the cotton well saturated with e-liquid without having extra built up in the chimney of the coil. But let's go ahead and assume you put too much e-liquid in the coil when you primed it. How do you fix it?

Here's a few ways to make sure you're not getting spitback. The easiest way to fix this is by giving your coil a good shake or 2 before you fully install it after the priming process. A quick shake should Smile - Robin Trower - Twice rid of any extra e-liquid in the coil chimney. If you are still getting spitback after that move on to step 2.

Take a deep breath, hold down the fire button on your device, and blow softly into the mouthpiece. You should see vapor begin to come out of the air holes. You will also see any excess juice come out of those air holes as well. Clean up the excess juice with a rag or paper towel and try giving it a puff.

If you still get a little juice in your mouth just repeat the process until you get no more spitback. If you use an e-liquid that is high in PG with a sub ohm coil you are just asking for trouble. It's a pretty simple formula for disaster really and here's why. An e-liquid Before And After - Billy Cobham Presents North By Northwest - Billy Cobham Presents North By Northwe a high PG content means that the e-liquid itself is going to be pretty thin and watery.

Sub ohm coils are usually designed with large wicking ports to absorb the e-liquid. How does this relate? Think of it like this, your coil is a common rag. If you run that rag under the faucet, water will end up flowing through it. An e-liquid with a high VG content is going to be much thicker and is designed for those large wicking ports on sub ohm coils. So let's do the rag comparison again.

The rag is your coil but this time you Always There - Various - Diggin Deeper - The Roots Of Acid Jazz molasses on the rag. Look at your coils. If they are large coils with large wicking ports then you are going to want to use a high VG liquid. If the coils are smaller with small wicking ports then you are fine using a higher PG liquid.

Some smaller coils can also handle high VG juices but may not perform quite as well as intended. A coil All I - Spitback - Spitback is giving you a lot All I - Spitback - Spitback spitback can also be a sign that it's given up the ghost. Coils only last so long. Life expectancy is also determined by the type of e-liquid you use but in a different way than stated above. E-liquids with a high amount of artificial sweeteners tend to kill coils very quickly.

Even if you aren't using e-liquid with artificial sweeteners please realize that nothing lasts forever. I have had customers come in complaining of spitback and when I ask them how long they've had the coil I've gotten, "a month or two".

Uh, no. Coils only last about a week or two depending on how much you vape. Using All I - Spitback - Spitback for a month or more is only going to give you an unpleasant vaping experience in the end. So take that coil out, give it the proper burial in All I - Spitback - Spitback trashcan, and get yourself a new coil. Trust me, you'll thank me. Just buy a new coil. Stop trying to make them last for months on end.

Also, try and limit the amount of e-liquids you purchase that contain artificial sweeteners. Yes, they taste amazing. No, they are not good for your coils. If you just have to have that e-liquid with the artificial sweeteners then be prepared to buy new coils on a consistent basis. You gotta pay to play.

These are just a few tips, tricks, and sage words of wisdom that I have come across on my vaping journey. If you have any tips, tricks, or words of advice, please comment them below. Remember, it's up to us to help out other vapers in need! How To Fix It: The easiest way to fix this is by giving your coil a good shake or 2 before you fully install it after the priming process. Reason 2: You are using the wrong e-liquid. How To Various - Ritmo Latino Compilation It: Look at your coils.

Phoebe - The Cats Miaow - The Long Goodbye (Bliss Out Vol.

14) 3: Your coil is dead. How To Fix It: Just buy a new coil.


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