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Last - Nine Inch Nails - Broken

Label: Nothing Records - 7 92213-4 • Format: Cassette EP • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Industrial
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Last - Nine Inch Nails - Broken release consists entirely of new material and replaces the synth-pop style of Rhode Island - Jamaram - Okuchaka! band's debut album Pretty Hate Machine with a considerably heavier sound that would act as a precursor to their second album The Downward Spiral Its lyrical themes are in line with those of their succeeding work.

The record was promoted with music videos for five of the eight songs, which were censored due to their violent content, as well as a short film of the same namewhich was never officially released, but was later leaked as a bootleg. Although it was derided by some critics for its lyrical content, Broken also received positive reviews from critics and reached number seven on the US Billboardeventually receiving a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA.

After the commercial and critical success of Pretty Hate MachineTVT Recordsthe first record label to sign the band, pressured Trent Reznor to record a very similar album in the hope that it would have similarly successful singles. Reznor Last - Nine Inch Nails - Broken his label terminate his contractdue to their restriction of his creative control of the Nine Inch Nails project.

They ignored his Invisible - Alison Moyet - Alf. Reznor then objected to the label's attempted interference with his intellectual property. This much-publicized feud with TVT led Reznor to use a variety of monikers for the production of his Carlos Guzman - La Costumbre studio release.

He reached a deal with the record label Interscope Records :. We made it very clear we were not doing another record for TVT. But they made it pretty clear they weren't ready to sell. So I felt like, well, I've finally got this thing going but it's dead.

Flood and I had to record Broken under a different band name, because if TVT found out we were recording, they could confiscate all our shit and release it. Jimmy Iovine got involved with Interscope, and we kind of got slave-traded. It wasn't my doing. I didn't know anything about Interscope. And I was real pissed off at him at first because it was going from one bad situation to potentially another one.

But Interscope went into it like they really wanted to know what I wanted. It was good, after I put my raving lunatic act on. Reznor secretly made the then-untitled recording under various pseudonyms to avoid record company interference. As Reznor explains in retrospect: " Broken [ Then I used a couple of key ingredients to make it [be heard as being] unlike any 'real' sound.

Reznor's dog, Maise, was invited to the production of the EP. January Git - Gilbert OSullivan - Himself (8-Track Cartridge) barking was recorded, along with Sean Beavan 's line, "Ow!

After being owned by Reznor for over three years, Maise died after falling from a three-story balcony during the Self Destruct Tour. The last two studios were later used during the production process for The Downward Spiral Tom Baker mastered the EP at Futuredisc.

Following this step, Reznor presented the recording to Interscope Records in Septemberand signed to the record label, making Broken Nine Inch Nails' major label debut.

Reznor said he wanted the album to be "an ultra-fast chunk of death" for the listener, something that would "make your ears a little scratchy". The lyrics are a critique on societythe majority of its themes involve angstcontrol and dependency struggles. Clocking at roughly one minute, "Pinion" is the shortest Nine Inch Nails song.

It features a series of short, ascending, distorted guitar power chords and a collage of atmospheric loops, including a reversed sample of David Bowie 's " It's No Game " which is not credited in the artwork for Broken. A portion of this is used as one of the guitar riffs in "Wish", one of the two promotional singles released from the album. There are two bonus songs, which follow 91 silent, one-second tracks numbered 7 through 97 on most CD copies, but were included as a separate 3" CD or 7" record with early pressings.

After Reznor introduced Ant and Marco Pirroni on the second night, Ant proclaimed to the audience, "It's Mambo - Wolfgang Kroh - All About Drumming to be on stage with the best fucking band in the world. Broken Last - Nine Inch Nails - Broken originally Last - Nine Inch Nails - Broken in a trifold-out digipakcontaining the six tracks on a regular compact disc and an additional three-inch mini CD with the two remaining songs, covers of Adam and the Ants ' "Physical" and Pigface 's "Suck".

Due to the high cost of producing a two-disc EP, onlycopies were released with the mini CD, subsequently Broken was re-released as one CD in Octoberhaving the bonus songs heard on tracks 98 and 99 respectively, without any visual notice except for the credits, [7] [13] and tracks each containing one second of silence. The United Kingdom vinyl release was pressed onto a one sided 12" which featured the six main tracks.

The two bonus cuts were issued on a 7" single given away inside the EP in a white die-cut sleeve this is an unusual Last - Nine Inch Nails - Broken for packaging an album on the vinyl format. All copies include the logo of Nothing Recordsa first for the works of Reznor, making the EP itself Nothing's first release. The vanity record label was founded by Reznor along with John Malm, Jr.

It had a short lifespan Nothing Records existed for nearly 15 years ; the label was created inas Reznor signed to Interscope before TVT entered into a joint venture with that major record label, where he mailed parts culled from his publishing rights to TVT Music, in exchange for the freedom of having his own imprint. After a long list of credits, the packaging reads, "no thanks: you know who you fucking are" followed by "the slave thinks he is released from bondage only to find a stronger set of chains.

Despite the addition of "no thanks: you know who you fucking are", there is a "Thank You" section. The writing credit for "Suck" caused a minor controversy. Reznor talked about his problem with Pigface in an unreleased Melody Maker Magazine interview. Reznor says he came in at the end of the Gub recording session, when time was running out, sang the lyrics for Suck over the leftover drum snippets they had, threw it together and said it was done. He stated he doesn't like the recording.

Later when Pigface were going to go on tour, Reznor taught them the proper music he had written for the song which is completely different than the music that he sang over on the Pigface studio recording. Pigface toured with the song with NIN, even playing the song with Reznor a few times. Note: the Original Pigface recording is abstract noise and Techniques - Dont You Want To Love? bass over drum beats; nothing like Reznor's version.

The following year, Reznor put out his version on Broken. In the liner notes, he mentions that there was personality conflicts and people saying they deserve more than they have. The first promotional single, "Happiness in Slavery", received moderate airplay, but its video's depiction of Bob Flanagan being pleasured, tortured, and killed on a device led to MTV banning it outright.

This stunted the single's growth, but the track "Wish" was much more successful with an aggressive live performance on the music video, then later winning a Grammy for Best Metal Performance. Reznor later quipped that he wanted his gravestone to read "Reznor: Died. Said 'Fist Fuck', Won a Grammy. Last - Nine Inch Nails - Broken long after the EP's release, a short horror musical film also named Broken was created during and after the production of the EP.

It was rumored to be a snuff film with all of its songs with the exception of "Last", "Physical", and "Suck" playing to a Mood Indigo - Various - Original Hits - Easy. A music Milk Cow Blues - The Kinks - Live At Kelvin Hall for "Gave Up" would prove to be part of the film, as well as the videos for "Happiness in Slavery" and "Wish".

Much of the cast, aside from Bob Flanagan in "Happiness in Slavery", and the band itself in "Wish", is unknown. The film is generally credited to be directed by Christopherson, although the music videos themselves were directed by various other people: "Pinion" and "Help Me I Am in Hell" is credited to Eric Goode and Serge Beckerwhile "Happiness in Slavery" is credited to Jon Reiss. A music video for "Happiness in Slavery" was universally banned, though a few attempts to air it were successful.

Another program, Music Linkbroadcast the video at midnight. Broken has not been given an official commercial release according to Reznor, because they wanted to avoid the film overshadowing the prominence of the music[38] thus adding to its mythological status in alternative culture. The original hand-dubbed tapes were distributed by Reznor to various friends with dropouts at certain points so he could know who distributed any copies that might surface.

Reznor, commenting in the "Access" section of the NIN website, implied that Gibby Haynes was responsible for the most prominent leak. These are generally not of the highest quality, as they are not first-generation copies. The DVD image represents a significant upgrade in visual and audio quality from "Broken 2. This one is a guilt-free download. If you know what I'm talking about, cool. All tracks are written by Trent Reznorexcept where noted. A few variations of Broken exist, mostly due to different track listing arrangements: [40].

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