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Legacy You Left Behind - Discharge - Disensitise

Label: Candlelight Records USA - 803341344402 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk
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Disc 1: Disensitise 1. Blood of the Innocent 2. CCTV 3. What Method What Madness 4. They Lie You Die 5. Becomes Again and Again 6. Spoils of War 7. Web of Disadvantage 9. Ignorance Is Your Surrender Kept in the Dark You Have the Gun Will Deceive You Beginning of the End No Return Legacy You Left Behind bonus track Propaganda Feeds bonus track.

Disc 2: War is Hell 1. War is Hell 2. State Violence State Control 3. You Deserve Me 4. Never Again 5. The More I See 6. Hype Overload 7. Corpse of Decadence 8. Nightmare Continues Live Hell On Earth Live Realities of War Live Doomsday Live Beginning of The End bonus Blood of The Innocent bonus They Lie you Die bonus. Discharge has left a Sasquatch-sized footprint on the annuals of heavy music.

Forming inthese blokes have been credited for hatching the hardcore Legacy You Left Behind - Discharge - Disensitise egg, as well as the forerunners of punk-infused metal known as crossover. They even invented the d-beat. Both albums contain crossover, hardcore punk tunes full of vigorous energy, punchy drums, razor-sharp riffs and anarchist ideas that, thanks to their gang-imbued choruses, will stamp your brain like an Orwellian boot simile.

Also, keeping with the tradition of the modern Ya Fuckin Lost - Ectomyectomy - Fear The Dildozer (File, Album), each album features bonus tracks.

This chugging, thrashy number gives a Legacy You Left Behind - Discharge - Disensitise nod to Motorhead. This track even has a solo, something that occasionally pops up in the background, but without flash and pomp. Both bands most likely rubbed off on each other. Here, the speed, aggression and gang yelling perfectly convey the live atmosphere. Both albums are strong enough to win a back A New Man In Town - Various - Notodden Blues Festival - Bluestown rumble with just about any crossover record, regardless of the times.

For this reason, those who prefer the older punk sound will opt for this album. Highs: Both recordings contain memorable speedy riffs, punchy d-beat drums and gang choruses. Get more info including news, reviews, interviews, links, etc. Subscribe to our feed to get updates automatically or subscribe by email to receive a daily digest of heavy metal news.

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