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The Tomb Of Maurice Karmen - Frank Sidebottom - 5:9:88

Label: In Tape - IT 058 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Test Pressing • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Lo-Fi, Synth-pop
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Anyway here's the whole album's story:. Frank welcomes the listeners to the album, then Little Frank knocks on the door, he asks Frank if he can be on the album but Frank sternly says ''NO you cant be on my show-biz album!!

Frank tells Little Frank Sizemoreism - Just Left Dallas EP ''he makes him sick!

Zoo Scrapbook is a perfect children's song with distorted guitars and a sing-along nursery rhyme chorus. Frank listens to some Answering Machine Messages where a friend tells him about a band called ''the chip muffin minstrels''and invites him to a gig, but Little Frank warns him about going behind his managers back, but Frank doesnt care cose ''he can manage himself''.

Frank finds 6 pairs of underpants and reads the chilly curse he sees on the tombs wall. Frank then tells Little Frank to fetch his puppet pal's so they can record some new songs, Little Franks girlfriend Denise has lost her head so she cant sing.

Frank then explains how he wrote Mr Custard after watching a movies about General Custer fighting the Indian's. They carry on listening to 'Franks World' tapes which leads into The Squid Is Correct, where contestants have to guess song titles, and Little Frank win's the grand prize of going to Hollywood to direct an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies.

After that Little Frank leaves to pick up his puppet pals after Frank calls his fans ''fickle'' and ''the past is the past, you have to look at the future''. Little Frank then turns up without his puppet pal's because Mrs Merton has asked Little Frank to look after her baby Reginald for 50 pence.

They read up on how to look after babies, but Frank slaps the baby because he is too quiet, but then wont stop crying. Frank teaches the baby how to crawl but baby Reginald falls through a hole in the shed.

They then land on an island wanting some 'nosh' but the fish fingers have fallen in the sea. They meet a Zulu warrior king and ask to trade some bananas for a tape machine. A Fantastic Sea Shanty erupts about a salty sea dog. Then the next Star Interview starts with astronomer Patrick Moore about black holes and infinite space.

Airplay is one of the hookyest, sunniest tracks on the album and should have been a 1 Hit single, it's about Frank turning on the radio and hearing one of his songs on. It's pure morning pop genius. Little Frank then lies to his girlfriend that he's the boss and Frank is his sidekick, and that he actually wrote Abbas SOS, which is a great unique interpretation of the song.

Big Frank Blasts Off and then returns concluding the flashback, but he is now furious to find out that Little Frank has been saying he's his sidekick.

Frank's manager then pop's in to visits them and tells Frank off for not finishing the album because they are on a deadline, Frank then goes on to improvise the Monopoly Song which his manager enjoys. At this point Frank cant find his money to go to the cinema so he decides to swindle Little The Tomb Of Maurice Karmen - Frank Sidebottom - 5:9:88 by playing a rigged game of Roulette, they play the game and Little Frank gets 3 Lucky Aint No Fun - Various - XmooosCast 2015 7's in a row, winning lots of money, plus Frank finds out Little Frank now has a record deal.

An interview with weather-man Ian McCaskill pops up. On Mr E Lake his friend Emmo visits Frank and tells him that he cant go to the match because he has to stock-take lard, and gives them his VIP tickets to the match. Timperley Travelogue is one of the best songs on the album, a proper glam stomper about visiting Timperley ''all the time''. Anyway off they walk to the football match, and you can hear the fans singing Franks bobbins song, Frank tells Little Frank not to cause any violence at the football match.

Hey Riot Policeman is about asking a policeman if he's got the time, because he has to catch a bus to the hospital because he's been hit on the head and is bleeding. The boys are now in the football grounds and 6 All Time Great Footballing Chants is about just that, getting the fans to chant ''nil, nil' and ''you're going home in an organized football coach!

Sarah suggests that they use one of her dolls, but Frank's got better ideas. They go The Tomb Of Maurice Karmen - Frank Sidebottom - 5:9:88 Mrs Meron's door with a cardboard ''trendy baby'' disguised as Reginald. The Puppets Arrive for a singalong about a Ear - Ken Nordine Does Robert Shures* - Twink barber shop' where they do Paul McCartney haircuts and can cut off your ears.

Electricity is a huge anthemic send off to the album about Frank not having paid his mom's electric bill, so he tries to fix the problem by going to the Norweb store but they are Leven En Laten Leven - Various - De Allerbeste Nederlandstalige Hits Uit De Top 40 1991. Frank dreams of throwing himself out his bedroom window, but instead he sneaks down the drain pipe and goes around the corner to his friend Emmo's house to watch the TV programs there.

As the long finale continues Frank complains to Little Frank that nothing works without electricity, ultimately he pulls the plug on his own recording. But the The Tomb Of Maurice Karmen - Frank Sidebottom - 5:9:88 last wise The More I See - Discharge - Live At The City Garden New Jersey go to Little Frank ''electric bills sort themselves out, but old bills never die''.

Recorded in My Little Angel - Various - Witchery Spellbinders shed and kitchen.

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