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Well, if someone is trying to have a baby or having a baby and they want a girl, then they use the expression, think pink, so as the pink vibe is around them all the time.

There is a company that uses the slogan think pink, as well as, Pink Panther items that they sell that say that. Pink is associated with softness so it could be someone's expression to not be mean or ease up on your attitude.

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Asked in Word and Phrase Origins. Meaning of think pink? It means's Pink has no special meaning in the Bible. Asked in Idioms, Cliches, and Slang What is the meaning of the idiom in pink health? The meaning of the idiom in the pink of health means being in good health. Pink feathers attract love. Asked in Colors Why do people think the color pink is gross?

Asked in Colors What is the meaning of pink color in advertisement? Pink may be related to girls.? Asked in Rhyming Words Do pink and think rhyme? Pink and think do rhyme because they both end with "ink".

The pink carnation as a symbol for I'll never forget you. Asked in Idioms, Cliches, and Slang What is the meaning of tickled pink? Tickled pink means being really happy. I think the meaning of the song Perfect by Pink is that she is trying to show her kid that she is having that you are perfect and she always will be. I think that Pink when she was younger nobody liked her and now she is trying to tell people that everyone is perfect in their own way. Another interpretation of the song is that even though you may have been disliked or abused in your past, your friend or partner will always care about you and that you are perfect in their eyes.

Asked in Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings What does pink represent? When I think of pink I usually think of cotton candy or some thing girly. Asked in Intestinal Health, Colors What color is pink?

Pink is pink It is a confusing process. I think pink is a nice Love Changes Everything - Richard Clayderman - The Love Songs Of Andrew Lloyd Webber for shopping.

Asked in Colors What is better pink with gray or gray with pink? Asked in Beauty What is sleeping beauty's Heizkörpertäuschungsmanöver - Reinhard Cooper* - Paniert Schalliert color?

I think it is Think Pink - Jean Louzac - Think Pink PINK. Asked in Dating, Tulips What is the meaning of the pink tulip? That is beautiful flower. Asked in English to Japanese What is Japanese for pink? Asked in Music, Pink musician What genre is pink? Asked in Colors Who is a princess of pink? I think a princess that likes pink is sleeping beauty because she always where's pink.

Asked in Colors What color do you get when you mix light pink and dark pink? You would probably get a medium-ish pink, I think. Asked in Definitions What does habuki snickle snickle mean? That sounds like a Hink Pink to make you think. Both of those words can be a person's name, but have Think Pink - Jean Louzac - Think Pink defined meaning.

Asked in Lipstick and Lipgloss Hot pink lipgloss or light pink for a teen? I think that either is fine. I dont think there's a pink JLS jumper.

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