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When the Vikings passed away, they believed they would go to Valhalla. There were warrior-women goddesses who would search battlefields after wars for fallen heroes. Warriors who were considered to have died bravely would be carried by these women to Valhalla. Another place they believe people would go is Helgafjell. This is where people would go if they lived a very fulfilling life.

Lastly, someone who died dishonorably would go to a place called Hellheim, similar to hell. It has been said that the Vikings were the ones to discover America roughly years before Christopher Columbus did. The first group of Europeans to step foot on North American soil was a group of Vikings who were led by Leif Eriksson. He actually established the first European settlement of Greenland.

It has also been said that Erik the Red sailed Voices - Various - No-R-Mal II Iceland to Canada and encouraged his son to explore new lands, just like he did. There was no evidence that the Vikings had discovered it, which is why Christopher Columbus took the credit. We all know the days of the week, but did you know that their names came from the Norse gods?

With the exception of Sunday and Monday, which are named after the sun and the moon. Not many people know that the Vikings worshiped them. Tyr was known as the god of war.

He was one of the sons of Odin, or Woden, who was the supreme deity. This is where Wednesday came from. A name we are all probably most familiar with is Thor, the God of Thunder, which is how Thursday came to be. Saturday comes from Saturn, who was the ancient roman god of fun and feasting. Based off of what we see today in the movies and cartoons, Vikings were all very large and tall, with long blonde hair.

The Vikings did bleach their hair with a special soap, seeing as this color seemed to be ideal within the Viking culture. The short summers are to blame for their somewhat short stature. This is because with shorter summers, they had fewer resources and not as much food. Many raids would follow, so the Vikings could obtain more resources. Similar to the horned helmets myth, the Vikings are portrayed as people who were almost inhumane. Before Christianity came to be, Valhalla was considered to be the Vikings' eternal paradise, which would be very similar to heaven.

For whatever reason, the Vikings had a fascination with blonde hair. It was their ideal of beauty. Usually, men who had black hair would use a high concentration soap to bleach their hair. Some groups of Vikings would also bleach their beards. Even though they were typically married by the age of 12, and were expected to perform the duties of a mother and wife. Viking men were considered to be the man of the house, but the women controlled all the domestics.

If a woman was married and her husband died, she would then be responsible for all the duties her husband was once responsible for. Also, even though it was uncommon, there have been stories and legends of shieldmaidens who were female warriors, and they would fight alongside the Viking men.

Tattoos have been around long before the time of the Vikings. Some people today show that they have Viking heritage in their blood by getting what they Mud And Diesel - Various - Americana Sampler Volume 1 traditional Viking tattoos.

However, we are still unsure if Vikings actually had these tattoos, or if they were just ancient symbols. Again, television and movies depict Vikings falsely, because they usually have Vikings covered in tattoos. But there has never been any evidence to suggest they practiced the Eternal Paradise - Mental Code - Flexible Music Volume 2/3.

You may also want Eternal Paradise - Mental Code - Flexible Music Volume 2/3 take into consideration that since the Vikings were very clean people, they may not have wanted to cover their bodies in something they could not wash off.

You may think that since it was such a long time ago, Vikings would settle things by Eternal Paradise - Mental Code - Flexible Music Volume 2/3 or general physical force. However, they had a justice system that was implemented when they needed to resolve disputes and crimes. Afterwards, these disputes would be settled by a third party, similar to our court system today.

Nonetheless, there were times where violence took place, and there were occasional executions. As we previously stated, the Vikings were very keen on taking care of their personal hygiene.

However, that seemed to fall to the wayside when it came time to light a fire. This is a bit strange, but they would start the process by collecting torch wood fungus from tree bark. They would then boil it for a few days in human urine. After that, they would pound the soaked bark into a felt-like substance, so that it was durable and easy to transport.

This would allow them to travel far distances 2. Menuetto And Trio - Igor Kipnis, Thurston Dart - Mozart*, Byrd*, Farnaby*, Tomkins*, Le Roux*, Ha start new fires on the go. A big part of the Vikings' lives was being in or around the ocean, whether they were seafaring, raiding, or fishing. This of course would limit their options for burials when people passed away.

They resorted to burying them on the boat. Based on what Norse people believed, they thought great warriors would need some type of vessel to cross into the afterlife and continue living in Valhalla. With this being said, well respected Vikings and exceptional women had the honor of being buried in one of the traditional Viking ships.

In addition to burying the bodies, people would fill the ships with weapons, food, treasures, and anything that they thought someone would need in the afterlife. In some cases, slaves were sometimes killed and buried on the boat, so they were able to serve their masters. Vikings will always be remembered for being a fierce group of people and ruthless raiders, but they weren't always like this.

Vikings actually spent a majority of their time farming and maintaining their settlements. There was a famous Viking who went by the name of Ragnar Lothbrok, and he started out as a full-time farmer, until he gained some power. This is how it started for most Vikings.

If you were a farmer, you were very respected within the community. It was just a term that referred Eternal Paradise - Mental Code - Flexible Music Volume 2/3 all Scandinavians who took part in overseas expeditions, which is how they became grouped into one whole category in the first place. During the Viking age, there was land that makes up Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Skiing is a popular sport that many people participate in today.

However, in the beginning it was not intended to be a sport. The oldest skis that have been found to date were discovered and dated back to 6, BC. Skiing was used as a means of transportation and traveling. During the Viking age, most of the land was covered by ice and snow, which made traveling by skis ideal. There is a god for everything, including skiing, and his name is Ullr. There is an assumption that skiing was used during war to get through parts of the wilderness that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

This is all a little strange, but get ready for it. When soldiers would come Eternal Paradise - Mental Code - Flexible Music Volume 2/3 from war wounded, they would eat a very potent onion soup that included other spices. After several minutes passed, some would say that they were able to smell their injuries. If they were able to smell the onions from the inside of the wound, it meant that the abdominal injuries were severe. There was a Eternal Paradise - Mental Code - Flexible Music Volume 2/3 name Harald Bluetooth who was a legend.

He was the Viking King of Denmark and Norway. During the time that he ruled, he was able to bring the surrounding Viking tribes together to create a place where they could all co-exist in. Many years later, Jim Kardach, who is the founder of Bluetooth, named his invention after King Bluetooth. He thought that would be a good name for the invention, Daniel Larusso Is Going To Fight - Various - Shutta Punk Up : Volume 1 he thought it would bring people together the same way the king did.

Who knew that an ancient king would have such an impact on modern-day society? The Viking mythology inspired the author J. You may have already taken notice to this, but our modern-day comics have a lot to do with the Viking Culture. The characters we are all familiar with, like Thor, Odin, Loki, and Freyja, are basically Vikings that are put into modernized scenarios.

In the comics we read today, Thor makes efforts to save the Earth and the people living on it. In addition to the comics, there are plenty of video games that have taken the Viking culture story lines and Eternal Paradise - Mental Code - Flexible Music Volume 2/3 them to life.

Grills were around long before Nelly. Back inarchaeologists discovered decapitated Viking skulls with a filing carved into the Hell Remains The Same - Aeons Coven - Selling Soul To The Devil. To this day, archaeologists are still not sure what the filings mean, but they have their theories.

They believe that the modifications were used as a symbol of status. When the Vikings had free time from their work, they loved to play board games. Surprising, right? There was a popular board game called Hnefetafl, which is a game of pure strategy. There is a king and a small group of defenders that take up the center of the board. Then, a much larger force of attackers, twice the size of the defenders, occupies the positions around the edge of the board.

If you are the king, you would use your defender pieces to protect yourself, no matter what the cost. However, this was completely made-up. Thankfully, it was not something that actually took place. We are not sure where this myth rooted from, but the Light People - Frak - Upset About Lance EP were not as brutal as people often make them out to be.


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