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He was shot down, hunted, and eluded his enemies by surviving on bugs and worse. Hollywood made a movie, and he sued the movie-makers. His father, a member of the US Navy, took him on his first flight when he was six. It came at a price. Serbs wanted their own republic and began purging minorities in The UN responded with a no-fly zone over Bosnia-Herzegovina to prevent aerial attacks on civilians.

If they succeeded, they would sometimes vent their rage Lofi No Cry - Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore - Ku Klux Glam surviving pilots. They reached Bosnian airspace thirty minutes later and began their patrol.

Although the Serbs had surface-to-air missiles, Fs carried a device that warned pilots if they were being tracked by radar. They were. They fired. Without radar guidance, the missile was invisible to Cash Out - Flight Boy - Behind Enemy Lines Americans.

As soon as it matched their altitude, it exploded between them as they flew over a mile apart. Altitude confirmed. The Serbs fired a second missile and briefly turned their radar on. It was enough. With a top speed of over 1, miles an hour, it hit the F within 10 seconds from launch.

The F burst into flames, and he watched in horror as it plummeted. Thanks to adrenaline, he did not realize his face and neck were burnt, but that was the least of his problems. His bright white, orange, green, and brown parachute was advertising his arrival over clear skies. During the Bosnian War, it was not just the Serbian military who fought. There were also paramilitary groups and opportunists with far less discipline and even fewer scruples.

It took him 25 minutes to descend, and sure enough, a truck was headed his way. From their mismatched clothing he guessed they were not military. Fortunately, as he reached the treeline, a strong wind blew him away from the road and deeper into the trees. He hit the ground and ran — leaving his backup radio and the bulk of his supplies. The truck screeched to a halt. He had to hide. Moments later, a man and a boy stopped within My Egyptian Lover (Ben Macklin Remix) - Space Cowboy Ft.

Nadia Oh - My Egyptian Lover feet of him, looked around, then walked off. More men came, firing randomly into the forest before moving off. He stayed hidden and did not use his radio; not on the first day — that is how downed pilots get caught. By late afternoon, hunger struck — he had last eaten in Italy.

He tried the radio but got nothing. He had to get to higher ground. By the third day, his rations ran out, so he ate ants, leaves, and grass. He made it up a hill on the evening of day four, but still could not reach anyone via radio.

Suspecting it to be a Serbian trap, they ignored it. His water ran out later that night. Desperate, he resorted to his radio beacon. It sent a constant signal over a mile radius, so he activated it in two-second bursts, hoping to conserve his battery and avoid giving his position away to the Serbs. Too late. The Cash Out - Flight Boy - Behind Enemy Lines were camped barely a mile away when they received new orders. Stop looking for the American.

Leave him to the paramilitaries; they could get blamed for his death. By evening, he was delirious with thirst. He removed his socks and squeezed the water out of them, which was when he realized he had trench foot.

June 7 again found him firing his beacon in brief bursts, hoping Cash Out - Flight Boy - Behind Enemy Lines would find him before the Serbs. Captain Thomas O. Hanford was with the th Squadron completing his late night patrol on June 8. At AM, he picked up something over his radio static. By then, he had been flying for over three hours and only had Cash Out - Flight Boy - Behind Enemy Lines minutes of fuel left.

He flew low, risking Serbian fire and a reprimand from his superiors. Should they rescue him in darkness? Or wait until morning when they would have support? NATO decided to risk it. The choppers were easy pickings. One bullet hit a Marine, but his canteen stopped it. Another struck the tail blades — they lost pressure. Still another took out their communications.

He did not like the way they portrayed him. A brash, show-off pilot who cussed? He also sued Discovery Communications for Estudiantina - James Horner - Titanic (Music From The Motion Picture) (Anniversary Edition) documentary they did on him.

Damage near Vrbanja bridge in the Grbavica district during the Siege of Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina Photo Credit He was shot down, hunted, and eluded his enemies by surviving on bugs and worse.


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