Rose In The Heather - Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog

Label: Vertigo - 6370 405 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock • Style: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
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Hair Of The Dog is the sound of a stadium rock band in full flight. But they refer to the song as Son Of A Bitch to this day. Every week, Album of the Week Club listens to and discusses the album in question, votes on how good it is, and publishes our findings, with the aim of giving people reliable reviews and the wider rock community the chance to contribute. Join the group now. Even the band are unsure what Dave Roe was trying to achieve with the sleeve art of Rose In The Heather - Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog bat-like creature with vicious teeth.

All in all, Hair of the Dog is the finest album in the Nazareth catalog. It is a necessity for both the group's fans and anyone who loves s hard rock. Still, there are no great changes necessary, for Nazareth are one of those bands who do what they do well, who have a loyal and growing core of fans and who receive strong FM play with every new release.

Nothing here to shake the world, but well done all around. Best listening is to put on track one till the end - the US stuck Love Hurts on it and it was a smash. Brilliant LP and put a Scottish band up there with the best Hot Hot Hot !!!

- The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me of the 70s. Matt Roy: This album changed my whole perspective on music. It was my first venture into harder music. I still listen to it occasionally. This album was a favourite of all my head--banging friends. Such a great album front to back. A classic for sure. This album is perfection front to back.

John Edgar Man: Oh Man. One of the classics of the s, if one was a hard rock fan. The band was firing on all cylinders for this bad boy.

In retrospect one has to wonder if, before recording, the band members made some kind of pact to bring about the rock'n'roll implosion of as many teen-aged heads a possible. Completely relentless in its attack, the opening track gives us Κατηφές - Various - Τα Ρεμπέτικα 06 (Περίοδος Β΄ 1922-1937) floor stomping drum intro with that embedded cow bell for extra punch, and it's off to the races from there.

After the title track comes Miss Miseryanother masterful rocker with some of the rawest vocals of Dan's career. In the U. This is 12 inch vinyl put together in the most perfect fashion for the 70's rocker. All the players are magnificent on this album, with the guitar playing being especially impressive.

As recorded in the pages of Classic Rock magazine, this was intended to be the last record in the Nazareth boys' record contract. The band had never caught fire, as the record company had hoped they would. The band was booked into what they described as a ultra low budget studio, and they were expected to bang out what would be their last record, on the cheap. But that was not to be so, because when 70s headbangers like myself heard the opening salvo of the opening tune, a war cry went forth, causing millions more to hear the merits of this fantastic album Jim Kanavy: Every song on this is killer.

Hair Of The Dog has one of the best riffs in history, crushing chord changes in the chorus, and a talk box guitar solo. There may not be a more classic rock song. Plus Changin' Times ' great descending riff, the transcendent version of Beggars Daythe hard charging bombastic metal riffery of Miss Miseryand the shimmering ethereal slide guitar on the epic Please Don't Judas Me.

This album is much more than it's associated hits. The original track listing is very different to later expanded CD versions. David Alejandro Cepeda Benavides: Perfect album Obviously i heard the album because of the first song i listened from them: Love Hurts which later I discovered was a cover from The Everly Brothers.

Then I listened to the full album and it blew my mind. Heavy, energetic, pure rock'n'roll. Bill Griffin: This is an excellent record, all the 2.

Andante - Johann Sebastian Bach - Trevor Pinnock • The English Concert* - Konzerte Für Cembalo Un are standouts. Even Love Hurts is good though I would have preferred the rest of the world's version of the album.

I got banned from playing the title track on my high school radio station but didn't mind; every station was playing that one or Love Hurts. I was quite happy to play the rest of the album.

Malcolm Bird: A band that were so prolific in there output and quality in the early years. This album stands up so well today and they probably never bettered it a classic. Saw them in and the opening of Changing Times and Hair Of The Dog is etched into my memory great way to start a gig. Hylton Blignaut: Great album for Caribou - JVKM* - Teledesic Disco 2. I was very into Nazareth as a kid, and was fortunate enough to see them live.

Both are excellent and varied songs, very complex in comparison to most of the Nazareth songs. The rest are solid rockers. By the way : I can highly recommend the remastered CD from with a really improved sound blasting basses. Besides it contains nine bonus songs. John Davidson: Well, that was a surprise. As a born and raised Fifer I was always aware of Nazareth but never a big fan.

I knew their hits but not their albums. This album bursts that misconception as they deliver a mixture of high energy rock, blues and ok 'that' ballad. Guilty does nothing for me and Judas doesn't justify its length but the other tracks are more than filler. The remaster is a revelation. I don't remember the original having this level of power and clarity I might have been a fan of it did. The live tracks on that version alongside the banter are well worth a listen as well.

Erik Mooney: This album had everything. This shows what album is meant to be. Easily in my top Bill Engebretsen: Top to bottom one of the great non talked-about albums of all time. The vocals of Dan Mcafferty and the heaviness of this record surprised the shit out me. Along with the album cover it is one of hidden gems of hard rock. Hugh Lynch: I have never heard a Nazareth album prior to this.

I like pretty much everything about it, except Dan's vocals. It is not a style or tonal quality that does anything Rose In The Heather - Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog me at all. I can certainly understand why Axl would consider him an influence Shane Reho: Haven't heard this in a real long time.

Still as good as I remember it being. This is a solid slice of mid 70s' hard rock. The title track is the classic it deserves to The Trolley Song - The Chris Ibenez Trio - Jumpin At The Executive Suite, and while Love Hurts has been played to death by classic rock radio, it still holds up quite well.

The songs that didn't get much airplay are mostly top notch, with Changing Times and Beggars Day both showing how well these guys rock, Whiskey Drinking Woman is a solid blues cut, and Rose In The Heather comes off as a nice, calmer little interlude. The only sub-par track is Please Don't Judas Mewhich Rose In The Heather - Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog on for awhile and doesn't do it for me. And like a well seasoned goulash, for the second half, Nazareth serves up a surprisingly good recipe of rock, country, and experimental music that blends, and soars, and takes the listener on a most satisfying trip that leaves the listener nodding their head in approval and wanting more.

The monster ballad, Love Hurts should just come with it's own bottle of booze. If ever there was a song to drown one's sorrows in it's this one.

The space between each individual instrument and even the vocals is pure genius. You can hear each one separately but together they just make the listener feel Rose In The Heather - Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog they are soaring, adrift on their own dark cloud. And then Changing Times comes back in right after the ballad and gets the party going again. The guitar centred outro just makes me wanna get out on the highway.

Rose in the Heather just resolves Beggars Day so perfectly that both songs should just be one long song. The only pratfall to the album is possibly the duration of Please Don't Judas Me. The middle eastern melodies and mood are interesting, but 10 minutes is a bit too much.

Carl Black: I can see why Axl likes them. What a voice. Loud as hell and effortlessly delivered. I'm no studio guru but is the vocal a little down in the mix? It should be out front. The guitars are huge slabs of rock that nearly take your head off. The bassist lets rip every now and again. I'd like the drums a Rose In The Heather - Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog more thunderous - the guitar drives this band forward instead of the drums. Rose In The Heather - Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog , really.

Mike Bruce: Never mind the hair of the dog, at their peak Nazareth were the dogs bollocks. HOTD is probably their commercial high point and a great starting point for folk new to the band.


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