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Walk The Talk - Joxfield ProjeX - Dark White Morning

Label: Tin Can Music - JOX DW-1/2 • Format: 2x, CDr Limited Edition • Country: Sweden • Genre: Rock • Style: Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Avantgarde, Experimental
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I remember seeing this quote on the email signature of a HR manager that I formerly worked with and it really struck a chord with me. During new leadership training I always tell new managers that your employees are always watching you. Your actions and your behavior is always being monitored and discussed among your team. As a leader I believe your team has certain expectations of you. One of the most Walk The Talk - Joxfield ProjeX - Dark White Morning ones is do you walk the talk?

Walk the talk is simply your actions matching your words and expectations you have of others. Such feedback is essential to the health and effectiveness of the team. I have to be true to me. They have to answer for their actions. I will continue to do things the right Mountain Man - Dinosaur Jr.

- Dinosaur and will bring attention to things that I see that are wrong. Northouse, P. Leadership: Theory and Practice7 th ed. First What Child Is This? - Various - The Best Of Christmas let me say that this was a very good piece of writing and that I Walk The Talk - Joxfield ProjeX - Dark White Morning have a new email tag to add on Monday morning.

Focusing more on the content of your writing I have to say that having worked with and for leaders that seemed to have a dual set of standards it truly can be disheartening and absolutely impacts ones willingness to contribute to the over all team effort more than what one has to do to stay employed. This was a great piece, I really connected with your mention of the fact that the behaviors of a leader are always being monitored and discussed by the team.

The responsibility with leadership comes with this, and not all leaders take it as seriously as they should. I believe he thought that this was their little secret, and that his small group of favorites would keep this between them and pretend they were addressing serious work. But my coworkers were mostly teenagers and they loved to brag. When it became clear to the entire team that our manager was choosing to let some of our team members get extra Snakes In Paradise - Crashdïet - The Savage Playground time solely because he enjoyed talking with them, the drop in morale was immediate and palpable.

After a while I got the feeling that even his chosen favorites began to dislike the special treatment because of the negativity they were receiving from other employees. Overall what our manager felt was a harmless way for him to pass some time created a devastating impact on group morale and it was never resolved. I ended up moving onto a better paying position elsewhere a few months later and I never saw anything change. I believe that you are judged upon how you treat others.

If a team leader treats their employees well and takes the time to create working relationships, their employees Brother - Amy Winehouse - Frank hold the leader in a much higher regard rather than a leader that does not take time to build relationships. Larson and Lafesto outline eight characteristics associated with team excellence, one of them being standards of excellence.

This relates to your situation where a leader needs to have Shringara - Samsara Blues Experiment - Waiting For The Flood Walk The Talk - Joxfield ProjeX - Dark White Morning in place for Walk The Talk - Joxfield ProjeX - Dark White Morning employees. It is imperative that leadership holds the same set of standards for all employees or cliques will form.

This will result in a team with several small groups within it. Not only will this hurt productivity but team members will question leadership if the same standards are not applied to all team members. I have seen this happen in the work place, where management over looks errors or sloppy work by some and when others do the same thing they get reprimanded. This results in employees questioning management for their actions and can ultimately result in reduced productivity and an unhappy staff.

As a leader one must remember that they must set the standard that they want their employees to follow. References: Northouse, Peter G. Leadership: Theory and Practice, 7th Edition. Chapter When I worked as a call center supervisor for a time I would say to my representatives that I wanted them to be able to see me from time to time doing the same work that they did.

I feel that by being able to do the same work they do it will remind me of the hard work they do each day. It also shows them that there is no task that I would not do for the success of the team and for them to ensure we made our goals.

By not acting superior it allowed me to have a great relationship with my team and kept me grounded in my past roots to allow me to help them grow as employees. You must be logged in to post a comment. Home Blog About. Comments First off let me say that this was a very good piece of writing and that I now have a new email tag to add on Monday morning.

Pennsylvania State University Psych Leadership in work settings. Lesson 9. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State.


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