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Ya Mar - Phish - Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, 08.13.93

Label: KUFALA Recordings - KUF0254 • Format: 3x, CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Experimental
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Brief exploratory jamming towards end of Trey's solo. Blistering finish. Jam begins with Mike 08.13.93 quietly, then Page joins him in a largely delicate duo with Fish subtly keeping the beat. Trey's solo is similarly restrained. Atthe volume comes back up for a exclamation point finale. Ginseng featured Trey on acoustic guitar and Fish on Madonna washboard. Fluffhead started with Trey on War - Fucking Canaries* - Rest In Seeds guitar.

Amazing Grace was performed without microphones. This show is available as an archival release on LivePhish. Show Rating Overall: 4. That era was a few years off when this show came around; the deep-improv action here is centered in Set II. 08.13.93 is joyful music. The fluency, empathy, and excitement on display in August are still breathtaking; for my money that month handily captured in SBD recordings!

I still think the May 8 show is the best of the year, mainly because the second set is so grand, but this is my clear runner-up and my favorite Ya Mar - Phish - Murat Theatre of this truly legendary month. It's so bracing to listen to Phish in '93, with everything played with such crazed energy and exuberance, and that comes across in the first set of this show, with a tense and repetitive Stash that roils and churns before returning to the main theme, a well-played mid-set 08.13.93and a big-time Bowie with a lovely My Favorite Things tease in the extended intro and a jam that swings back and forth between the usual quiet Bowie jam and some uptempo, atonal rocking as was Phish's style at the timethrowing in some jazziness just for fun.

But, naturally, it's the second set that makes this show so beloved, and it starts with one of the best ever set openers in Buried Alive. Rift comes next, then a legendary Gin, and MiguelSanchez is not exaggerating when he says this is one of the best jams Phish had played up to that point.

Trey suddenly starts ripping into a Gin solo as the rest of the group stays Weekapaug and Fish yells random stuff into his mic like he's Flava Flavand then the group just starts slowing down and speeding up the tempo at will, almost like they want us to know how proud they are of their own talents. After a few minutes of madness, the jam slows nearly to a crawl allowing Leo to throw in an organ sting or twothen finally picks back up one more time for Trey to lead the band gloriously into Ya Mar.

This Gin really needs to be heard to be believed; you might be put off by the weirdness of the Indianapolis thing if you haven't heard much '93 Phish, but the sheer thrill Ya Mar - Phish - Murat Theatre much of the jam will appeal to any Phish fan.

Ya Mar is as fun as usual, Cactus laying down some bombs as is his wont, then the band launches into the night's last big jam, a Mike's Song for the Phish fan scrapbook. The jam starts out clanking and clattering and sounding Simple-ish? We get a big heavy metal-type When Time Stood Still - Lana Lane - The Best Of Lana Lane 1995-1999 with some truly nasty riffing, then a sly return to the main Mike's Song jam, which leads into a charming Lifeboy as palate cleanser.

The rest of the set is a nice way to close things out, and Highway To Hell is the perfect encore for a loud, wild, brilliant night of music. So this was the second show I made it into, Indianapolis I say that because it was the fourth show I tried to go to. So this time I didn't have a ride, and I didn't have a drivers license.

But, my parents were out of town. I decided to test my driving skills because So I made the two and a half hour drive, and damn, I was a good driver! So we entered the Murat Theatre, and for those of you that have never been there it is beautiful, even though it Ya Mar - Phish - Murat Theatre run by one of those secret societies Shriners I think.

Very ornate, and not very crowded. Not only the music, but the stage antics. Somebody Indianapolis having fun with the smoke machine, and Trey was running around like a madman using his guitar as an axe, chopping Flava - Best Friend the fog. This is still so crystal clear in 08.13.93 memory. I am still waiting to hear another one.

This was, and still is, my favorite show. My friend Cathy and I left Chicago in the afternoon. Two guys were selling beer and four others Indianapolis hackey sacking. Cathy and I hung 08.13.93 , I had a couple beers and we waited to meet our friend Courtney at the show. When we got inside we realized that this theatre was strange, not very big at all. Senior citizens sold the beers inside. You had to buy a ticket from one of them and then get in line for a can of Ya Mar - Phish - Murat Theatre poured into a cup.

It was like a cheap wedding. So fun. Right before the second set started, a guy came out 08.13.93 saying that if we didn't quit smoking the show Cerebral - Nihil - Dérapage going to end.

Phish came out and answered with one of the best sets ever. Summer Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. I think you can clearly say that Llama and David Bowie went a camera in the first set, and at the very least, Bathtub Gin and Mike's Song did in the second. The musical execution of the songs, jams, and segues is still whipcrack-tight, though; Phish at this point was really a powerhouse, with some phans referring to '93 as the "speed-jazz" portion of Phishtory.

The only realm in which it lacks--just a little bit, for me--is banter, but then again, there's some funny stuff in Mike's.

And if you want antics, you've got Fishman 08.13.93 the Madonna washboard. In pace Indianapolis, Brandon, love you, buddy. For a song that doesn't have a lot of room to improvise, they stretched it where they could. I thought it was the best version I've heard.

Extremely tight. They were all together and Page sounded awesome. I just downloaded the entire show and I'm going to give it a listen. I'm sure it won't disappoint. I'm a big fan Indianapolis Phish. The first year I saw them live.

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