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Turbo Peoples - Various - Chip Break In The Clouds

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Flying the G Turbo This story begins in Palo Alto, Ca. It is a treatise about my experiences with Turbo Stationair N Those that have tested and promoted the airplane were spot on with their adjectives. I concur; this airplane is truly the SUV of the sky. It was mid-April Two weeks later and more or less proficient in G ops, I am at the airport Monday thru Friday.

I met some very nice student pilots. In Jamaica a four or five hour drive is a minute airplane ride. Being the entrepreneurial type, he believed and convinced Dad that the right airplane could easily pay for itself there as an air taxi. Coincidentally, his father and he were working a deal for a new hours TH. He wanted to be able to fly it, perhaps even to Jamaica, where he would work this summer.

He still had a lot to learn about insurance requirements and cross-country flying. Not to mention complete his PPL. None-the-less his enthusiasm was infectious. We tried but could not quite complete his PPL. He did however ask me if I was available to ferry the T to The Stone Poneys - Evergreen / One For One from the Boston area should they make a deal. As luck would have it, my wife would be able to cover my absence so I accepted.

The major differences were the King Avionics stack versus the Garmin G As good as that Demi Cita Cita - Titi Dwijayati - Imajinasi stack was in its day, the current all glass approach Garmin has taken, will, in this pilots opinion, provide a whole new Turbo Peoples - Various - Chip Break In The Clouds of utility to this type of airplane.

This is true primarily because of capability. Garmin has integrated all the good stuff, right down to Yes No People - Mr Johnson Radio.

When it comes to weather flying, the G, dollar for dollar is about as good as it gets. Simply stated, with full G capability, there is no good reason to take the airplane into harms way. The G in N had all the bells and whistles. We would use them to their fullest capability traveling the convective eastern seaboard at the end of June. As these journeys go, this one was not extraordinarily different from my others, though I have never flown outside the borders of the contiguous The east coast enjoyed Turbo Peoples - Various - Chip Break In The Clouds clear skies and little convective activity the week before our planned trip south.

By the time I was driving to SFO for my early afternoon flight to Boston, the dominating high-pressure system that had produced such nice weather had moved east and north, now sucking hot moist air up from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The temperatures dew point spreads from Boston to Ft. On the backside of the high over the southern and mid west huge thunderstorms and a few tornadoes were reported. Things were heating up weather wise. No pun intended. The weather in South Florida was being influenced by a small low-pressure system In Old England Town (Boogie No.

2) - Electric Light Orchestra - First Movement was sitting south of Miami and causing trouble of its own. We would deal with that two days later. Of course the flight I was booked on became delayed due to weather, yep you got, it Boston.

It was becoming clear that the sleep I was hoping to get before tackling this flight was going to be limited. Indeed my departing flight was delayed five hours. Clearly we would be getting a late start. Conventional wisdom on these sorts of flights during thunderstorm season is to leave early land early.

Postponing our departure until the next morning would really throw scheduling off. One does need some sleep. At Norwood, we would acquaint ourselves with N There was also work to do. Before we could think about departing we needed to review all the logs and test fly the airplane. I have made it a rule not to just hop in an airplane and go. Especially if we departed IFR, as we would likely do.

This was a new airplane and confidence was high but a short flight to verify everything was working still was in order. It was. The weight of our cargo, five cases of very fine wine, baggage and a box Cessna parts and how to load the airplane took some time. We would be at max gross weight with two souls on board and we wanted to be sure we were inside loading limits as well as have a way out if needed. By we were finally ready. The forecast had been Billie - Oversized - Oversized hot, humid, hazy air and scattered thunderstorms along our entire route of flight from the Boston area southwest toward Kinston, NC KISOour intended evening layover destination.

The forecasters were right on. Our look at radar and satellite images confirmed what the briefer was telling us. The thunderstorms were scattered and because there was really no frontal activity along our route, no thunderstorm lines to deal with. This Stationair is very capable. With turbo charging, Nexrad Radar and storm scope like capability we filed IFR at 10, feet, expecting to spend little actual time in the clouds. We figured we could go up, down and around, all the while using direct to GPS navigation as well as the more conventional Victor Airways.

We were wheels up at Departure and integration into Turbo Peoples - Various - Chip Break In The Clouds ATC system went as expected. We were soon cleared 10, while joining our first leg. Of course looming dead ahead as I turned on course was the first of many thunderstorms. It was time to start that sometimes-delicate deviation request dance with ATC. Any of you that have flown the Boston, NYC and Washington airspace will know that it is some of the most crowded airspace in the country.

With airliners coming and going from at least 10 major airports and us HiFidelity - A. K. Klosowski / Pyrolator - Home-Taping Is Killing Music over all of them at 10, feet, deviating around big clouds was an exercise in the art of negotiation. The Nexrad radar was an invaluable aid in picking our routing around the worst of the Turbo Peoples - Various - Chip Break In The Clouds.

But if memory serves me right, the pilot was limited to relatively small field of view and had limited see through capability. Those systems were very helpful to be sure, but are incredibly outclassed by the Nexrad on the G It was here, still early our flight that we discovered one of the downside risks of such electronic wonders as the G Written by many authors before me, the key to successfully using the downlink Nexrad is its refresh rate.

Just when we were in the thick of NYC metro airspace, the frequencies jammed, and buildups Turbo Peoples - Various - Chip Break In The Cloudswith ATC vectoring us around traffic, what we saw through the windscreen was not being depicted on Nexrad. Moreover, Anders, sitting in the right seat, was making an effort to deal with frequency and routing changes, valiantly trying to be my first officer, albeit, with no experience.

Fortunately, he is quite proficient at knob spinning, and on the G, proficient knob spinning is paramount. Trying to keep ATC from flying us into thunderstorms, making sure my helper was not helping wrong, resolving the Nexrad discrepancy and hand flying the airplane was knocking rust off my IFR skills at an amazing rate. Here I must pay tribute to the G PFD, for it simplified Evovler - Love Confidential the instruments and as such reduced my workload significantly.

Betrayal is their middle name. Relax for a second and over the spiral precipice you fall. Ironically, while scanning that glass PFD, I never gave betrayal a thought. We were looking at old information and it was getting older just when we needed new. No warning, no flag, just a small window displaying the time since refresh.

This seems like a good time to mention that a capable airplane, an instrument rating and a G does not automatically qualify one to tackle weather conditions such as we were seeing this day. Indeed, my weather flying experience was called into play because in a manner of speaking the G let me down when I needed You Made A Difference - Home Groan - Fish the most.

And so it went on our way to KISO. The one forecast our briefer got wrong however were the winds aloft. If the amount of time we were on frequency with New York controllers were not enough, comparing the fuel gauges with the distance to and ETA on the GPS confirmed our suspicions. We did not have the fuel to reach Kinston…. The added capability sure warrants such observations but with the added capability comes additional cost and that cost is fuel consumption.

On a true airspeed of knots were making about across the ground. Time to find a place to land and explore our options. Three hours and 30 minutes into our first leg we touched down in Salisbury, Maryland. I was close to exhaustion. Though we were cleared for an ILS approach to the tower-controlled airport I was able to do a visual once we were below feet. That was ok with me. It was early evening. I was tired from all the travel and IFR flying. The very nice people at the local FBO suggested nice places to eat and stay overnight.

For the record and with no malice to Salisbury, MD, this place is in the middle of nowhere. As tired as I was, these suggestions were sounding most acceptable to me, counting on an early start the next day to make up lost ground.


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